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Kinky's Carnival

M. L. Smith

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Cleo accepts an invitation to the new carnival in town, hoping for a distraction from her recent breakup. What starts out as an evening to forget how sexually deprived she is, quickly blossoms into a night of intense and ridiculous pleasure. The members of the circus are rough, unhinged, and not exactly human. And for tonight? They're all hers. Welcome to Kinky's Carnival, where nothing is as it seems, and you just might be the star of the show.

Age Rating: 18+

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Welcome To Kinky’s

“You realize we’re too old for this, right?” Cleo asked, staring down at the flyer in her hand.

It was black, glossy and smooth, with the words “Kinky’s Carnival” etched across the top in beautiful golden swirls of calligraphy.

Cleo turned the piece of paper over in her hands, but there were no other specifics. No emblem or contact details. Nothing. The rest of the flyer was completely black, which was unusual.

How did they plan to draw people in with no kind of advertisement?

Clearly whatever method the carnival used had worked though, because here she was, already dreading the evening awaiting her.

“Oh, relax,” Cleo’s best friend, Sara, said, laughing as she snatched the paper from Cleo’s grasp. “I have it on good authority that tonight is going to be fantastic. And even better? It’s for adults only.” She threw Cleo a wink.

Cleo shook her head, her long, blonde hair falling from her loose ponytail. It had been bugging her all day, so she pulled the ponytail free, letting her hair spill down her shoulders in a light cascade.

“That’s even weirder,” she mocked. “What kind of carnival rolls into town just for adults? And the name? Kinky’s? You don’t think that’s odd?”

Sara crumbled up the flyer when Cleo reached for it again, chucking it over her shoulder. It caught in the breeze for a second before dropping to the ground.

“Come on. We’re going to be late!” Sara took Cleo’s hand and led her toward the front entrance. Her body was vibrating with excitement.

“I don’t want to miss the main event at the circus, and trust me, you’re going to love it.”

“Oh no, we can’t miss that,” Cleo replied sarcastically, shivering as the breeze kissed her skin.

She didn’t think she would need to wear more than the thin sundress she had on, it had been such a warm day, but maybe she should have grabbed a light sweater after all.

Sara swatted her arm playfully.

The lights from the carnival lit up the night sky, and music from the sound system filtered across the parking lot, faint whispers she could almost detect luring her forward.

She had to admit, it was kind of magical to watch the Ferris wheel turn in a slow circle off in the distance, and to catch the smell of several fried foods as they moved further up the line of excited visitors, all jostling to buy a ticket.

Anticipation was beginning to pool low in her belly, but Cleo wasn’t exactly sure why.

It was late in July, just around her birthday, and a trip to this place was supposed to be Sara’s idea of a gift.

She knew it came from good intentions, but honestly, Cleo didn’t really understand how she was expected to have fun at this place.

She’d never been to a carnival before. Spending her time in and out of various foster homes hadn’t really left room for her to be a kid, and thoughts about visiting a place like this felt foreign.

Foster care was where she’d met Sara, the platonic love of her life. They’d both been fifteen when they were temporarily placed in the same home, and their connection was instant.


They’d been connected at the hip ever since.

It was difficult at first, keeping in touch when they were passed off to different places in their youth, but social media and texting apps had made everything so much more convenient.

Apparently, some people even thought they could pass as twins.

Cleo didn’t really see it, but enough people pointed out the similarities, such as their height, blonde hair, unique eye color—blue like a cloudless sky—and several other things, it had to be true.

“I know you’re not excited, but I promise you this is going to be exactly what you need to get over Tom. You just have to let loose and embrace it. Embrace ~you~.”

Cleo wrinkled her nose in disgust, barely hearing anything beyond that wretched name. “Ugh, why did you even bring him up?”

Cleo had met Tom five years ago when she was nineteen. He’d been thirty-two and had been everything she thought she could have wanted in a man.

He was good looking, had a great job, and the fact that he came with stability was just the icing on the cake.

Until she caught him in bed last week with his secretary.

The wound was still fresh, but it was made even worse when Cleo recalled all the horrible things Tom had said as she was packing her shit to leave, vowing to never look back.

Where the mother fucker got the nerve to insult her after he was the one who had been unfaithful, she had no idea.

But he’d struck a nerve with his ranting, and it was proving difficult to forget the venom he’d spewed.

She was apparently ‘too old’ for him. Her! Even though she was barely twenty-four; his secretary, meanwhile, was twenty.

