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Blind Dates & Blindfolds

V.J. Villamayor

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After Hannah’s friends push her into going on a blind date with Cole, she finds herself playfully revealing her deepest fantasy over chocolate mousse. What does she have to lose in confiding in a stranger, one whom she may never see again? Turns out, all her inhibitions. Delightfully so.

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Chapter 1

Blind Dates and Blindfolds

“I’ve…I’ve never done anything like this before,” Hannah breathed in both nervousness and excitement.

Hannah didn’t just mean the blind date her friends had coaxed her into going on. Sex on the first date was another first for her, and kinky sex was a whole new level she hadn’t even known existed until her date.

Who knew how they somehow broached the subject of sex over dinner, but “sex” turned into “experiences,” which turned into “fantasies.” Without coming off as egotistical, Cole had shared his likes, dislikes, and experiences…and Hannah was interested.

Cole gently but firmly tied the blindfold from behind her. Hannah felt him lean in close, his body heat warming her even more until his breath was by her ear. “Do you still want to continue?”

“Yes,” Hannah replied without hesitation.

“What’s your safe word?”

“Do I need one?”

Hannah squeaked when Cole unexpectedly squeezed her hips.

“Yes. I like knowing the difference between you moaning “stop” but wanting more…and actually wanting me to stop. What’s your safe word?”

Hannah could almost see his smirk despite her blindfold. “Mercy.”


With the blindfold in place, Hannah’s other senses were magnified. She could smell the faint scent of clean linen mixed in with Cole’s masculine cologne.

Cole found the zipper of Hannah’s dress at the back and slowly unzipped her.

Every inch he uncovered, he peppered with kisses, sending goosebumps spreading across Hannah’s skin. He pushed the dress off her shoulders, and it fell to the ground, pooling around her ankles.

The cool air blew on her naked flesh, and, more on instinct, she brought her arms up to cover her chest. Standing blindfolded in Cole’s bedroom in nothing but her matching lingerie made her nervous. It was hard to let her anxiety go, especially when this was all new.

A sharp smack landed on Hannah’s bottom, and she gasped in surprise. Cole rubbed the spot he hit with his warm hand. “Never cover yourself up, Hannah. Let me see you. Remember, if you want to stop…you know what to say.”

Cole’s hand squeezed Hannah’s ass cheek before landing another smack, this time to the untouched side. The sting of the smack was sharp, but the unexpected flow of pleasure that followed was addictive.

Proving to Cole that she wanted more, Hannah lowered her arms, reaching behind herself to undo her bra, and pointedly dropped it on the ground. Her statement was silent but loud and clear.

“Good girl.”

Cole’s fingers gripped her hips once more and pushed her forward. Her knees hit the edge of his bed, and just when they stopped moving, Cole’s hand ran from Hannah’s lower back up her spine, pushing her to bend forward at the hips.

“Bend over, Hannah. Hands up and keep them by your head.”

Hannah’s breathing quickened.

Though subtle, Cole’s demeanor had changed slightly to a more commanding persona. It sent shivers of excitement down her spine, and she obediently bent at the hips to lean on his bed, ass jutting out behind her, clad only in her cheeky lace underwear. “What are you going to do to me—ah!”

Another smack to one side of Hannah’s ass, then a matching one to the other again. Cole slipped his finger along the inner edge of her panties between her thighs.

“Remember our conversation during dinner, Hannah? Or, more specifically, during dessert?”

Cole kissed the back of Hannah’s neck as his fingers moved from the edge of her panties farther to tease her clit. His other hand stroked up to cup her breast and play with her hardened peaks.

Hannah could barely talk, let alone think, with Cole’s hands expertly turning her body to mush. “I…I can’t think…”

“Let me refresh your mind. Your dessert was chocolate mousse. While you licked the mousse from your spoon, you revealed that you were curious about—”

“Oh…!” Hannah’s cheeks flushed. It was a little secret she kept to herself. She could never tell other partners about it, thinking it was weird. “Yes… I-I remember—ohhhhh!”

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