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Uncontrollable Heat

Megan Blake

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Olivia is a rare thing in the werewolf world: a packless omega. She enjoys her simple life hiding among the humans, pretending she’s just a normal woman with no primal urges she has to constantly fight. Things are working out great until she agrees to cover her friend’s shift at the hospital and comes face-to-face with a wounded—and incredibly hot—alpha who turns her insides to jelly.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter One

“Liv, can you grab more gauze before you take a break?”

“Sure thing.”

Olivia pulled her hair back into a ponytail as she moved away from the patient’s bed. Her hair, dark as midnight, fell around her shoulders.

The most recent patient, a drunk who’d put up quite a fight, had left her looking like she’d been through a war zone.

She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it back up into a tight ponytail. Working the night shift in the ER didn’t leave much time for breaks.

But she was reaching her limit. She needed a moment to herself. Tonight was proving to be a challenge.

She was in heat.

Her skin felt clammy, her nerves were frayed, and everything seemed to set her off. She despised the vulnerability it brought out in her, the neediness.

The scent of blood.

The overly flirtatious drunk men…

It was all getting to her. At least they were all human.

She rubbed her forehead, trying to alleviate the headache that was forming.

Clear thinking was becoming a struggle.

She needed to get the gauze, then some fresh air. She could handle this. She could make it through the night. Then she’d go home and deal with the urges that had been tormenting her all night. Alone.

That’s how she usually managed during these times. It was safer that way.

There was only one person she ever turned to for comfort—otherwise, she dealt with it on her own.

Will was her friend, and he was taken. Their one time together was a mistake she wouldn’t repeat.

She wasn’t like most werewolves, seeking out others of their kind. Olivia wasn’t born a werewolf. She became one.

Thankfully, her interactions with other werewolves were few and far between. Will had told her that werewolves usually stayed on the outskirts of the city.

Sometimes, she’d catch a whiff of one on the street. Her body would instantly tense up, and she knew what she had to do: run.

She always followed that instinct. Tonight was a bit riskier, though.

But—she’d never encountered a werewolf this deep in the city, and she was certain none of her coworkers were werewolves.

She was safe. The night was almost over.

Olivia refocused on her task, unlocking the blue metal cabinet with the key attached to her ID badge.

She grabbed as many packs of gauze as she could carry, pressing them against her chest.

After locking the cabinet, she turned around, her back against the door of the patient observation room. That’s when she sensed it.

An alpha.

She’d never encountered one before, but—her body recognized it.

As soon as the scent hit her, she froze. She could see the hospital staff, the patients, the visitors passing by, but she felt like she was in a different world.

She stood there, clutching the gauze, unable to move.

His scent was all she could smell. It clouded her mind, her body reacting as she bit her lower lip.

She crossed her legs, feeling the dampness seeping through her underwear.

No. It couldn’t be.

Her heart pounded in her chest. She would have known if he’d been there earlier… Had he been there all along?

She’d been busy…taking care of patients in the ER, fetching supplies.

Could she have missed it?

She always tried to prioritize her human side over her instincts.

But that musky scent was calling to her.

This was why she never worked during her heat—it made her prone to reckless decisions. Like this one. Will was the only one who’d been around her during her heat.

Her self-control had been lacking, to say the least.

He’d warned her. He’d told her to stay home.

But her best friend had asked for a favor, and she couldn’t say no. She owed her so much. How could she refuse this one request?

Besides, werewolves rarely showed up in the emergency room. What could possibly happen in twelve hours?

This, Olivia. This is what could happen.

She tried to swallow, her mouth dry as she licked her lips, craving moisture—any moisture other than the one soaking her underwear.

She could feel it trickling down her thighs, staining her underwear.

He was in the room next to her; she could sense it. The smell of blood and his scent were all she could focus on. Her heart pounded in her chest, her nostrils flaring.

He was getting closer. Too close.

And then…

Everything happened so quickly—too quickly for her to process it.

Before she could even draw her next breath, she was thrust against the door, the force of the impact causing it to slam shut.

She blinked, and suddenly there were hands on her—everywhere. Large, strong hands that started at her stomach and moved upwards until they were cupping her breasts through the thin fabric of her uniform.

She held her breath, tilting her head back and opening her eyes. There he was. His large frame dwarfed her smaller one, his height making him seem like a giant. He had her cornered.

His blue eyes darkened as they met hers.

His gaze seemed to ignite her skin, and even the air she was breathing felt hot. She was inhaling, but it felt like she was suffocating.

It was like dying and being reborn at the same time.

His hands slammed against the door behind her, his arms forming a cage around her, trapping her.

Her lower lip trembled as she opened her mouth, wanting to say something but unable to find the words.

She had lost control during her first heat—no one had prepared her for what to expect, for the overwhelming sensations. She’d given her virginity to another stray, a friend.

