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Mate's Pleasure

Shanti Aventurin

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They say that being rejected by your true mate is the most painful thing a wolf can experience. Well, Scarlett Henry has been rejected twice, and both times sucked about as much as you’d expect. But when you’ve gone through that kind of pain, what else is there to do but embrace it and make it your own?

Age Rating: 18+

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36 Chapters

Part 1 No. one


Hi there, I’m Scarlett Henry. Yeah, you heard right. Two first names. But if that doesn’t grab your attention, how about this—I’m a werewolf. Interesting now, huh?

I’m part of the Red River Pack. We got our name from the naturally red lake on our territory.

Legend has it that our ancestors were at war with other species. The fallen soldiers were buried where the river now flows, staining the water with their blood.

I’m more inclined to believe that there’s some harmless natural chemical under the river that turns the water red. I think it’s pretty cool—a gift from Mother Nature and the Moon Goddess.

Apart from me and my best friend, no one really goes near the river because of the legend. They think they’ll turn red if they swim in it. Trust me, you won’t. I’ve tested it plenty of times.

Because everyone else is too chicken to go near the lake, it’s become my sanctuary. I’m here almost every day, rain or shine.

Sometimes, I wish I could be a mermaid.

My life is pretty great. I have an amazing best friend, Anita, wonderful parents, and four tough, strong... sisters.

Now, let’s talk about my crush. He’s a super sexy guy who’s next in line to be Alpha. You’d think I was still in high school with the way I moon over him.

But, of course, this dreamy guy I’m crushing on has a girlfriend. What hot guy doesn’t?

Anyway, enough about me. My alarm just went off, signaling the start of another day in the world of college.

I stretch, do a little training, then get ready for school. I’m tempted to skip, but I can’t. It would be stupid, especially since it’s my last year and exams are just around the corner.

Today, I’m feeling comfy in my long-sleeve white shirt, cozy red pants, and black boots. Normally, I’d walk the halls with Anita, but she’s not here today. She had to retake the warrior exams.

I’m the first one in class, which is weird. My first class is business law, which I can’t stand and don’t really care about.

I take my seat and pull out my class materials. I keep myself busy by going over what we learned last time. Soon, the classroom starts to fill up.

My heart starts to race as I smell him getting closer. My crush and future alpha, Jeffrey Tucus. And, of course, his girlfriend Alley.

Three months ago, she found her mate and didn’t hesitate to reject him. Everyone knew why. Alley is now waiting for Jeffrey to find his mate and reject her so they can officially be together.

But Jeffrey deserves so much better than her. Just off the top of my head, Alley Perkins is a total fake and not a nice person.

Jeffrey and Alley do their usual routine—they kiss, then sit with their own groups of friends. And I do what I always do—watch them like a creep, wishing it was me instead of her.

But today is different. A low warning growl slips out of me. Everyone looks at me, and I try to make myself smaller.

As if that’s not enough, Jeffrey also growls in distaste.

What’s wrong? I ask my wolf.

That’s our mate!

I shake my head, telling her she’s mistaken. But then a sweet, intoxicating scent fills my nose. No. No. No. This can’t be happening.

I try to hide behind my notepad, but it’s no use. His scent is right next to me.

I want my mate. I don’t want to be rejected by him. What’s worse is that he’s my crush. My wolf keeps whimpering.

What am I supposed to do? He loves Alley, and rumor has it he’s getting impatient to find his mate so he can reject her for the woman he loves.

Why? Why today of all days? Then it hits me.

Today is my birthday. And in our world, we find our mates when we turn twenty.

Despite the pain, I look up to find Jeffrey looking at me. There’s a softness in his eyes that I know is because of the mate bond. He finally regains control of himself, and his eyes are filled with sadness.

My future alpha cares about me, or he’s worried about the pain we’ll both feel when he rejects me. An alpha rejecting his mate is rare. It’s said to be the second most painful thing, after losing a mate.

“Scarlett, I—”

I hold up my hand to stop him. Isn’t it bad enough that he doesn’t know I have a crush on him? I don’t want his pity or his excuses or his “I’m sorry’s.”

I won’t break. I won’t cry. Not here, not now.

“It’s okay.” I force a smile. “I can handle it, and I wouldn’t want to steal you for myself.” I laugh awkwardly, and he gives me a warm smile before turning to hug Alley. Just kill me now.

He lets go and turns back to me. His lips part, and my body tenses. This is going to hurt like a mother giving birth to triplets. Yeah, I know, weird analogy. Just go with it!

“I, future Alpha of Red River Pack, Jeffrey Tucus, reject you, Scarlett Henry, as my mate.”

There it is. The words I’ve been dreading. The first wave of pain is sharp, like being stabbed over and over. I think we both clutch our heads as it feels like we’re being shaken violently.

The pain intensifies as I prepare to say my part. I feel sick to my stomach. I grit my teeth and take a deep breath.

“I, Scarlett Henry, accept your rejection. And I reject you, future Alpha Jeffrey Tucus.”

I can’t hold it in anymore, and neither can he. We both howl in pain. The stabbing sensation is replaced with the feeling of being hit by a train—then several trains. Suddenly, I feel something warm running from my nose.

“Scarlett! Alpha Jeffrey!” The chorus of our classmates fills the air. The first one to reach me is a fellow student. He takes hold of the bridge of my nose, tilting me forward. He barks out orders to those tending to Jeffrey.

Ten minutes pass and the nosebleed finally subsides, but my body is left feeling raw and vulnerable. Jeffrey and I are sent home from school, instructed to rest.

And it’s only then . . . only then do I allow my tears to fall.

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