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Dangerous Love: The Rogue Queen

Alicia Sleyster Schmidt

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Aylin Turner is a simple girl. She has lived quietly after the sudden death of her parents from a demon attack. Now that she is of age, she is promised to Daemon, the alpha of the Dark Moon Pack. But when he cruelly rejects her, Aylin goes rogue, caring about nothing and no one. Ezekiel Malin of the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack is a king who takes no prisoners. But when Aylin is discovered alone on his lands, rather than kill her, he is determined to find out who she is. But by the time a demon is discovered to be trailing her, he’s too captivated to cast her aside, even if her past ties mean danger to his pack.

Age Rating: 18+

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32 Chapters


It was an important day in the Dark Moon Pack. The new alpha, Daemon Morris, would be taking his rightful title.

Everyone was buzzing with excitement because today was deemed the day he would also announce who his mate and luna was to the pack.

Eighteen-year-old Aylin Turner knew it would be her. Whenever she would speak to the alpha or be near him, her heart fluttered.

His hand had grazed hers one day, and sparks tingled all the way up her arm. That was a sure sign that he was her mate.

Aylin had hoped Daemon felt the sparks as well. The sparks had shaken her to her very core, filling Aylin’s soul with an overwhelming joy and a need to be close to him.

There was no denying he was her mate.

It helped that he was quite the specimen. Standing at six foot, with shaggy brown hair, he wasn’t quite as sculpted as most of the wolves in the pack, but his ever-so-slight six-pack was emerging.

He put in long hours of training hard with his warriors. He was a ladies’ man, with unmated females always hanging around him.

Aylin felt threatened by them. As far as looks went, there was no way she could compete with them. They were almost supermodel fit, with long locks and slim legs.

Not that Aylin was unattractive by any means, but she was not anywhere near their appearance. She stood at four foot eleven, and her chestnut-colored hair reached her mid-back.

Her curvy figure stood out against them, though she understood why he was so attracted to the other females.

She hoped that once he knew who his mate was, he would change his ways. Once an alpha finds his mate, he’s supposed to be a changed man.

He’s supposed to love her, treat her as his equal, and the two will live together as alpha and luna of their pack.

Everyone gathered at the stage in the backyard of the pack house. Aylin stood near the back. As it was, not many people stood near her anyway.

When Daemon walked through the backdoor, her breath hitched seeing him. Her palms became sweaty, and her heart nearly thumped out of her chest.

Crossing her arms in front of her, she bowed her head in submission when his gaze fell on her. With her super-sensitive hearing, she could hear that he was sniffing the air.

A low growl emitted from him, but he ignored her, continuing on his path to the stage. Aylin’s mouth watered, seeing his attire.

His dark skinny jeans hugged his legs nicely, and a white dress shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned showed off his partially sculpted chest. His dark brown hair was messy yet gelled carefully.

He was flanked by his betas, David and Delta Jameson.

People close by glared at her as Daemon took his place on the stage. They noticed he was staring at Aylin before advancing to the stage.

Everyone started to clap in their alpha’s presence.

“Good afternoon, everyone!”

“Good afternoon, Alpha!” everyone said in unison.

“Today, we are all gathered here for me to take my rightful place as alpha of the Dark Moon Pack and announce that I have found my mate and my luna!”

Howls and cheers erupted from the crowd.

Aylin’s heart started to thump in anticipation of the announcement. Was he going to announce that she was his mate?

She brought her hands up to her mouth, and her eyes widened so large that she thought they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“Pack members of Dark Moon, my mate, and your luna is—”

Here it comes.

“Ophelia Wilson!”

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