Her limited understanding of her own kind had made her grateful for her packless status, but it also meant she was often in the dark. Since then, she’d learned to control herself, to create a safe space.

Sometimes, the need became too intense—unbearable—and she’d surrender to it.

It was a need to be satisfied.

A fleeting desire.


Her body was ablaze.

The only thing that could quench her thirst was him. More of his ~touch~.

The idea of begging crossed her mind.

What the hell is wrong with me? Oh God.

She should have been scared, considering the brutal attack that had turned her into a ~wolf~. But as he stood so close, she found herself reaching out to touch his stomach, feeling the hard muscles beneath her fingers.

She felt his nose against her throat, leaving her breathless.

Her shoulder-length black hair brushed against her skin as his lips moved along her neck, and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

His scent was earthy and musky—like a campfire on a cold night—and it made her insides tighten.

She bit her lip, waiting for his next move. The anticipation in her stomach grew as his mouth found her ear.

A nibble, his sharp teeth grazing her earlobe before tugging at it.

His warm breath tickled her as he panted.

His rough fingers brushed away a strand of her hair that was sticking to her sweaty skin. They buried themselves in her hair.

He hadn’t said a word to her, and yet her legs were shaking.

His scent was overpowering, and there was a strange pressure in her chest that came from his need to dominate.

She had heard about alphas, but she had never imagined what it would be like to be near one.

It shouldn’t be like this… She’d been told many things, but…

No one had told her it would be so overwhelming, that a single touch could make her wet.

His skin was smooth under her fingers—though she couldn’t remember when she had grabbed his broad shoulders.

Finally, he spoke, his voice like silk against her skin. “Do you belong to someone?”

His words were a whispered secret.

Belong to someone? His question echoed in her mind, and despite the heat pooling in her lower belly, she found her voice. “M-myself.”

Her answer would have been powerful if not for the tremor in her voice. But the fact that she had managed to speak at all was a victory in itself.

He laughed—a deep, rich sound that sent a shiver through her body. That alone was enough to make her clench her thighs together.

There was always pressure to find a pack, follow an alpha

She had never chosen that path—not after what had happened to her. She had created her own pack with two friends. They were loners, misfits, but they didn’t have an alpha to lead them. They took care of themselves. It was better that way.

No one to hurt you, no one to lose control.

It had led to a few surprises. Like this one. She didn’t want an alpha; she certainly didn’t want to sleep with one.

Alphas took what they wanted, without caring about the destruction they left in their wake.

They were selfish beasts. That wasn’t for her.

But despite her determination, her nails dug into his skin, her thighs pressing together, begging for relief.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

His teeth brushed against her neck, causing her to tilt her head back. “You’d be healthier if you had an Alpha,” he said.

“I don’t need one. I can handle myself.” Stand your ground.

His laughter echoed through her, leaving a lingering desire. “I know what you need, Omega.”

He doesn’t know anything. But she didn’t voice her thoughts. Instead, she found herself leaning into him, the word ~danger~ flashing in her mind.

“I need to leave.”

Bandages. That was her mission.

Now that her mind was clearing, she realized she had lost them in the chaos. They were definitely not in the room.

Get it together, Olivia. It’s just an alpha. You’ve dealt with this before.

He seemed unfazed by her hesitation, his thumb gently pulling down her lower lip. “Then go,” he dared. “You don’t need anyone, right?”

Exactly. That’s what she would do.

Except her body didn’t cooperate.

Her legs refused to move.

She couldn’t break their intense eye contact.

Olivia was frozen.

“You don’t seem in a hurry to leave,” he teased, his warm breath tickling her cheek. “I think you know you need an Alpha’s help.”

Listen to him.

She could hear it. The small voice inside her, the one she often ignored. It was her inner wolf, the one she had denied for years. The one that urged her to follow a path that wasn’t hers.

She was human first.

Olivia didn’t care that the moon influenced her, that animal instincts guided her. She had lived sixteen years as a human. She couldn’t just discard that.

She had only been a wolf for six years—it didn’t compare. No. She wasn’t doing this—whatever this was. She didn’t know this man. She didn’t know his name—he was a stranger.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

It wasn’t a question—it was a statement.

A warning, perhaps?

She didn’t move, she couldn’t. His voice was authoritative, his words resonating within her as if they were law. Was this the infamous alpha control?

The one she had heard so much about? He wasn’t her alpha. She hadn’t pledged herself to him; she hadn’t promised to obey and protect. She didn’t even know his damn name.

He’ll make you feel good.

No, he won’t. She was fine. She could handle the growing desire herself. It didn’t matter that his hand on her hip made her want to moan. It didn’t. Really.

He kept his promise.

As he closed the gap between them, his hands gently cradled her face, his touch both firm and gentle. His mouth claimed hers, demanding yet cherishing, his lips seeking her response.

