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Reaper's Claim

Simone Elise

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Everyone gets an upbringing. Everyone is taught the essentials of life by their parents, and sometimes the parents’ essentials of life aren’t always the best.

I learned to roll a cigarette before I was taught to tie my shoelaces. I suppose in most families this would’ve been considered odd, but in ours, it was normal.

My father, Jed Harrison, was president of the Satan’s Sons Mother Charter...

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Love or Die

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Evil Twins
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All I’d ever known was the club.

Ever since I first learned to walk, I’d walked next to bikers.

Tattooed, criminal bikers who’d snap a man’s neck as soon as look at him.

They weren’t scary to me. In fact, I found them comforting.

My dad Roach was the club prez, and this gave my twin sister and me protection from his men and their wandering fingers.

Not that I was complaining. I loved the wild nights in the bar, serving drinks to his rowdy men from the day I turned fourteen. If I could do it all again, I would.

I never questioned anything about my life. Not until I met him.

They called him Reaper, and he was one of the most feared men in my father’s club. He was sworn to one of our charters, but that didn’t stop him from being even more famous than my dad himself.

And he wasn’t only terrifying. He was fucking gorgeous. Built like a mountain, with a rough beard and rougher face, he was the kind of guy who could make a girl faint just by turning those green eyes on her.

The moment we met, we were like magnets, and we couldn’t keep away from each other. But I was only sixteen, and Reaper was a gentleman. He refused to take me.

But he did make me a promise. He swore to come back when I turned eighteen and ravage me.

As the years passed, I couldn’t stop dreaming about his burning eyes, his electric touch, his firm, muscular body against mine.

Now, on the night of my eighteenth birthday, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Would he really come back?

Would he finally claim me?

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