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Billionaire Baby Daddy

Yoland Zawadi

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Twenty-two-year-old Isabella is sick and tired of her boyfriend, an absolute jerk who treats her like trash. One night she decides to enact her revenge by finally giving away her virginity—to a complete stranger! But little does she know that the man she chose at random is one of the most powerful men in the world...or that their one night of passion is going to lead to something much deeper than just sex....

Age Rating: 18+

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“How about I buy you another drink? You look like you need one.”

I look up from the beer I am drinking and my eyes land on a very handsome, gray-eyed man. He has a perfect jawline with a five o’clock shadow.

His lips look so plump and inviting. I imagine how it would feel to smash my lips against his—or better yet, how they would feel between my…

“Miss?” His sexy voice disrupts my devious thoughts. I am already drunk, but I still can’t forget the asshole who’s waiting for me at my apartment. Maybe I need another distraction?

“What?” I snap at him, but a smirk forms on his stupid, handsome face. Why is he so happy? Happiness is momentary; life isn’t all peaches and roses.

“I asked if you wanted a drink. But maybe you didn’t hear me since you were so busy checking me out.” He has a smug smile that irritates the shit out of me.

What I would do to wipe it off his face. Or maybe kiss it before I wipe it.

I tsk and shake my head at him. “Too bad you have such a big ego. Maybe I would have been up for more than just a drink.”

I stand up and grab my purse, ready to leave. My short black dress has ridden up and I yank it back down.

When I am done fixing my dress, I look up to find that the man’s gray eyes are fixed on my legs.

It’s my turn to smirk. “Like what you see?” I am never like this. I never flirt with anyone. Maybe Ian’s cheating has made me this daring?

“Actually, I do. Your body makes me so hard, baby. And I need you to take care of my hard-on,” he says.

He moves closer to me and snakes his arms around my waist. His palm cups my butt, squeezing the right cheek. I look at him in shock and push against his body, which is packed with muscles.

“I know you want this,” his husky voice purrs near my ear. Heat fills me, straight from my core, which makes me squeeze my thighs together.

What is wrong with me? I ask myself. I shut my eyes, trying to gain control. But the alcohol only makes it worse.

His long, warm fingers have pushed my dress up and he rubs my clit. I moan in pleasure, pulling him by his collar and smashing my lips against his plump ones.

The club’s lighting is very dim and everyone is busy doing their own thing, so I ignore them. He continues rubbing my clit in circles until I feel a finger inside of me.

I can’t take it anymore. Soon everyone will know what we’re doing.

“Let’s get out of here.” It’s like the sexy man is reading my thoughts. I nod and take my purse, which I had dropped, and follow him out of the club to a red convertible.

It looks so expensive. Bet he goes around flashing his money to get girls into his bed.

We sit silently in the tension-filled car for the five-minute drive. When we arrive at his building, we get into an elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors close, the man pulls me to him and kisses my lips roughly.

He places his hands under my thighs and pulls gently, indicating he wants me to snake them around his waist, and that’s what I do.

The elevator doors open and I find out they lead straight to the penthouse. Before I can explore, though, I am once again pulled to his lips.

His lips leave mine and move to my jaw, traveling down to my neck and making me moan in pleasure. I start unbuttoning his shirt, but he holds my hand.

He tugs on my tight dress, removing it swiftly and leaving me in only my black lace thong and no bra. He drinks in every inch of my body and I instinctively move my hands to my chest.

“Don’t cover yourself,” his husky voice demands, and I immediately move my hands, letting them fall to my sides.

I move to him slowly and start unbuttoning his shirt, but when it takes too long I pull it roughly. The buttons go flying everywhere.

What? I’m an impatient woman.

And I know he’s a very rich man. He’ll get another shirt. He smirks at me as I kneel and start to unbuckle his belt. Thirty long seconds later, I pull down his designer pants and his Calvin Klein boxers.

My eyes widen at the sight in front of me. Oh no. That’s definitely not gonna fit. I’m a virgin, for heaven’s sake! The man sees my panicked face and smirks.

“What? Did you expect any less?” I roll my eyes before looking back at his long dick. I have to do this, I tell myself.

I have to forget about Ian.

I place my slightly shaky fingers on it and start rubbing him along his length with determination. Before I know it, I’ve placed it in my mouth and am sucking like my life depends on it.

The man lets out a shaky breath and holds my hair in his fist. As he tugs on my hair, for the first time I feel like I am in control of something. It feels so damned nice.

His muscles tighten and before anything happens he picks me up and places me on the bed, kissing me. His fingers move to my clit and he rubs it, even though I am dripping wet.

“Condom?” I ask impatiently. I am so done waiting. He stands up and the cold air brushes across my naked skin. I try not to shiver.

He grabs a packet from his bedside table and tears it open with his teeth. He puts the condom on and comes back to me.

My heartbeat increases tremendously. I am going to lose my v-card to a complete stranger.

He places one of my legs on his shoulder and slips his enormous dick between my folds in one thrust.

I feel a searing pain, and for a second I almost scream. Tears come to my eyes, but I fight them. When the pain lessens, I realize he is not moving.

I try to move but he holds me still, looking at me with horror.

“You’re a virgin?” I roll my eyes and nod. He tries to get up, but I hold him.

“You’re already in—you might as well continue. I need this.” I might sound desperate, but I don’t care. I just need to forget Ian’s betrayal.

“Why didn’t you say something?” I shrug and move my body, urging him to continue. This is torture.

He gets the hint, and soon we are at it. I don’t remember how many rounds we go; I just know that I am totally satisfied and sated.

And for the first time that day, I finally forget about my stupid, cheating boyfriend, Ian.


I wake up in an unfamiliar bed, and when I move I feel something heavy across my waist. I look down to see a muscled arm, and I am naked!

Memories from last night flood back all at once. One thing I always love about myself is that I never get hungover.

I try hard to be as quiet as possible as I move to find my clothes, which are everywhere in the large penthouse. I admire the place for a minute, wondering how rich this man is.

I go to the elevator and leave as quickly as possible. Bye bye, handsome man.

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