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Broken Queen

Danni D

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Ariel is a twenty-year-old werewolf with dreams of becoming a pack warrior. At least, that was until she was kidnapped by Hunters two years ago and used as the test subject of horrible experiments. With the help of the Moon Goddess, Ariel finally gains her freedom. But finding her mate and picking up life where she left off may be even harder than she imagined.

Age Rating: 18+ (Torture, Extreme Violence/Gore)

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155 Chapters

Meet Me By The Lake


“Come on, Ariel, show me what you’ve got.”

Xavier’s muscular arms wrap around me, and he pushes me back against the wall.

His earthy scent is making me feel lightheaded, and it’s hard to breathe when his broad chest is pressed against mine.

I’m losing my focus, but I can’t let that happen.

I can’t give in.

I have to prove what I’m capable of.

Swiftly, I grab Xavier’s wrist, pull it over my shoulder, and then twist my body—flipping the guy flat on his back.

I smirk. “Is that what you wanted to see?”

The crowd goes wild—yeah, the crowd. Because I’m in the middle of the hardest test of my life, and everyone is waiting to see if I’ll rise to the occasion or fall on my face.

All my squadmates are cheering me on from the sidelines, hoping I pass my final test to become a fully-fledged pack warrior.

Suddenly, I feel my legs sweep out from under me, and I land on my back, hard.

Within seconds, Xavier is on top of me—like really ~on top of me~.

I’m just wearing a sports bra, and our sweat-slicked bodies stick together as he pins me down.

He leans over and whispers in my ear, “Just give in, Ariel. Don’t fight it.”

My heart is thumping, threatening to burst from my chest.

I’ve literally had dreams where Xavier ends up on top of me like this.

His breath is hot on my neck. “Maybe later we can do this without~ clothes.”~

His hand slides down my stomach to my thigh, gripping it tightly, hungrily.

My body squirms underneath him, craving his touch, surrendering to the heat.

For years, I’ve wondered if he is my mate. Now would be the perfect moment to find out.

Giving in is an enticing proposition, ~but right now, I’ve got more important things on my mind…~

I savor the look of shock on his face as I swing my legs upward and wrap them around his neck, putting him in a triangle chokehold.

More important things—like kicking his ass~.~

“Looks like I’m the one on top now,” I whisper back.

I squeeze my thighs as tight as I can, making sure Xavier won’t be able to break free.

Moments later, he taps the ground, signaling his surrender.

The crowd erupts in cheers, and my squadmates swarm the arena, jumping, shouting, and spraying sports drinks in every direction.

I fall back on the floor, dazed. Did I really just beat the future alpha? Did I actually win?

Xavier gets up before I do and extends his hand. I take it and he pulls me up, then straight into his chest.

“Well done, Ariel. Today, you proved yourself a true warrior.”

He leans down, and for a moment, I think he’s going to kiss me, but then—

Xavier growls softly in my ear, “And tonight, you’ll prove yourself worthy of an alpha in other ways.” My heart leaps into my throat and I’m left utterly speechless. “Meet me by the lake at midnight.”


The moonlight reflects off the lake’s surface.

I lay on my back, gazing up at the stars. Soon, it will be Xavier and I, our bodies intertwined, the heavens shining down on us.

Even just the memory of our fight today sends shivers down my spine, the way his body felt pressed against mine, the undeniable fire burning between us.

Tonight would certainly be a night to remember. The night the alpha and I became one.

Suddenly, I hear a crackling from behind me.

A tall, muscular figure appears in the treeline, concealed behind the shadow.

I take a deep breath in, urging him to step into the cool moonlight.

I am ready for you, Xavier.

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