He had also told Cleo she was terrible in bed. Not adventurous enough to suit his growing needs.

How could she expect him to stay faithful if she didn’t try all the weird shit he was into? Stuff she hadn’t even known he had wanted.

Cleo rolled her eyes. She couldn’t keep the accusations from circling in her mind, over and over.

Was there something wrong with her? Maybe she wasn’t sexy enough? Or fun enough? She bit her lip to distract herself.

She hated feeling like this, and it was all thanks to Tom. Fucking prick.

She didn’t need a carnival to get over him. She needed sex, and lots of it, if only to prove to herself that she wasn’t dull in bed. She could be sexy. Adventurous. Daring.

Maybe Tom was just a shitty partner to sexually explore with.

Sara’s voice floated above the music, which was now blaring around them, shaking Cleo from her thoughts.

“I brought him up because you need to forget about that asshole. You’re amazing, and you’re a sexual being. A powerful woman. You just need a push in the right direction. You’ll see.” Sara smiled secretively, tugging Cleo along through the throng of people all anxious to enter the carnival.

She didn’t stop until they were at a ticket booth, cutting the line, ignoring the griping of several people behind them.

“Two tickets to the special event,” Sara said, handing over a wad of cash and a black business card made from the same material as the flyer.

Cleo furrowed her brow. “What’s that?”

Sara ignored the question, exchanging a few whispered words with the ticket booth operator before grabbing the black card back and dragging Cleo into the carnival.

Despite her earlier grumblings about not wanting to visit, Cleo’s eyes were wide as she took in everything around her.

It was just like she’d seen in movies. Food truck vendors made up an entire wall with lines of visitors wrapped around the trucks as people waited to savor their fried treats.

Even the rides were more impressive in person, and she could hear the laughter and delighted screams from high up in the sky as the rollercoasters, big dippers and other contraptions dived and spun like great shiny, metal beasts.

Cleo dragged her feet, hoping they’d stop at the Ferris wheel first. She’d always wanted to go on one, and now there it was, shining like a beacon in the night.

Sara tugged sharply on Cleo’s hand, though, yanking her forward. “Let’s go!”

Sara beelined straight toward a large, blood-red and golden carousel situated on the far right-hand side. The top was covered in beautiful swirling designs with bright lights woven across it, blinking harshly against the darkness around them.

Thick metal poles reached down from the top to the base of the ride, holding dozens of different metal horses in place.

The saddles were etched with intricate swirls and designs, adding to the rich ambiance of the carousel.

WELCOME TO KINKY’S was etched into a wooden sign right next to the ride, protruding from the ground, and written in the same beautiful calligraphy as the flyer.

Shouldn’t that sign be at the front entrance? Weird…

“Come on, we’re going to be late,” Sara urged, pulling Cleo toward the ride.

It was an odd thing to say; there was absolutely no line for the ride at all, and it hadn’t even started up yet. But Cleo picked up the pace, all but jogging to keep up with Sara’s excited pace.

A shirtless man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a top hat stood next to the still carousel.

He was buff, tanned, and Cleo had no idea why he was only half-dressed, but his body was very defined, so she didn’t mind in the slightest. She took in the view as he turned toward them.

He wore black fingerless gloves, black skintight jeans with a silver chain hanging loose from his front pocket, and black combat boots to finish off his look.

He was sexy but completely out of place standing next to the majestic carousel.

“Here’s our ticket.” Sara handed the black card to the masked man. He looked down at it wordlessly, the pads of his fingers running over the smooth, thick paper before his head snapped up, locking on Cleo.

He tilted his head, taking a step toward her, but Sara blocked his path, holding up a hand. “Not yet. She’s never been here before.”

Cleo’s brow furrowed.

Why did he need to know that? Was there some kind of carnival protocol she was neglecting? Cleo looked around her, wondering if she’d stepped over a line she wasn’t supposed to.

Had she cut in front of another person to get on the ride?


There was no line on the ground and definitely no people around them.

This part of the carnival was essentially deserted, which was odd. Everyone actually seemed to be missing it entirely, skirting around it as they headed toward the other rides. Weren’t carousels supposed to be popular?

She looked at the ride again, squinting against the bright lights until her vision cleared.

No one was on it. Deserted. A shiver ran up her spine.

The man tilted his head toward Sara, a loud huff coming from the mask before he handed back the card, gesturing for them to step up onto the carousel.

