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Discovering Us 2: Redemption

KL Jenkins

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Violet, in love with both Zach and Tyler, has been hospitalized after a miscarriage. While Tyler had a lapse in judgement, she really hopes Zach can forgive him - and that they can save him from the claws of alcohol abuse before it’s too late.

But there’s not only Zach and Tyler. Also Callum, Violet’s bodyguard, is making her weak in the knees. She doesn’t want to break the boundaries she’s set, but if she’s totally honest…

This story includes mature sexual scenes including BDSM related sex with flashbacks of abuse, including PTSD.

Age Rating: 18+

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Book Two: Redemption



I watch uncomfortably as she offers her hands up to Zach. He cuffs the both of them with a special smile for her.

I know how much those cuffs will hurt. They are metal, and I’ve used a pair like those for years on the force. They mark easily, and they keep the person in their place, eliciting pain when they move.

At least her hands aren’t behind her back.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, my love.” He backs her up against the cross in the far corner of the room. He lifts her arms above her head, and he hooks each to the cross. She willingly helps him.

She pulls against the cuffs, testing each restraint, smiling when she realizes she isn’t going anywhere.

I swallow as my cock hardens. I don’t want that thought to turn me on, but it does.

My mouth dries looking at her. She has nothing but her underwear on. Fuck, I never tire of looking at her body like that.

She is adorned with a small black thong and a bra that pushes out her breasts.

It would only take a second to flip the cup so her breast fell out, so that I could lap at her pert nipple with my mouth, just how she likes.

“What shall I do to you?”

I listen to him as I take a few tentative steps into the room. I’m still standing on the threshold of their playroom.

How the hell she can come back in here confounds me.

It wasn’t but months ago that I broke two of her ribs trying to get her heart started again, the same day I emptied three bullets into that vile man.

Though she’s brave enough not to let that bother her, I can’t even think about it, because I definitely won’t be turned on if I do. I close my eyes and shake the memories from my mind.

Training my eyes back on Violet, I watch intently as Zach moves to the wall with all those things hanging.

His hand touches everything as he travels along the wall, but it’s her reaction, her chest moving up and down rapidly, that shows me she’s turned on.

She nods when he gets to a crop. It’s one of the only things I can name in here. Pulling on her cuffs, she bounces excitedly as he walks back to her.

I still can’t get my mind around the way they have sex. What’s wrong with making out and fucking?

I’m trying to be open-minded here, but I’m struggling.

All this around me isn’t normal, and I don’t normally share. She’s my first. But I’m far too selfish to walk away, and she’s made it clear as day that she comes as a package. So here I am.

If you had asked me months ago if I would willingly try a relationship that included Zach, I would have laughed and walked away.

It’s been hard to get along with him, but now I’m here and trying, for her.

He isn’t so bad. We’re too alike for our own good. The only difference is that he doesn’t hide the bad side of himself, whereas I bury it deep most of the time, and he knows it.

Zach walks into her and whispers something into her ear before she looks over at me, locking her beautiful blue eyes with mine.

A whimper leaves her mouth as he rubs the end of the crop against her obviously wet lips.

I try to swallow down the lust that it puts in my body, but my cock reacts anyway.

“It’s hot watching them isn’t it?” Tyler walks up behind my back.

I cringe at how close his body is. He knows I don’t like men, yet every time we come in here, he comes close. He touches me.

The first few times, I freaked out. But I’m starting to manage not to immediately get him off me. I’m starting to learn how to control my body around them.

My body doesn’t immediately scream for him to move back as I feel his want for them brush against my back.

I swallow the need to tell him to fuck off, and then I realize Violet’s watching us. You see, she likes watching us.

“It’s a shame. It turns her on watching Zach and I.” Tyler holds the top of my arms with his hands.

“I’m sure she would like to watch us too.”

I could move. I should move. But I don’t. Violet’s watching, and he’s right.

She’s told me how much it turns her on to see them make out. But try as I might, I just don’t see myself being able to go there.

That doesn’t mean they don’t try though, just like now, as Tyler places his lips behind my ear.

“It makes her so fucking wet,” he tells me.

I’m sure it does, because she’s giving me that look, the one where she wants a quick fuck.

Except I can’t just fuck her, not in here.

They have rules. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to though.

My toes curl into the carpet.

“Tyler,” I warn him.

He doesn’t heed my warning though. He trails kisses down my neck onto my shoulder. They’re soft, and if I closed my eyes, I could pretend they were hers.

Zach swats the crop against the skin on her right thigh, but because all her attention is on us, she barely even pulls against the cuffs.

He looks over his shoulder at us, and it’s at this moment that I’m sure this was their plan tonight.

He smirks before turning back to Violet and repeating the same swat on her left thigh.

She’s been asking me to join for weeks.

“Callum.” Tyler catches my attention.

Fuck, I wanted him off me. But watching her watching us… That’s hot.

His hands slide down the length of my naked arms, and as they do, fire burns in Violet’s eyes.

Need swells in my chest to please her, and I don’t move an inch as he travels them back up again.

“Look at how she’s looking at you,” he says as he pushes himself into my back.

I swallow down the sensation of his bare chest pressing into mine.

His cock against my ass.

I wait for the repulsion to take over my body, but it doesn’t come, because it has slowly started ebbing away, replacing itself with something I won’t admit to.

Zach kneels down in front of her, pulling that thong along with him. I watch as the material skates down her legs. Her bare pussy glistens as it comes into view.

Tyler’s right. She does find it hot to watch us.

I watch as Zach licks her arousal from her lips. My cock bounces in approval.

The memory of how she tastes parches my mouth as jealousy that it is him and not me rears its ugly head.

Tyler’s hands are still a distraction as he spreads them on my chest. At first he only touches my pecks. But the more Zach feasts on Violet, the lower his hands travel.

Over my pecks and onto my ribs, down the plains of my stomach to the muscle that dips between my hips.

I fight the urge to remove them as I watch Violet watch me. But the moment his fingers touch the hair above my briefs, my hands clamp down on his.

He laughs into my ear.

“That’s the longest you’ve let me touch you. Shame, only a few inches more and I would have had your cock.”

I swallow at his words. That’s exactly why I stopped him.

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