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Theirs Series 1: Becoming Theirs

Meghann Crane

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Austen lands a job at a top firm that offers more than just health benefits. Her new bosses are hard-headed, hot, and very interested in her. Can she juggle a relationship with them both and keep her job?

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Chapter 1


I took a deep breath and walked through the entrance of the Legacy Investment Building. As a recent graduate, I’d worked hard to get through the interview process, proving to my family and myself that I could make it on my own when I got the job.

“How can I help you?” asked the lady at the front desk.

“I’m Austen Maxwell, the new administrative assistant.”

“Maxwell… Ah, here you are. Here’s your temporary badge. It gives you access in and out of the building and to the elevator. Human resources, down the hall and to the left, will get you set up with your permanent badge and onboarding packet.”

I took the badge and thanked her, heading toward human resources. I lightly knocked on the door. A woman looked up from her desk and smiled.

“You must be Austen. Welcome to the team. I’m Lisa. I’ll be helping you with the onboarding process.”

“Thank you, Lisa. I’m excited to get started,” I said, though truthfully, I was more nervous than anything else.

“You’re being brought on as an administrative assistant. You’ll be assisting two directors, Mr. Weston and Mr. Everette, for the time being. They’re in mergers and acquisitions. We’re in the process of hiring another assistant, so this should just be temporary. Any questions?”


“Great. Let’s get you started on paperwork. You’ll need to fill these out and give them back to me before you leave today.”

She handed me the tax and benefit forms, and I quickly tucked them into my bag.

“We’ll go through company policies and some basic training, then we’ll get your badge, and I’ll take you up to your new workstation. You can get situated and then you’ll meet with Mr. Everette and Mr. Weston. They’ll go over their expectations and make sure you have access to their calendars. Any questions?”

“None so far.”


“Okay,” Lisa said an hour later. “I think that wraps up everything I had for you. If you’re ready, I’ll walk you to your office and show you where Mr. Everette’s and Mr. Weston’s offices are.”

I followed Lisa to the elevator and watched as she scanned her badge and pushed the button for the eighth floor. We rode up in silence. The doors opened to a hallway with a few doors down either side. Lisa pointed me to the first door.

“Here’s your office,” Lisa said. “Mr. Everette is on the left, and Mr. Weston is on the right.”

“Easy enough. Thank you for walking me up.”

“Not a problem. If you need anything, my extension is in the directory. IT will bring up your equipment shortly and get you set up, but there are notebooks and pens in the desk drawers if you need to take notes in the meantime. I hope you have a good first day.”

I waited until Lisa walked away before I put my bag under my desk.

I actually did it, I thought, smiling. Without having to use my family’s influence, I managed to get hired at one of the top financial advisors in the country.

Feeling confident, I grabbed a pen and a notebook, walked to Mr. Everette’s office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

I opened the door, hesitating when I saw the man behind the desk. I had to remind myself to breathe as I flashed a polite smile. Piercing, blue eyes looked back at me.

“Hello, Mr. Everette. I’m Austen Maxwell, the new administrative assistant.”

He looked at his computer and then back at me.

“Please take a seat, Ms. Maxwell.” He gestured toward the chairs in front of his desk.

I stepped forward and took a seat, trying hard not to stare. I hadn’t expected him to be so good-looking. His dark hair had just a touch of gray sneaking in at the edges, and his strong features were enough to make anyone swoon.

He leaned forward, placing his elbows on the desk.

“Ms. Maxwell, you’re a recent graduate, correct?” he asked.

I nodded.

“There are a lot of responsibilities in this role. We’ve been through two candidates already, and no offense, but they had much more experience. Are you sure you’re up to the task?”

I straightened my shoulders.

“Legacy Investment thought I was qualified enough to handle this role. Are you questioning their decision, Mr. Everette?”

“I like you. I need someone who’s willing to voice their opinion,” he said with a small laugh. “Your job is to make sure my days run smoothly. I depend on you to make sure I have what I need when I need it. I understand you’ll be juggling both Mr. Weston’s and my schedules temporarily?”

I nodded again.

“I still expect you to be on time and caught up with everything. I don’t tolerate tardiness or unfinished projects. Understood?”

“Yes, sir. Can you provide me with a list of things you expect each day?” I asked, pen ready to take notes.

