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Yes, Mr Knight

Natalie Roche

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Jamie Harris always told herself she’d never be one of “those” women who fell for her boss—how cliché! But then she never had someone like Mason Knight set his sights on her. Now she’s falling into the same trap as all the other women, assuming she can change his bad-boy ways…but could she be right?

Age Rating: 18+

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The Heartthrob and the Blonde


Mason Knight.

He had an unforgettable face—not just because he was extremely attractive, but because it was plastered on the cover of every single magazine in the city. The hottest, most eligible billionaire bachelor in the world. He was tall, muscular, had a jawline you could cut diamonds with, and a gaze that promised a world of pleasure and pain.

But his personality stinks.

He was an asshole through and through, not a kind or thoughtful bone in his body.

When he set his sights on a woman, she was his for one night and one night only.

Unfortunately, he was also my boss.

Well, my boss’s son, but he ordered me around like he owned me anyway.

I stared numbly at the photocopier as it coughed up the rest of the memos I was supposed to prepare. It was during lunch break, but I had to get a head start on all this extra work.

Jamieprobably gonna be late tonight
Jamienot my fault
Carmenstaying late with that sexy boss of yours? 😏😏
Jamiehe’s probably slept with half the women at the company by now
Carmencan you blame them?
Jamiei don’t wanna be another one of his floozys
Ethanwe’ll be at the usual table
Jamiebe there asap
Carmentake your time 😉

I shook my head, a smile on my face. I’ve been friends with Jamie and Ethan for years, and their antics still cracked me up. I piled the papers into my arms and slowly made my way to Mason’s office. I’d just drop these off on his desk and grab a quick bite to eat before lunch ended.

Carmen’s convinced that I’m going to end up sleeping with Mason. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought of it. Mason could make supermodels look like street bums. Hell, I’d checked out his butt in those designer pants a few times as he walked by.

But there was no way I’d let myself get caught up in it. Mixing my personal and professional life would be a nightmare.

I bumped open Mason’s door and froze.

There in front of me was Mason Knight’s tanned, toned, bare ass.

His pants were half down his legs as he banged Jen from the finance department on his desk.

“Harder,” she moaned in delight, and he moved at a more rapid pace.

When she opened her eyes and saw me standing there, she let out a screech and covered her humongous fake tits.

“Oh my God, Mason!”

Mason Knight paused, twisted around, and set his dark eyes on me, the kind of eyes that would have anyone cowering at his feet.

“Uh, here’s the documents you wanted…” I mumbled.

“Jesus Christ—get the fuck out,” he ordered.

I closed the door in a panic and scurried back to my desk with the photocopies still in hand; it wasn’t like the man was in the position to take them off me.

I sat back down behind my desk, heat in my cheeks, feeling absolutely mortified.

Why didn’t you just bolt, Jamie?? Such an idiot.

I grabbed my things in a rush, hoping to escape before Mason could corner me. The last thing I wanted to do was face him alone after seeing him in the act.

I rushed away from my desk, turning the corner towards the elevators...and slammed right into a muscular chest. Powerful arms wrapped around me to keep me from tumbling to the floor.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Mason said in my ear, causing a shiver to roll down my spine.

“Uh, well the photocopies are done, and I didn’t have any lunch yet, so…”

“My office. Now.”

He turned around and walked away without another word, expecting me to follow. I crossed the room, shaking in my four-inch Mary Janes.

Just be polite and maybe he’ll forget the whole thing…

I saw Jen walking down the hallway towards the elevators, very pointedly not looking in my direction. Well, I’d be embarrassed too if I got walked in on.

I followed Mason back into his office. He sat down in the black leather swivel chair behind his desk, glaring at me as I closed the door behind me.

As my mother always said, If looks could kill…

My hands fidgeted in front of me. That’s how nervous he was making me, like I was back in school being told off by a teacher.

“Jamie.” He sat forward in his chair. “You disrespected me back there by walking into my office unannounced. You should know you’re supposed to knock before you come in.”


“Well maybe you shouldn’t have been banging a woman in your office during lunch break,” my mouth said before my brain could catch up. I wanted to kick myself. Talking back to Mason Knight would not help.

“I can do whatever—or whoever—I want in my office.” The force of his glare was so strong that it made me want to inch back towards the door.

“Your dad wouldn’t appreciate you—”

“My dad will never know, because you won’t tell him a word about this.”

“Or what?” I challenged.

“Or I’ll fucking fire you.”

My jaw almost hit the ground. “That’s…”

“Illegal?” he smirked, standing up from his chair and walking toward me. He loomed over me, trapping me against the door to his office. “You think that matters to me? You don’t think I can bury you if I wanted?”

My knees began to shake as he trapped me with those dark, intense eyes of his. He was so close I could feel the heat radiating off of his body and smell the intoxicating scent of his cologne.

For a second I could understand the allure of having Mason Knight above me. To feel his weight pushing down on me as he held me with those powerful arms…

“Do you understand me?” he asked, his voice like velvet.

“Y-yes, Mason,” I stammered, clearing my mind of that crazy idea.

“It’s Mr. Knight. I’m your boss. Get used to calling me that.”

I just nodded, afraid that I’d blurt out another sarcastic remark.

“And just to make sure you don’t squeal, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on you.” He leaned even closer, his biceps bulging against the sleeves of his dress shirt. “Congratulations, Jamie, you’re going to be my personal assistant.”


Is he insane? I just saw his bare ass as he pumped into Jen from finance over and over again. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend more time with him. But looking up at him, seeing the expression in those dark, bottomless eyes…did I really have a choice?

“Aren’t you glad?” he asked. “I don’t usually have a personal assistant. You’re the exception.”

“Yes,” I said drily.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mr. Knight.”

He smiled at me, dark and dangerous.

“Good. You start now.”

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