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The Eresthai Series

Suzanna A. Levis



“Where are they?”

I looked around at the beautiful landscape before us. We were at the edge of a forest looking out at a grassy plain. Snowcapped mountains lay to the north.

Ghost said this was where the Moonlight Pack was when he left them to fetch us. That was almost two months ago now.

Look around, boys. See what you can find,” Ghost ordered.

Is this a test?” Felix asked as he followed Ghost out into the open.

No. Yes. Maybe.

I felt Ghost chuckle beneath me as he made his way toward a stream. I’d noticed he’d made an effort to let Felix delegate more tasks to the twins, almost like the leadership training Felix had started at home with Dad.

Felix had always wanted to be a warrior first and foremost. As soon as his wolf came to him, he went into combat training.

Meanwhile, the twins? No one had any idea what either of them wanted, and I doubt they knew either. I half expected them to leave the pack and join the circus as clowns. At least they’d have each other.

North,” I heard Catori whisper.

“North?” I asked Catori aloud.

Ghost glanced up at me over his shoulder. “How did you know they went north?”

I looked down at Ghost, who seemed a little confused. “Oh, my wolf told me.”

“She told you? She used the word ‘north’?”

“Um, yes?” Oh gosh, why is he asking me that?

“All right. Let’s go north then.”


It took another couple of days to find the pack. During that time, Ghost told us more about our uncle Keo.

“He’s a bit of a character. He likes to speak in riddles because he thinks it makes him sound clever.”

“I like riddles,” Oz said, leaping over a log. “Are they any good?”

“I’m not sure. We can never solve them, so we all just assume that they don’t actually have answers.”

“How many people are in your pack?” Felix asked.

“Thirty-five. Now with you four, it’ll be thirty-nine.”

“Wow, it’s small.” Axel seemed genuinely surprised, even though our dad had told us everything he knew about them. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention when Dad told us about the main pack members.

The only thing I was a little concerned about in the Moonlight Pack was seeing everyone naked if they shifted into human form. Roamers didn’t wear clothes; there was no need, apparently.

Ghost chuckled. “It is the largest roaming pack in North America and Canada.”

I smell something. There are wolves following us,” Catori whispered to me.

Rogues?” I linked with her. I needed to remember not to speak to her aloud after the ~north~ scenario. Apparently, normal wolves didn’t speak in full sentences.

“They don’t smell like rogues, but I also smell blood.”

I looked around, trying to figure out where the wolves might be.

Ghost looked up over his shoulder at me as I squirmed around, trying to look behind me. “It’s my mom,” he said. “She was out hunting with some of the others. They will follow us back to the pack.”

That was when I spotted a grayish-white wolf, who I assumed to be Ghost’s mom, my Aunt Aponi. She held half a stag dangling from her mouth.

The wolf behind her carried the other half. Goddess, he was massive, and the scar running through his left eye, which was completely white, looked scary. But for whatever reason, I didn’t fear him. He didn’t give off that vibe.

Hello, little niece. I hope you kids are hungry,” said my aunt via mind-link.

“Hello, Auntie Aponi.” I waved to her. “It’s nice to meet you.”

As the sun began to set, we finally saw the pack camp in the distance. There was a big bonfire already going, and surprisingly, a couple of tents were set up. I hadn’t expected tents. Maybe they were for us?

Auntie Aponi and the big, scarred wolf ran up ahead. Wolves shifted into human form to take the deer from them and started prepping it for cooking.

Ghost stopped before we got too close. “Uncle Keo knows you’re here. It’s better if you entered the camp on foot.

I climbed off and adjusted my backpack. “You can do this. Chin up, and don’t be afraid,” Catori said.

“Right.” I looked at my brothers. “Let’s go, boys.”

I made my way toward the camp. I should have felt nervous or scared, but honestly, I felt excited.

Ever since my parents told me about the suppression charm, I’d wanted to take it off. I wanted to know what I was and just how badass Catori really was.

As I reached the camp, I looked around for my uncle. Dad said he looked just like him, just less stocky and with lighter hair.

I was prepared for full nudity, but surprisingly, everyone in human form was covered up—probably for our benefit until we got used to the place. I saw a man watching me as I approached him.

Yep, that must be Keo. He did look like my father, just scruffier and younger, with a lot of beaded necklaces and earrings.

I stared up at him, waiting for him to say something poignant. After all, this was the shaman who was going to be my mentor. He was going to be the one to teach me about my wolf and strengthen my connection to the Moon Goddess.

It was then I noticed everyone around us bowing their heads as a sign of submission. I’d seen my parents do this all the time; Keo must have been projecting his alpha aura.

My uncle snickered. “Interesting.”

“What’s interesting?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be interesting anymore.” He chuckled.

I felt my eyebrow shoot up. “I’m immune to your alpha aura, Uncle Keo. I was just being polite. We came a long way, so first thing tomorrow morning, the training begins. Now, where do we sleep?”

The corners of Uncle Keo’s lips curled up, and he chuckled again. “We’re going to get along just fine.”

And with that, my new life as a roamer began.

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