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The Prophecy Series

H. Knight

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After the death of Estella Grove’s mother, her evil father, Philip, casts Estella out of the Green Grove Pack. She has always believed she was born to walk alone, so when she meets the handsome and powerful Alpha Angelo, she is shocked when her wolf whispers, “Mate.” But she soon learns she can’t run from what the Goddess Moon has destined, and the fact that Angelo can read her thoughts makes their bond undeniable. The two must stop the power-hungry Philip’s far-reaching plans for destruction and fulfill a greater mission if only they can rein their fiery tempers (and passions) long enough.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter: 1: The Beginning



“Get out,” my father yelled in his alpha tone before throwing me out of the house. I landed on the ground and scrambled to my feet just as he threw my bag out the door.

My father was the Alpha of the Green Grove Pack. It wasn’t the most feared pack in the werewolf community. Hell, it was barely on the map.

As far as I knew, my father didn’t exactly like talking about other packs.

We were located in Missouri, where we experienced hot and gross summers and snowy winters.

It wasn’t anything to write home about, but my father was quite proud of the place. Just an hour away from Kansas in the middle of fucking nowhere. I hated it.

Since my mother’s death, my father, Alpha Philip, was a total asshole toward me and everyone else in the pack. It wasn’t bad at first, but then things got rough.

He had neglected some of his duties as alpha and acted irrationally. Not many people were happy about it, and the elders within the pack finally brought his irrational behavior to his attention.

It had been a year, and he still couldn’t look at me unless he was drunk. He said it was because he was disappointed that I didn’t have a mate.

He also said that he thought I never would, but I think his kicking me out of the house had more to do with the fact that I looked like my mother. Or maybe it was something else entirely.

He changed when she died. He drank more and yelled at me more. I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t know how. How could I tell anyone what kind of man he really was?

I honestly didn’t think they would have believed me either way. And he was my father. It made me feel sicker about the things that had taken place over the past year, and I didn’t dare tell a soul.

Everyone was sympathetic toward me, but they needed their alpha, so I had to make a sacrifice. I was being forced to leave. I was leaving everything that I had ever known.

I was happy to get away from him, but I was scared that the world would be just as cruel as he was.

“I was sent to escort you to the pack border,” Beta Ryan said without even making eye contact with me. I rolled my eyes, picked up my bag, and followed behind Beta Ryan.

It was bad enough that my father kicked me out of the house, but now he was kicking me out of the pack.

It was either become rogue or he would kill me himself, but the elders didn’t seem to want me dead.

If my father could get over himself, the elders would have me marry Beta Ryan and breed pups to carry the bloodline. Not that I wanted that, but it was still better than being a rogue.

No one in the pack dared to say a word to me. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my friends, the few I had.

The whole pack was ordered to stay away from me and not to talk to me. I sighed once we reached the border, realizing just how real this situation was.

“Here is some money. It should last you a while,” Beta Ryan said, placing the money in my hand. I nodded and put it in my bag. He felt bad about having to do this to me; I could sense it.

“Try to stay away from packs of rogues and find a pack to take you in. Go south. It will be better if you travel alone,” he explained softly.

He knew nothing of what had been going on between my dad and me, and for that, I was grateful.

“Thanks,” I mumbled and walked past the border.

“Stay safe, Estella,” Beta Ryan said before walking the opposite way. It was pathetic that he could barely say goodbye to me. I expected more from him, but of course, I only got my hopes up.

I took my clothes off and put them in my bag before strapping the bag to my body and shifting. I was now a lone wolf, and the Goddess Moon only knew what was next for me.

I feared the feeling of the unknown.

I ran. I ran as fast and for as long as I could. My wolf, Bell, was tired and made me stop eventually.

I had been running for a whole day, and I knew that I was now far enough away to begin searching for a new pack.

I sniffed around and caught the scent of a pack nearby, but I felt very skeptical about the smell.

I walked toward the borderline, but I didn’t cross it.

The sun was setting, and I didn’t want to cause any trouble. After cleaning myself off in a stream nearby, I shifted into my human form and put some clothes on.

I grabbed some snacks from my bag and ate. I felt ravenous.

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