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You Never Knew Me

Kim F.

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Ignored and left to fend for herself, Lyric Johannes knows there’s more to life than being a nobody. But no one knows Lyric is hiding a secret. She’s an extremely rare alpha white wolf, destined for more than being ignored or hated by the people of the Half Moon Pack.

And when her father and Alpha King Leandré find out what Lyric is, they’ll do everything in their power to ensure she’s under their control.

Lyric has other plans. When she uncovers the unspeakable horrors committed by her father and Alpha King Leandré, she intends to make sure they pay…no matter what!

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60 Chapters

Learning the Truth


I feel like I should be someone. I’m a she-wolf in the Half Moon Pack here in Colorado, and there’s gotta be something more than this, only…I have been told that I’m nothing so often I’m starting to believe it. Hell, even my mother believes it.

I’m eighteen—almost. Next week, on my birthday, I’ll graduate from high school as the valedictorian of my class, but I guarantee only the teachers and the alpha’s son know my name. The teachers are pretty much required to know who I am. After all, they’ve been responsible for educating me for the last few years.

Damien, on the other hand, would probably deny I exist if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been tutoring him for two years so that he can graduate and get into Alpha College, which requires excellent grades. His father, the alpha, ordered it, but not once did he acknowledge my existence until his precious son was found to be failing in school.

Now, instead of a person, I’m more of a tool. They use me so Damien can get ahead.

But it doesn’t matter what plans I have. When I inquired if the pack would help pay my tuition for college, the alpha told me that pack funds would not be used to send low-rank wolves to college. According to him, it’s a waste of money for a wolf that is only good for domestic work.

My mother, of course, never says anything to defend me. She must care on some level. I mean, she has never abused me or anything, but most of the time, she acts as though I don’t exist. And sometimes I wonder which is worse.

My mother is smart and beautiful. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. A curvy body that she takes excellent care of. She’s the alpha’s true mate. His goddess mate, but his luna is his chosen mate. Luna Diana is from a strong pack where her father is the alpha.

A week after he chose Luna Diana as his mate, he met my mother, a weak wolf from a small pack that was being overrun by rogues. My father was the alpha who answered the call for help. He went to the Silver Crest Pack and helped to train and strengthen the pack to fight the rogues.

Upon meeting my mother, the alpha discovered she was his goddess mate, so naturally, he took her back with him and set her up in a small cottage where he could be with her whenever his wolf needed.

Of course, Luna Diana knew. The bond between her and the alpha consistently revealed when he cheated on her with my mother. I can’t imagine it was easy for her to live in the shadows of a goddess mate until fate stepped in.

Not long after bringing her to the pack, my mother was pregnant. So, too, was the luna. Damien, my half brother and the alpha heir, was born one week before me.

I learned the truth about myself at age twelve. Alpha Marco DeLong, leader of the Half Moon Pack, had spent an afternoon of sex with my mother. Neither remembered I was in the cottage that day. I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home and in my room.

After their session of passion, the alpha was talking to my mother about how Damien would be a strong alpha one day and that he should shift early, being an alpha’s son. I heard my mother ask what he thought about me, and he laughed.

“Her? Christine, she’s nobody! You’ll be lucky if our daughter shifts at all! She’s weak and stupid. Sometimes I wonder if she really is my child.”

His words caused my mother to cry. She would never cheat on him! But it confirmed my suspicions. He was my father. After all, the luna hated me—still does. She even snarls at me.

I don’t think the rest of the pack knows, but seeing how the alpha and luna treat me, the rest of the pack follows suit. No one talks to me except teachers who have to and Damien, who needs to if he wants to make higher grades.

You’ll be lucky if our daughter shifts at all! Ha! Even now, those words echo through my head. Little does he know I had shifted to my wolf a few weeks prior to their little tryst. It’s unheard of. First, because I’m female, and second, because I was supposed to be an omega. But I’m not. I’m more alpha than Damien, my half brother.

My name is Lyric Johannes. Here, I am no one. A nobody.

But you see, I know a secret. The alpha’s secret. Well, actually, it’s his and my mother’s secret. I guess it’s my secret too.

I’m the alpha’s bastard daughter.

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