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The Bad Boy Wants Me

Tania Shava

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From the author of Meeting My Abductor Again.

Skylar is the new girl at school. She wants to focus on her studies, but then she catches the attention of the popular crowd. Torn between the two hottest boys in school, who will Skylar choose? Or will the mean queen bees make sure she stays single forever?

Age Rating: 16+

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Chapter 1

Montegra was just like her mom said. It was a huge city. There were bright lights and tall buildings, and she had never seen anything like it.

Even with no one around, you could tell that it was busy during the day. Skylar’s heart beat with dread and fear as she looked out the car window. None of the cities she had lived in where like this.

This city was known to be for the rich, the ones who tried to become rich, the poor, and those with dreams they wanted to fulfill.

She remembered when her mom had told her the news that they were moving. She couldn’t even fake happiness. She had understood why her mom wanted them to move, but it still hurt nonetheless.

She was sad to leave everything behind. Especially her friends.

She was mad at herself for this. They moved because she had a scholarship at the new, prestigious school. She couldn’t turn down the offer.

It was just like her mom had said: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can’t miss out on.”

Her thoughts wandered over to her two best friends, Milo and Maya. When she had told them the news, they thought it was a prank.

When they realized she was telling the truth, they were as heartbroken as she was.

She had spent her last few days with them before she left. They had promised to visit each other. Yet she knew it wasn’t the same as seeing them almost every day.

The car came to a sudden halt. Skylar climbed out of the car and looked at the house they would now have to call home. Why had her mom wanted to move so badly?

Her mom opened the trunk. “You can start unloading your bags, Skylar.”

Skylar went to the back of the trunk and took her bags. They hadn’t brought much stuff because this was their new beginning.

Skylar could hear nothing, as it was past midnight. The moon was giving out a soft glow, which helped her see where she was going. When she walked into the unfamiliar house, she felt her unrest grow.

“Why are you just standing?”

Skylar covered her irritation. “I was waiting for you to show me to my room.”

“This way, madame.”

She followed her upstairs. After turning, they went down a hallway and stopped.

“This will be your room, Skylar. I hope you like it.”

She stepped aside, and Skylar opened the door. She switched on the light and gasped in surprise when she saw what lay before her.

There was a sky painted on the wall. It was her favorite color, blue. There was a bed and a dressing table.

“What do you think, Skylar?”

“I love it! Thank you, Mom!”

“You are more than welcome, dear. Now go wash up. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow,” she said as she went to her own room.

Skylar decided to unpack her bags, because she didn’t feel tired at all. She didn’t want the morning to come because the long day ahead entailed her being the new girl at school.

After she finished unpacking, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. She was too lazy to shower. She splashed the cool water on her face, then took a towel and wiped away the water.

She looked in the mirror and saw that she was a mixture of her mother and father. She had luxurious black hair, a small nose, and smoldering brown eyes. People often complimented her on her looks.

She went back to her room and lay down underneath the blankets. She listened to the wind blowing, but sleep still evaded her.

She couldn’t help but wonder what types of people she would encounter at her new school.

She finally took her phone and decided to check for messages. She had a couple from her friends from back home. The thought of her friends missing her made her heart very warm.

She smiled as she replied to them. After that, she put her phone on the dresser and closed her eyes.

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