“Yes. I’ll email you a full list by the end of the day, but having things like my daily schedule, reports, and industry updates on my desk first thing in the morning is essential. I’ll also expect you to manage client and interdepartmental communications on my behalf.”

I nodded as I wrote down what he said.

“Sometimes, I’ll have to take a business trip,” he continued. “It could be in a different time zone, and you need to be available should I need you. Anything that you hear in meetings or anything that I talk to you about is confidential. I do not tolerate lying, gossiping, or prying. Any of these are grounds for termination. Do you understand, Ms. Maxwell?”

“Yes, Mr. Everette.”

“Have you met Mr. Weston yet?” he asked.

I tucked my long, blonde hair behind my ear and looked up from my notebook to find him staring at me.

“Not yet. I have a meeting with him next.”

He nodded, eyes drifting down to my outfit. I’d taken a lot of time getting ready this morning, wanting to look polished and professional. My blush-pink blouse and black pencil skirt seemed to have his approval because he cleared his throat and continued.

“Dress code is business attire. What you’re wearing is excellent, but I’d suggest a blazer for client meetings. Remember, you reflect my department and this organization. Do you have questions?”

“Not at the moment, but if I do, I can email them to you, correct?” I asked.

“Yes. I’ll send over the list right away, so it’s in your email once you get set up. Welcome to the team, Ms. Maxwell. Do you know where Mr. Weston’s office is?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, rising from my chair.

Mr. Everette nodded. “I’ll reach out if I need anything.”

I nodded and escorted myself out of his office. I paused in the hallway, taking a deep breath before hurrying across to Mr. Weston’s office. I really hoped he wasn’t as handsome as Mr. Everette. It would make staying focused at work a little more challenging.

The door was already open, and he was talking to a woman by his desk, so I lightly knocked. They stopped their conversation and looked over at me.

“You must be Ms. Maxwell,” Mr. Weston stated.

“Yes, sir,” I said. Of course, Mr. Weston was just as good-looking as Mr. Everette.

“Come in. I’m Ezra Weston, and this is Claire Johnston from accounting. She also just started.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Maxwell,” Claire said with a smile. Claire was picture perfect. She was blonde, with blue eyes and big boobs. She leaned in toward Mr. Weston, brushing his arm to grab a file from the desk.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I wondered if they had something going on. She was clearly flirting with him.

“I’ll have these reports to you by the end of the day, Mr. Weston,” she said as she strode out of the office, hips swaying.

“Thanks for bringing them by, Claire,” Mr. Weston said, setting the papers on his desk and not sparing her a second look. He looked at me. “Please have a seat, Ms. Maxwell.”

I took a seat in front of his desk. I could already tell that he was different from Mr. Everette. His green eyes were lively, and his smile was the kind that promised a good kind of trouble. I mentally shook myself. I should not be checking out my bosses, even though they were both extremely attractive men.

“You met with Mr. Everette, correct?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

He grinned at that and finally took a seat.

“I’m sure he already went over not being late and finishing tasks on time.”

“He did.”

“Did he have you sign the nondisclosure agreement?”

I shook my head.

“Figures. He always forgets the paperwork. I’ve got a copy right here. Basically, it states that you won’t repeat anything you hear during meetings, about clients, about Mr. Everette, or about myself. You’ll have access to a lot of our information, both professional and personal, so we expect you to honor the agreement.”

“Absolutely, sir.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“What time will you need me to start each day?”

“I arrive at eight, and Mr. Everette arrives at seven. Any time between then would be excellent.”

“Can you email me a list of daily needs so I can have them ready for you when you arrive each morning?”

“Yes, I’ll send it over.”

“Are there any upcoming events I need to be aware of and start preparing for?”

“You’ll see all that once you get set up in the system. IT will make sure you have access to our schedules and client files. Do you have any other questions?”

“I don’t. Thank you, sir.”

He smiled again at the mention of sir.

“You’re welcome. Take the rest of the morning to familiarize yourself with your equipment and our calendars. Be prepared to join us for our afternoon meetings.”

I thanked him and shut the door behind me. I let out a sigh as the door clicked. Heading back to my desk, I wondered if life was testing me.

I’d recently sworn off men after ending yet another bad relationship. Now I had two very attractive male bosses I’d have to work with every day. I was going to have my work cut out for me in staying focused and keeping my mind out of the gutter around them.

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