She surrendered willingly, her body molding against his as if they were designed to fit together.

His fingers dug into her skin while his other hand traced down her spine until it found her backside.

His forceful grip elicited a gasp from her.

With her mouth now open, he took full advantage, his tongue exploring, dancing with hers.

She had given in to her instincts before, but it had never felt like this.

It was like fireworks exploding in her chest, each of his touches making her more aroused than the last.

His hands explored possessively, tracing her body’s curves, leaving a trail of heat behind. She shivered under his touch, all her senses heightened, every nerve ending alive and craving more.

In that moment, the boundaries between dominance and submission blurred, and her body succumbed to the burning desire in her chest, leaving her breathless.

The thought of more was barely enough to keep her grounded.

The part of her she kept hidden was fighting to break free. It would surrender to him more completely than Olivia ever could.

It echoed in her mind, telling her he could erase it all; the loneliness, the need—the desire she wasn’t even aware of. No.

He pulled away from her mouth, leaving her lips tender and swollen.

There was something captivating in his gaze, something that held her attention even when she wanted to look away.

“You shouldn’t be out here when you smell like that,” he said, pressing his forehead against hers. “It’s not safe.”

His gaze held her captive, and it took a moment for his words to sink in. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you?”

She was aware that men could sense when a woman was in heat.

She knew her omega status made her more vulnerable, more enticing.

Olivia had heard tales, various tales, about how packs treated omegas, and truthfully, she never wanted to be someone’s plaything, breeding machine, or obedient little girl.

Regardless of his perspective, Olivia wasn’t interested. She didn’t want his lifestyle, she didn’t want him, and she didn’t want to be his fleeting amusement.

But if she was so sure, why the hell wasn’t she moving?

“No.” His voice reached her as he sniffed her neck, inhaling her scent. “No alpha, huh?”

“Pardon me?”

He raised his hand and held her chin between his fingers. He tilted her head back, forcing her to look up at him.

“You don’t smell like you have an alpha. Am I mistaken?”

“I told you, I belong to myself.”

He chuckled again. “That’s a lot of bravado for a girl who hasn’t budged.”

He loosened his firm grip on her hip. His hand slowly moved up until it cupped one of her breasts. “Maybe you’re curious.”

She held her breath, her chest constricting. “Curious about what?”

His lips were just above hers, barely grazing them.

His body leaned into hers, letting her feel the full intensity of his own desires. “What it feels like when an alpha takes you.”

At his words, she bit her lower lip, teeth piercing the delicate skin.

The taste of blood filled her mouth, but she ignored it, his vow echoing in her mind. As his thumb brushed over her clothed nipple, she knew his words weren’t empty; she could feel it within her.

If she allowed him, if she let her guard down for a moment, he’d claim her. She’d be bare on that floor, her clothes discarded, and he’d be inside her before she could react. And then she would feel better.

She wouldn’t feel like she was fading, she wouldn’t feel like a piece of her was absent.

Was this how it was supposed to be?

“I’ve never been with an omega before.”

Her heart froze.

“They say alphas lose control when an omega’s in heat.”

Did they really?

“All they can think about is a taste of that sweet little honey.”

His eyes were half-closed as if he were intoxicated, but she knew damn well he wasn’t.

She had tasted his mouth enough to know there wasn’t a hint of alcohol in him.

She wished she were drunk right now. Maybe then she could handle this. The human in her wanted to flee. The wolf in her wanted to surrender.

Her own heart was constantly pulling her in two directions.

“Are you going to let me taste you? Are you going to let me take care of you?”

No. But the wrong word slipped out. “Yes.” Her cheeks reddened, the heat spreading across her face.

Before she could retract her words, he laughed.

“So easy. It’ll feel better, I’ll make it feel better.”

His fingers hooked into the waistband of her pants and she felt the cool air envelop her backside.

She felt weightless as he lifted her off the ground, wrapping her legs around him.

His hardness pressed into her throbbing, wet center, causing her to shudder. She could tilt her hips, grind into him.

If she let go, if she relinquished control, the pain would cease. He’d satiate her desire. It’d make it so it didn’t hurt so damn much.

A single tear trickled down her face and she couldn’t tell if it was from her frustration or from resisting this. It didn’t matter.

His warm tongue touched her face, licking away the tear.

She arched her back, pressing into him.

He caressed her breast through the fabric; her nipples hardened. He could ravage her.

Did she want him to, or did ~it~ want this?

The sound of metal clinking as his fingers fumbled with his belt buckle brought her back to reality.

His brief distraction allowed her to drop back to the ground, and she knew time was running out.

His bare chest was right in front of her, making her notice his injury for the first time.

He had a deep wound beneath his ribs. The blood had dried. Stitches perhaps. Why was she thinking about this now?