Cleo cautiously followed Sara onto the metal floor, and she swayed, the unstable ground shifting beneath her feet as the ride suddenly began.

It was jarring, and Cleo reached out, grabbing one of the bars to keep from toppling over.

Music exploded around her, and she jumped, nearly losing her footing as the ride began to move in a slow circle.

“Quick,” Sara said, moving away from her. “Grab a horse before they’re all taken.”

Taken? There was no one on the ride but them.

Someone laughed behind her. Startled, Cleo turned to see a couple seated on two metal unicorns, moving up and down rhythmically.

The woman let out a breathy moan, and the man beside her leaned over, kissing her passionately.

It quickly turned into more than just a brief touch of lips, and as the man began to pull the woman’s shirt up, grasping shamelessly beneath it, Cleo looked away, her face heating.

She’d clearly been wrong—the carousel hadn’t been empty at all.

Cleo looked around discreetly, eyes widening as she realized the carousel was actually packed. Each horse was occupied, except for the one directly beside her. That made no sense.

How had she not noticed all these people before? Was it some kind of illusion from the lights?

Another moan came from the couple behind her, and Cleo did her best to ignore them as she climbed onto the remaining metal horse, wondering where exactly Sara had gone.

Sleek, cool metal caressed her thighs, and she couldn’t help but shiver as she sat upon the saddle.

She hadn’t even realized how heated she was between her legs, but the contrast in temperature made her shiver again, this time for an entirely different reason.

Cleo shook her head to clear her thoughts.

What the hell is happening here?

The carousel began to speed up, the horse she was on moving up and down slowly as the music increased its tempo.

People were laughing, some murmuring, and the moans she’d heard before seemed amplified in the atmosphere of the ride.

It was almost as though they were locked in their own little world. A magic carpet ride, she thought almost giddily.

She looked to the edge of the ride, her breath catching when she noticed the masked man standing on the sidelines where she’d left him, watching her as she swayed up and down before he disappeared from view as the machine moved on.

One lap around in the carousel and she caught sight of him again, her thighs clenching around the horse in anticipation.

He was still watching her, and for a brief moment, she could have sworn she saw his eyes flash red through the holes in his mask and the world around him darken.

She blinked and it was gone; just a trick of her imagination. Then he vanished from her line of sight once more.

Excitement filled the air around her, and Cleo was helpless but to respond to it. The horse between her thighs began to tremble, vibrating slightly as the ride continued on.

The vibrations were short at first, and she managed to ignore them, but as the machine sped up, they increased in length, strengthening in pressure with each dip the horse made.

Each pulse sent waves of pleasure straight to her clit until she was shaking in response.

What the hell was wrong with her?

Desire poured into her, and Cleo attempted to stand in order to pry herself away before she embarrassed herself, but the horse followed her up, keeping her trapped, vibrating her cunt the entire way.

Another lap around and she could have sworn the man was closer than before as she passed by. So close he could have reached out and touched her.

The thought made her burn hotter, and her panties dampened as she rocked into her saddle, the shocks of ecstasy overpowering her self-control.

What kind of carousel was this? Surely it wasn’t normal, but—

Cleo bit her lip hard to keep from moaning as her body tensed, her toes curling in her sandals as an orgasm crept up, threatening her with the most pleasure she’d experienced in months.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the ride began to slow and the vibrations under her pussy subsided, leaving her reeling.

Cleo felt lightheaded as the carousel finally slowed to a stop, and she was dizzy as she stumbled from her horse.

Sara was back at her side, catching Cleo before she fell.

“Isn’t this great?” she asked as she helped her from the ride, and her smile took on a carnal edge Cleo had never seen before.

“Was it supposed to be like that?” Cleo waved a hand behind them, indicating the ride, while the world continued spinning around her. Her face flushed as Sara eyed her quizzically, waiting for her to elaborate. “Never mind.”

Maybe she just really needed to get laid? But she could swear something had been off about that ride. Surely it shouldn’t have felt like that.

“I’m so excited you came!” Sara gave Cleo a brief hug before she took a step back, looking at her with a serious expression.

“This is going to be a night you’ll never forget. And I want you to embrace it fully, all right? Don’t hold back. Tonight is for you.”

“Tonight is for me,” Cleo repeated, the world finally grinding to a halt.

But then she caught sight of everything around her, and her lips parted in shock.

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