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Treasure of the Sea

Raven Flanagan

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A sizzling tale of forbidden lust. Scylla’s lonely life takes a wild turn when she’s saved from a sea monster by a captivating merman. Sparks fly as danger turns into an irresistible attraction, one that should not be pursued. Can they bridge the gap between land and sea? Join them in an erotic story that explores the depths of passion just above the waves.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


My day started like any other in my simple seaside home. I woke up alone and lonely, but the beckoning call of the sea pulled me from my bed.

From the window, I looked out. The blazing sun quickly reminded me not to stare directly across the water, for it shined, shimmered, and reflected along the vast expanse of the emerald and sapphire sea. My sea.

My family had been fishing here for generations. Generations of living among strange creatures and wild oddities and watching the feathered monsters of the sky, the massive clawed beasts of the land, and the deadly scaled demons of the water.

Everyone in my family had seen the devils of the sea cresting their heads above the faraway waves, emerging from the deepest depths. Papa always warned me not to go there, that our boats weren’t made for the deep, and neither were we.

Stories were told of these demons lurking under the surface. That they were half human, half fish, and as ferocious as sharks. That their claws could rip a man in two in one swipe and that they could crush small boats with their arms.

But I never believed those stories. Nothing so beautiful as the sea could contain something so ugly. I knew everyone was wrong about them; they were just misunderstood. I never felt danger out there. It felt like home.

While putting on an airy white sundress, I prayed that today would be the day I had my encounter with one of these majestic creatures. I prayed for it every day and dreamed about it every night.

No man could compete with the fantasies I created, which was why I was still unmarried and untouched at an age when most women were already starting families. But the loneliness was starting to wear me down.

I took the winding path to the cove, where I knew a small fishing boat would be waiting for me. I pulled the boat of old brown wood into the water, the barnacles I could map like the stars above, leaving lines in the sand.

I took the oars and rowed out to fish the shallows where the water was so clear you could see the pale sand below. I tossed out my net and stared at the colorful fish darting about. The gentle rippling of the water soothed me as I pondered my life.

I was one who stayed out of the way. I fished while the strong gallivanted off to wild adventures. I hauled up my nets while heroes fought the monsters of the world. I sold my catch while those who returned gave accounts of their bravery.

I listened while others shared the tales of the day. Some up-and-coming knight slayed a dragon. A prince rescued his beloved princess from a tower. A group of adventurers stopped a wizard from bringing eternal night to the world.

Mine was a simple life in a chaotic and magical world. And I used to be all right with it.

But last week I’d seen something I shouldn’t have seen because it had changed everything.

Under a black sky with silver twinkling stars, I’d made my way home from selling in the village. On this otherwise normal journey, I’d heard the noises first. The rustling of clothes and the panting of breaths.

I’d known what it was and that everyone did it. It was nature, and it was so much more. I’d also known not to creep closer to watch. But I hadn’t been able to stop myself.

My face heated at the memory. Then, a jolt of electricity zapped between my legs. I closed my eyes to bring me back to that moment again.

I’d followed the sounds and peeked around a corner into an alley. Two people had been tangled together in the throes of passion. The man had then spun the woman around, bent her over, and rutted her against the back of a tavern until they found a rapturous release together.

And at that moment, a part of me, hidden in my deepest depths, had begun to yearn. I’d yearned to be that woman, to be desired like that, to be pounded like that. This yearning had then carried over into my nightly fantasies.

They had become more intense, and even though I’d discovered a way to create my own rapturous release, it had done nothing to curb the loneliness I felt. In fact, it’d made it worse.

The boat rocked suddenly, veering to the left. My eyes snapped open and my hand pulled away from between my legs as the water jerked me from my memories.

I looked around in a panic, realizing I’d drifted out too far. Daydreaming about being in that woman’s position had stolen my focus, and now my boat was cresting over waves of increasing size.

Heading toward the deep.

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