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The Forsaken and the Alpha

B.E. Harmel

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Seven years ago, rogue wolves murdered Alice’s mate. She should have died with him, but she survived. And then she ran. Ran from her pack, her family, her home.

Living in the human world was boring, but safe. Until Alice meets Brad. Brad ignites feelings in Alice that she hasn’t experienced in years. Feelings that shouldn’t be possible. She blames it on his wolf, but is that all it is?

When a family emergency compels Alice to return home, she is forced to confront her guilt and her growing feelings for Brad. And just when she thought it was safe, the rogue wolves attack again.

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28 Chapters

1: Chapter 1

It’s been seven years since I ran away from my pack. Ran away from my family, my friends, and my home.

Seven years since fugitives from Lunas Mortis ripped out my fiancé’s throat before beheading him in front of me. Seven years since they slashed through my belly and used my leg as a chew toy, leaving me for dead.

They say a shifter can’t survive after their mate dies. I watched the love of my life bleed out in front of me, but I lived. No one could explain why. Sometimes, I don’t think I deserved this luck.

I recovered from my physical injuries, but not the emotional ones. I couldn’t stay there anymore, with the pack. Everything reminded me of Joseph and what was supposed to be our future together. We were training to take over my parents’ roles as pack betas. But nothing was the same after the attack.

Instead, I finished college and got a job in the city, leaving my shifter life behind. I met Raphael two years ago. He’s great for the moment, but he will never be my mate. Besides, he’s just a human.

Tonight we met up with Bethany, my best friend, and her new boyfriend. Well, her new fling. Apparently, he’s a big shot in the business world. They met last week when he showed up for a meeting with her boss.

When Bethany sees someone she wants, she moves quick, so the announcement that she was seeing someone new didn’t surprise me. Bethany is beautiful—tall and thin with black hair and green eyes—and men jump at the chance to ask her out.

We couldn’t be more different. It’s funny to see the two of us next to each other. I’m shorter, the top of my head barely reaching her shoulder, and curvy, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Raphael and I arrived at the bar, and I saw Bethany sitting alone at a high table. As we made our way toward her, a powerful aroma broke through the typical bar smells of yeast and greasy food. It was some sort of pine—woody with a hint of leather. It was masculine and strong, almost too strong.

“What’s that smell? When did they decide to pump air freshener into this place?” I asked as I sat next to her, holding my nose.

“What are you talking about, Alice? It smells normal—beer and cheap perfume,” Bethany said, laughing. “Brad is on his way back from getting us some drinks.”

She pointed behind me, and when I turned around, I understood the smell. Brad was a wolf.

My heart stopped before rapidly accelerating as he approached the table. He was tall, taller than Raphael. And strong—very strong. His broad shoulders and large biceps flexed under the sleeves of his black shirt.

He looked older than us, but his hair hadn’t turned gray yet. It was dark blond and shone under the dim lights of the bar. His jaw was sharp and square, covered in a short beard, and his blue eyes were looking at me, narrow and intense.

For a moment, I imagined his body without clothes, and my breathing sped up. He moved through the bar, two drinks in his hands, his ocean-blue eyes locked on me.

I was breathless. I hadn’t seen or felt a wolf since I left the pack.

Suddenly, Brad was in front of me, staring at me until Bethany’s high-pitched voice broke through.

“Brad, this is my friend Alice that I told you about.”

Brad didn’t break eye contact. He looked at me so deeply that I felt he was reading my soul.

“Do you already know each other?” Bethany asked, confused.

“Ah… No, we don’t. Nice to meet you, Alice,” Brad said, extending his hand toward me.

His hand was huge, and my thin fingers felt like a child’s as I reached out to shake his hand. Our skin touched, and it was like fireworks exploding inside me, sending signals straight between my legs.

I was breathless and didn’t understand what was happening, but my panties were instantly wet. So wet that I felt my slickness dripping between my thighs. I looked disconcertedly at Brad, trying to figure out why I was having this reaction to him.

He swallowed hard and his nostrils flared as he noisily sucked in air. He leaned against the table, staring back at me, before moving to greet Raphael.

Bethany took a sip from the drink Brad placed in front of her, smiling at me as the men shook hands.

“Honey, I’m going to get us something. Want a margarita?” Raphael asked, lightly rubbing my shoulder.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything properly. I needed to go to the bathroom to at least clean my legs.

“Sure, honey. That would be great. I’ll just go to the bathroom while you get it.”

Raphael went to the bar, and I went to the bathroom, leaving my friend with the wolf. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

To my delight, the bathroom was empty. My hands grabbed the sides of sink as I tried to compose myself. I looked in the mirror, shocked to see my eyes shining bright. My wolf was at the surface.

I took a deep breath to try to calm her down. I kept her hidden for seven years. I couldn’t afford to let her out now.

The sound of the bathroom door opening made me gasp. I cursed my loss of privacy and turned to enter a stall when I heard the door lock. The smell of pine flooded my nose, and I shook my head. What the hell is he doing in here?

I kept my focus on the mirror, watching as Brad appeared behind me.

His gaze met mine as he said, “Control your wolf.”

He said it like a damn order. It made me boil inside.

“Who are you to give me orders? I’ll get her under control,” I replied, growling even as I realized she was getting closer to the surface.

“That’s not what it looks like,” he said, sniffing the air. “What the hell is going on? What did you do?” he asked.

“What did I do? I didn’t do anything. It must be…” I lowered my head, breaking eye contact with him. It was hard, harder than it should be.

“I haven’t seen a wolf since I left my pack. That was seven years ago. I could smell you when I walked into the bar. And when I touched you, my wolf must have woken up. I don’t know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

I looked up, my eyes meeting his again. “This will not happen again,” I repeated, trying to will my wolf down.

“You haven’t seen a wolf in seven years?” His eyes widened in surprise.

“No,” I replied, lowering my gaze once again. I couldn’t continue to look at him, his stare was making it difficult for me to control my wolf.

“Why did you leave?” he asked, his voice laced with confusion.

“I had my reasons,” I responded quickly, not wanting to talk about it. Most wolves never left their pack. It was hard for us in the human world.

“So, you work with humans and have a human boyfriend…” Brad chuckled.

He took a step forward. “You haven’t been touched by a wolf in seven years.” He moved closer. The smell of him grew stronger, and when he touched my arm, fireworks sparked through my body again.

I was so turned on, so wet I almost felt it dripping.

“You need to sort this out.”

I gathered all the strength in my being and tried my best to concentrate on my words. “I have a boyfriend. Who do you think you are to tell me what I need to do?”

He turned me to face him. I looked up, but he was so close. My heart raced and I struggled to breathe. I was losing control, and he knew it.

Brad’s hands gripped my shoulders as he looked deep into my eyes. “I see,” he said. But I didn’t know what he saw when he looked at me.

Before I could say anything, he knelt down in front of me. I was frozen in shock, staring at this imposing man in front of me.

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