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Discovering Us 4: Beatitude

KL Jenkins

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"For this child we have prayed." 1 Samuel 1:27.

She turned out to be everything we wanted. Her beautiful little soul brings the four of us peace and contentment. Now to watch her grow and appreciate the miracle God has given us.

Violet, Zach, Tyler, and Callum finally have their little girls in their arms, but trouble is still looming. Can their love survive another blow?

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“Damn it!” The sound of Violet’s voice reverberates through the house as I unlock the front door. I shoot a quick glance back at Tyler and Callum, who are still clambering out of the car, then I sprint inside.

I don’t even take the time to remove my shoes before I dart into the kitchen. The sound of Violet’s cries of pain is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

“Vi?” I call out, rounding the corner to find her clutching the edge of the birthing pool with a white-knuckled grip. The sight of her in such distress is unsettling.

Post-it notes are strewn across the kitchen counter, a pen carelessly tossed on top. The flowers I ordered are prominently displayed, a glass of water nearby.

A damp towel is laid out on the floor in front of the birthing pool, her underwear discarded nearby. On the couch, a pile of towels sits next to her dress.

Her face is a mix of flushed and pale. Tears are streaming down her cheeks as she pants heavily. When her eyes meet mine, I see her panic transform into relief.

“Oh, thank God,” she gasps between breaths.

“The baby?” I ask. She manages a nod before another groan slips past her lips. I approach the pool, which is tinged pink with blood.

“How long have you been in labor?” I ask, but she doesn’t respond. Instead, she rests her head on her arms, her back arching as she clings to the edge of the pool.

Her stomach is taut, the skin stretched tight over her ribs.

“Shit,” Callum mutters from somewhere behind me. Tyler is now at my side, looking as lost as a child. I want to comfort him, but Violet needs me more.

“It’s okay, Vi. We’re here now,” I reassure her. I quickly strip down to my boxers and jump into the pool. The water is warm, just the right temperature.

She had to do all of this alone. We were all so damn clueless.

“Vi, how long?” I ask again.

“Hours,” she manages to say. I rub her back as she hisses in pain. I reach down and feel a head full of hair. Our baby is almost here.

“The head’s there, I can feel her hair. And her nose. You’ve done the hard part, baby,” I tell her. That’s when Callum approaches, his face pale and eyes wide.

“The midwives are on their way. Someone needs to catch the baby and bring her to Vi’s chest. They said to keep the baby warm and leave the cord for now. She should be okay in the pool for at least half an hour as long as she’s in the water,” I relay the instructions, looking between Tyler and Callum. They both look terrified, and I know Violet must be too.

I want to share their fear, but someone needs to stay calm.

How long was she alone in labor? Why didn’t she call us? Why did she come home without telling us? We’ve been gone since just after one.

I push away my questions. They can wait. Right now, Violet needs me.

“I can’t stop it,” she grits out as another contraction hits.

I pull her back against my chest, her arms wrapping tightly around my neck.

“It’s okay, baby. Let your body do what it needs to. Remember, it knows how to birth her. Just follow it,” I whisper in her ear. Tyler and Callum are also stripping down to their boxers. Tyler is the first to join us in the pool, grimacing at the sight of the bloody water.

This won’t be easy for him.

Callum hesitates at the edge of the pool until I nod at him. He takes a deep breath and steps in. Now all three of us are in the pool, surrounding Violet as she pants and pushes.

“Holy shit, she has red hair, Violet,” Tyler exclaims from between her legs. He’s holding her legs apart, a look of pure joy on his face.

Callum is still standing at the edge of the pool with a towel. He’s dipping it in the water, which is now tinged pink with blood. I can’t think about that right now.

I’ll just have to buy new ones.

“Oh, shit,” Violet cries out, pushing hard. Her eyes meet mine briefly, and I’ve never seen her look so scared, so vulnerable.

I kiss her wet hair as she moans loudly.

“She’s nearly all the way out, Vi. Just push a little more,” Tyler encourages. Callum moves closer, peering down between Violet’s legs.

I wish I could see our baby being born.

Maybe next time…

I shake off the thought. Let’s get through this first.

Then I see her. Our baby girl. Her hair is as red as Violet’s. Tyler lifts her onto Violet’s chest.

She’s covered in a white substance and her mouth is wide open, but she’s not making a sound.

“Here, they said to rub her back to get the fluid off her lungs,” Callum says, finally kneeling down in the water. He places the warm, wet towel over our baby.

I look down at her.

Our little girl.

Her eyes are wide open, one very dark and the other a deep shade of blue.

What the hell?

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