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Revenge on the Billionaire

Heather Teston

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Amy Jackson seeks out billionaire Christian Rodriguez, intending to seduce and destroy him for causing her father’s death. But it turns out he might not be the monster she thought he was, and she finds herself falling in love with him. She can’t go through with her plan, but can their new relationship survive her deception? Christian is notoriously cruel and ruthless in business as well as in his personal life. When he meets Amy, he knows right away that she has an agenda, so he invites her to stay at his home, determined to find out what she’s up to—and to get her in his bed. What happens when everything is brought out into the open? Will he despise her and send her away heartbroken? Or will Amy be able to melt Christian’s cold heart?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1

The sky was turning dark as a storm brewed. Amy felt the sprinkle of raindrops falling on her tear-stained face as she stood by her father’s grave.

A letter from Rodriguez Investment Company lay crumpled into a ball in her hand. It was the reason her father had had a massive heart attack, the reason he was dead.

The letter stated Rodriguez was calling in the loan her father had taken out to keep his ranch in Texas running.

He hadn’t been able to make the payments or pay off the loan, and the ranch had gone into foreclosure. It had broken his heart and his will to live.

Amy had been left homeless with little money to live on. She had no other living relatives. Her father was all she’d had.

The thunder roared, and the sky opened up, soaking her to the bone. She sank to the ground on her knees, her fingers digging into the wet soil.

Looking up at the sky with the rain falling on her face, she screamed out loud that one day soon she would make Rodriguez pay, one way or another.


Amy was a twenty-three-year-old who worked as a legal secretary in her hometown.

She’d gone online to find out all she could about Christian Rodriguez.

According to what she’d read, he considered himself to be quite the playboy, using women for his own sexual gratification and then tossing them to the curb as you would garbage.

He was quoted as saying he was a devoted bachelor, claiming he didn’t believe in love and would never be tied down to one woman.

“Men weren’t meant to have one mate their whole life. We were built to enjoy the flesh of many females, not just one, which is not normal.” That was another quote of his that had only disgusted Amy more.

The article also stated that he was ruthless and cruel in both business and his personal life. He’d been born and raised in Spain but had moved to America at the age of twenty-one.

After making his first couple of billions, he’d bought a small castle in the South of France, where he now lived when he wasn’t traveling for business or pleasure.

Nowhere could she find a picture of Rodriguez or his age. It was said he valued his privacy and never allowed his picture to be taken.

So, she could only guess he had to be an older man and was most likely unattractive.

There was one article about a party he was hosting at his castle.

It was to be the party of the century, an elegant event with only the wealthy and high society attending. People from all around the world would be there.

“Well, Mr. Rodriguez, guess who’s coming to dinner?” she said out loud as a plan began to form in her head.

She would take a leave of absence from her job, take the small inheritance she’d received when her mother had passed away five years ago, and go to France.

She would find a way to crash his party and worm her way into his home, where she would find something she could use to destroy him and his reputation.

It was the only way to make him pay for destroying her father.


After booking her flight to France, she packed her bags, deciding to buy whatever else she needed once she arrived.

During the flight, she once again went on the internet. It was important to find out everything she could about the man. It took some time, but she was finally able to find a few articles.

Like his favorite places to dine and what his taste in women was. Apparently, he was into blondes with large breasts.

Looking down at her own breasts, she had to laugh. Well, she was blonde, but her breasts…not so large.

When she found the hotel where he frequently stayed and dined, she knew that was where she’d have to stay if she had any chance of running into him.

She knew she’d have to work quickly when she got there. The hotel would be her biggest expense. The money she had would have to last, and her only hope was that she’d run into him sooner rather than later.

Amy was fast asleep when the plane landed. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she collected her bags. She went outside and flagged down a passing cab.

She gave the driver the address, then leaned back and closed her eyes. Not having had much sleep in a few days, she was exhausted and wanted a nice warm bed to crawl into.

She must have drifted off because she was awakened when the cab came to a stop in front of the Grand Hotel. She paid the driver, giving him what she hoped was a decent tip, then entered the hotel.

She was in awe when she looked around at her surroundings. It was so beautiful and elegant, but of course it would be, since only the very wealthy could afford to stay there.

Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and the floor was marble. Genuine leather sofas and chairs were scattered around.

Even the staff was elegantly dressed, not a crease in their uniforms or a hair out of place.

“How long will you be staying with us, miss?” the woman behind the counter asked, giving her a friendly smile.

“I’m not really sure yet. A few days, maybe less,” she said, smiling back at the woman. “Could you tell me if Mr. Christian Rodriguez will be dining here anytime soon?”

“Mr. Rodriguez dines here every Monday and Friday evening. Are you a friend of his, miss?” she asked, looking Amy over.

Amy saw the woman checking her out. She knew she didn’t look like she belonged in a place as fancy as this, but she shook off the feeling and looked at the woman.

“Yes, in a manner of speaking,” she replied, and headed toward the elevator.

She was so glad now that her parents had insisted she take French as a second language. Little had she known at the time that one day, it would come in handy.

After being shown to her room, she explored it. Never had she stayed in such a beautiful room.

The carpet was so thick and soft under her now bare feet. A large window showed the view of the streets below. She went over to the bed and sat down. It felt like she was sitting on a cloud.

Lying back, she thought she’d close her eyes for a few minutes before getting ready for dinner, but within minutes, she was fast asleep.

She suddenly woke up in a panic when she realized it was dark, and she’d slept in. She turned on the bedside lamp and saw it was going on 8 p.m.

She jumped out of bed. She had to hurry in order to get to the dining room.

It was Friday, and Rodriguez might be there. She didn’t want to risk missing him, or she’d have to wait for the following Monday.

Since red was his favorite color, she’d bought an expensive red dress. It was short, and it had a plunging neckline—one that showed off her cleavage.

Her breasts may not have been large, but they were firm and perky, and the dress fit her like a glove, hugging her curves in all the right places.

She wore her hair down, using her curling iron to give it some bounce.

Smiling as she looked into the mirror, she had to admit she looked hot. She hoped the old geezer would have a heart attack, and then she wouldn’t have to deal with him.

But it would give her great satisfaction to see him die right in front of her.

Now if only I can get his attention, she thought to herself when she entered the dining room.

Once she was seated, she looked around for an older gentleman, but not seeing anyone who she thought could be Mr. Rodriguez, she asked the waitress if he’d arrived yet.

“Yes, miss, he’s at his regular table over by the window.” She discreetly pointed to him.

Amy looked over and had the shock of her life. He wasn’t what she’d been expecting.

This man was tall, dark, and drop-dead gorgeous, and she could tell he was well-toned and muscular beneath his clothes. He was busy reading papers of some kind, his brows furrowed as if in deep thought.

A smirk crossed her lips. Seducing and destroying him would be so much more pleasant than with a creepy old guy. Okay, it’s showtime,” she said to herself as she walked toward his table.

Just as she reached his table, she let her purse slip from her fingers and fall to the floor.

Being this close to the man, she suddenly felt nervous and almost changed her mind, but before she could, he made a move, stopping her dead in her tracks.

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