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Ivy White

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Kai Robernero is the only son of Rebecca and Kenzo Robernero and heir to Societa Oscurà. A dared text results in his destiny taking hold, and his life begins to spiral. What he thought he wanted isn’t the case, and what he thought he hated is what he wants. Ruby Fedele has gone about her life with one thing on her mind: be independent and stand on her own two feet. She loves a good dare, and she will do anything to prove she can and will. But when a dare lands her in a marriage that was arranged before she was born, will she be able to stand her ground? Can two strangers find love and companionship? Can Ruby accept Kai’s lifestyle? Can Kai move on after his heart is broken?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Cheating, Extreme Violence/Gore, Stalker, Torture)

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Chapter 1

Spin-Off 3: Societa Oscura


Mastermind. What is a mastermind? A person with outstanding intellect. So, what does intellect mean?

Intellect is a term used in studies of the human mind and is also referred to as the ability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or false and how to solve problems.

Used to explain a person’s mental powers, a clever person, a great mind that can find a way to solve a problem but also cause one.

They can find their way out of any situation, a handy person to have around, but they can solve anything that comes their way. So what about if you decide to be that one stupid person who wants to play games with a mastermind?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend crossing paths with a boy who holds the INTJ personality type. Big no-no if you ask me.

They are ambitious, self-confident, and deliberate long-range thinkers all by themselves. Highly intelligent, where their knowledge branches out in multiple directions.

Now, what happens when you mix that up with family history, the way you have been raised, all personality types combined into one, plus a popular group of friends?

That is where it gets interesting because Kai is the one male I know that has all personality types combined into one body. My take on it is that being around a boy like Kai is complicated.

He is the architect, logician, commander, debater, advocate, mediator, protagonist, campaigner, logistician, defender, executive, consul, virtuoso, adventurer, entrepreneur, entertainer, and he is the mastermind.

Not a person to play games with.

Yep, I learned that the hard way. Roll the story back in time to a year ago, when my life was as calm as a meditation session.

Where it was stress-free and relaxing as you sing hallelujah while you shower underneath the warm water, letting it cascade down your back.


Black jeans; tight black round-neck top; black trainers; and black leather jacket. Yes, your typical bad-boy go-to style. It’s expected. Why wouldn’t it be?

I watch through narrowed eyes, huffing out a breath, my locker door slamming from the force of my hand. A daily reminder to stay out of their way.

My tight navy-blue jeans, pink crop top, and white jacket. All of which doesn’t make a statement or line me up to be the school geek.

In fact, I am placed somewhere in the center happily where I can watch from the sidelines. Kai has the characteristics of a wolf mixed with a lion. The behavior of an alpha male with the highest rank in his social group.

I have heard that he gets it from his father and that their family is involved in illegal activity. Not that I want to know, but you always get drama and secrets that pass through the hallways and parties of this school.

The entrance to the school quiets down. Students turn their heads as the group called the Darkness strides down the center of the hall. Their presence screams high-authority status as their shoes connect with the vinyl flooring.

Their name originated many years back when one of the boys shouted, “Move out of the way of the darkness.” It has stuck, and now that’s their name around the school.

Daily, they walk down in their group of four boys and two girls. Of course, you can expect the girls to be the most popular. Why wouldn’t they be?

They have the most money and the biggest status around here, and well, they match the boys who also sit in the same class as them. The rich snob category that nobody wants to walk into.

Well, I don’t want to walk inside that category anyway. Nope, never.

Throwing my bag over my shoulder, I smile at some of the girls, say hello, and make my way to the auditions hall. Yes, I now have to listen to multiple students who cannot sing or act to save their lives.

This shall be a fantastic experience for me. Not! Taking a seat at the back, I pull my phone out of my bag and search through my social media.

Melanie comes and sits next to me with Blake. The two of them are my best friends, and I love them more than words can explain.

The room is silent, so we don’t talk to each other, but having them present with me helps me to relax. Smiling, I text Blake a funny joke, and he reads it, laughing out loud.

The entire room stares back at us as darkness enters, and they snap their heads around to watch them take their seats four rows in front of us. I keep my head down, casually scrolling through my newsfeed happily.

When I look up, I see a gun sticking out of Kai’s back pocket and point at it. Blake covers his mouth in shock, and Melanie laughs quietly. I turn to her, confused, and push my hair over my shoulder, leaning back.

“What?” I whisper shout, and she shrugs her shoulders, and says, “Nothing.”

It appears that Melanie thinks about what she’s going to say, and then suddenly, she blurts out this ridiculous statement. “I dare you to ask Kai out on a date.”

I stare at her, horrified, and Blake chuckles.

“Or are you too scared?”

“No!” I try to act physically and mentally strong. Yep, I’m far from that!

“Yes, you are!” Melanie crosses her arms, amused, and I roll my eyes, frustrated.

“Fine! I’ll text him,” I say, not sure what to think about accepting the dare, and Blake tells me to do just that. Nervously, I scroll for his name in my online search bar, cursing myself inside and crying to my soul.

Melanie points at my screen, and I take a deep breath. “There he is.” She smiles, and I click on his profile picture. Pressing on message, I get myself ready for rejection.

Why am I doing this again? I question myself, acting tough in my exterior shell.

RubyHi Kai. Me and you haven’t spoken to each other. Ever!-”

How cheesy is this message? Come on!

RubyI was wondering if you would want to go on a date with me. My name is Ruby by the way.

I quickly press send and cover my face. How much more embarrassing could this get? The teacher enters the room, and I watch painfully as Kai removes his phone from his leather jacket and opens the message.

Closing my eyes, I am screaming on the inside. My throat feels restricted, my stomach is doing loops of its own-created roller coaster, and my face is expressing humiliation.

He texts back, and I look at Melanie and then Blake, who smile at me, obviously enjoying themselves.

KaiTell me. Who are you and what year are you in?

“You need to text back.” Melanie speaks with a low voice, and I give her a face of thunder. I am not happy about this.

Once I have been on this stupid date, if it happens, then I am running for the hills as fast as I can. This may destroy my school status, for heaven’s sake. It could either go great or land me in misery.

RubyRuby Fedele and I’m in your year.

I receive a message seconds later. He can text quickly, that’s for sure.

KaiWhich side?

He loves to question you, doesn’t he? I think to myself.

RubyThe same side as you.

I shuffle in my seat, feeling awkward. Why does a boy have to ask a girl so many goddamn questions?

KaiSince you are in my year on the same side as me. Where are you in this hall?

I stare at Blake, shocked and at a loss for words. I cannot tell him because that would be torture. To sit in this room for two hours while he knows who I am could possibly be my worst nightmare.

Blake covers his mouth, lost for words, too, by the looks of it.

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