“Do you want to do it?” he asked as his fingers released his belt.

No, she didn’t want to do any of this.

She was at the right height. No. No. Get out of my head. She longed to yell at herself, but she couldn’t.

For once, he wasn’t touching her. At last, the fog in her mind had lifted enough for her to think.

Still, she stood there, anticipating his next move, waiting for him to continue fucking her senseless.

Fucking her until her voice was hoarse. Fucking her until her legs gave out. None of this was helping.

None of this was her battling this heat. Because she wasn’t a damn animal and she sure as hell wasn’t anyone’s plaything.


That was the only thought she could grasp now that the haze in her mind had momentarily dissipated.

She mustered whatever strength she had left to place her hands on his sweaty, gleaming chest and pushed him away.

He staggered slightly, but it was enough to widen the gap between their bodies.

She bent over, her head spinning, and she collected her crumpled pants and put them on as elegantly as she could manage.

The next step was wrapping her shaking fingers around the metal door handle.

Olivia didn’t glance back at him; she didn’t inhale. Not until she was on the other side of that door.

Her scent was potent; he was against the door. But he wasn’t coming out.

A shiver shook her stomach while a tingling sensation traveled down her spine. She had experienced heat before—this wasn’t it. She tried to relax her shoulders, standing taller, but she couldn’t straighten her body.

Every beat of her heart echoed in her head, and her senses were on high alert. She covered the lower half of her face with her hand, tears prickling at her eyes, her own emotions overwhelming her.

There was a hand on her shoulder, this time a much gentler touch, but her body reacted violently nonetheless. She jumped out of her skin.

She tuned back into the world around her, noticing the blonde ponytail bobbing with each nod of her friend’s head.

“Liv, you okay?”

She cleared her throat. “Yeah, erm—I-I’m fine.”

Minus the knot in her stomach or the shaky legs. Minus her entire brain feeling scrambled, her body resenting her for running away.

Her heart was throbbing, her chest was rumbling, and there was a sadness buried deep inside of her, clawing its way out.


No feelings. No emotions. No need.

She needed a deep breath, and it would all be over.

Olivia was fine.

The sweat was still trickling down the back of her neck, causing the collar of her shirt to stick to her skin.

She looked at her coworker, who had a puzzled expression on her face, one eyebrow raised. Could Katie tell? Possibly. Did she care? No.

She was too far gone. Her mind was still trapped in that room with the alpha.

Go back. Go back.

But she wouldn’t heed the voice screaming at her.

She smoothed her damp hair, patting it with her trembling hand.

“I’ll be right back.”

In the distance, she heard Katie ask more questions, but she pushed her voice to the back of her mind. She quickened her pace, and by the time she reached the end of the hallway, she was running.

Her blood was racing; her heart inflicted pain with each strenuous beat it took.

There was the phantom of his hands on her, the memory of his mouth on her skin, and the longing left behind in her core.

Never had she lost control like this. Never.

What the fuck happened?

Her body was shaking as she stumbled through the hallways. It shouldn’t be like this. Her hand was trembling as she clutched her chest, feeling the phantom of his hands on her body. His chiseled muscles, his body heat—it was as if she had known it her entire life.

Before she could walk any further, her body froze. She recognized this scent; it was seared into her.

“I don’t like hide and seek.”

Oh god. He was back.

The surge of adrenaline, the fatigue from the double shifts, hit her all at once, and though she tried to back away, she lost her balance.

She braced herself for the pain, but it never came. Instead, strong, powerful arms held onto her. Olivia peeked from her bangs, locking eyes with his blue ones, glowing with desire.

“You need rest,” he murmured against the bare skin of her neck.

“I-I need you to leave,” she stammered, a lump in her throat. “Please,” she pleaded. She had to plead because she couldn’t pull herself away from him. He should be a monster, ruthless, after one thing. Why did he care? Why did it tear her heart apart?

The alarm was deafening, reverberating through the corridors and causing her to clutch his arm tighter. He responded by tightening his hold on her, as if shielding her from an unseen threat. “It’s a code,” she stuttered.


Katie’s voice thundered through the chaos, and Olivia barely had time to disentangle herself from the Alpha’s grasp before her friend was there.

A cluster of coworkers swarmed around her, their voices a cacophony of instructions she couldn’t make out. But Olivia couldn’t tear her gaze away from the Alpha. His head was cocked slightly, his eyes drawing her in, compelling her to stand frozen in place.

“You can run, Omega, but we’ll meet again.”

No one else heard him. They couldn’t have—his words were a whisper meant only for her keen ears. A chill coursed through her, and she found herself rubbing her thighs together involuntarily. His words filled her with fear, quickening her heartbeat, yet they also stirred a deep longing within her.

“All you need to know is you’re mine,” were his final words to her before she was pulled away.

Why did that idea thrill her so?

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