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The Alpha and Luna: His Rejected Luna

Skylar Greene

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Daniella is the oldest daughter of Alpha Darren and Luna Jade. She dreams of becoming a doctor and meeting her mate. She, like her mother, is blessed by the Moon Goddess. When her 18th birthday comes around, so does the hurtful rejection by her mate. Damion is the alpha king of werewolves and is 26 years old with no mate. His father is pressuring him to take a chosen mate, but he’s only focused on his kingdom. He thinks he doesn’t need a mate right now, especially since his sworn enemy is trying to take his kingdom.

Will he be happy to meet his mate while his kingdom is under attack?

Find out what happens when Daniella realizes her second-chance mate is none other than the alpha king.

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Chapter 1


The alarm rings at six in the morning, and I spring out of bed, eager to get graduation day over with. I take a brisk shower, then dress in a black crop top, high-waisted blue jeans, and black Converse.

I have a thing for Converse, a trait I inherited from my mom. I always admired how they looked on her petite feet. So, when she gifted me my first pair, I wore them everywhere.

Over time, I collected them in every color, and even have some custom-made pairs. My mom contacted the manufacturers and arranged for custom pairs to be made for me every birthday since I turned sixteen.

I apply a touch of makeup, just enough to highlight my natural features. I prefer a natural look, but today felt like a makeup day.

My curly hair cascades down my back. I’m grateful I inherited Mom’s curly hair. It’s one of my best features. Plus, I think the curls really bring out the blue eyes I got from Dad.

I suppose I can thank Dad for my height as well, since I stand at five foot nine, shorter than him but taller than Mom. I have curves in all the right places, a gift from my mom and our training regimen.

I head to the kitchen and find Jace and Dakota already seated at the table, waiting for Mom to finish cooking. “Where’s your brother?” Mom asks. I shrug, clueless.

She serves the food while Dad playfully smacks her behind. We all groan, but she just grins at him.

I adore my parents and their love for each other, but I could do without the PDA.

Still, I hope to find a love like theirs someday. Their love is so strong, and they fought hard to be together.

My mom is human, and my dad is the alpha, so many people doubted their compatibility. But they proved everyone wrong with their enduring love.

With my eighteenth birthday tomorrow, maybe I’ll find my mate, my one true love, like Dad did.

We all start serving ourselves when Jaxon finally decides to join us. Jaxon is a younger version of Dad, with Mom’s hazel eyes.

He’s as tall as Dad, standing at six foot three, with short black hair, and a muscular build. Thanks to our training since we were ten, he’s all muscle and loves to flaunt it.

“Tomorrow, you guys are turning eighteen. Are you excited?” Mom asks. Her excitement is palpable, she’s practically bouncing in her seat.

Jaxon is the first to answer. “Not really excited. We know you guys are throwing us a party.

“But after this weekend, Dad has already told me that I’ll be working at the company and doing more pack work. It’s like he wants to retire soon and wants me to take over.”

Dad scoffs. “Jaxon, I’m preparing you to become alpha. I won’t retire until after you finish college, and hopefully, by then, you’ll have found your mate.

“I just want you to understand how everything works. So for the next four years, you’ll be more involved in pack and company work.

“Also, Daniella will be there to assist you. She’ll be working at the pack hospital and doing pack work, too.

“All of you are alphas, so I’ll prepare each of you to be an alpha, even if you don’t take over the pack,” Dad concludes, looking at each of us.

“Well, I’m excited about our birthday tomorrow. We finally turn eighteen, and hopefully, we’ll find our mates.”

I’m a hopeless romantic and can’t wait to find my soulmate. Skye, my wolf, is also eager to find our mate.

Jace and Dakota make gagging noises because they’re not interested in finding a mate right now, being only thirteen. Jaxon scoffs, which makes me curious about what’s bothering him.

“Speak for yourself, Dani,” he grumbles. I make a mental note to check on him after breakfast.


After breakfast, Mom and Dad head to their office. Jaxon agrees to drop the twins, as we call them, at school. I slide into the passenger seat of Dad’s Jeep.

Driving isn’t my favorite thing to do. I only do it when I have to. Today, Jaxon is behind the wheel, and he’s in a bit of a mood. We drop the twins off at school, and I turn to him as he drives.

“Jax, what’s going on?”

He doesn’t respond right away. “Skye, is Shadow also in a funk today?” I reach out to Skye through our mind-link. Skye and Shadow are siblings, so their bond is strong.

“Yes, Dani. He’s been sulking all morning and won’t say why.”

“Jax, you need to talk to me. Skye and I can sense what you and Shadow are feeling. What’s happening with you two?” I try again, hoping he’ll open up this time.

Before we reach home, he pulls over and suggests we go for a run. We hop out of the Jeep, shift into our wolf forms, and head to our favorite spot.

It’s a waterfall our parents used to bring us to. We’ve been here so many times as kids that we’ve grown to love it just as much as they do.

I find a secluded spot behind a tree to shift back and slip into a long shirt and shorts we keep stashed there. Jaxon just throws on some shorts, not bothering with privacy.

We’re werewolves, so nudity isn’t a big deal, but I still prefer to change behind the tree.

We sit in silence, watching the waterfall. I wait for Jaxon to speak first. He likes to mull things over before he talks.

“I’m not going to find my mate tomorrow, Dani,” he finally says. I wait for him to elaborate. How could he possibly know that?

“I won’t find her anytime soon, actually.”

“What? How can you be so sure, Jax?” I can’t help but ask. He looks so downcast.

He pulls his knees up to his chest and turns to me. “I had a dream last night. It was more than a dream, it felt real. I was older, about to take over as alpha from Dad.

“We were visiting another pack for an alliance meeting, and I saw this girl. She was stunning. Shadow was shouting ‘mate’ in my head, so I knew she was the one. But I couldn’t see her face.

“Since I was older and about to become alpha, it means I won’t meet my mate tomorrow. I probably won’t meet her until I’m about the same age Dad was when he met Mom. That’s still four years away.”

I nudge him gently, trying to lift his spirits. “You know it could’ve just been a dream, right? You might meet her before you become alpha.

“I think it was just a dream. Don’t overthink it.”

He shakes his head vehemently. “Shadow insists it wasn’t just a dream. He says it was real, and it was one of our gifts that showed it to me.”

“Gifts? What gifts?” I ask, puzzled.

He shrugs. “I don’t know. Shadow’s been talking in riddles lately, it’s hard to keep up. Has Skye mentioned anything about gifts or special abilities to you?”

I shake my head. We both turn back to the waterfall.

“Skye, what gifts is Shadow talking about?” Skye’s usually the chatty one, but she’s been unusually quiet today. I didn’t notice earlier because I was too excited about my birthday tomorrow.

“Dani, it’s not something you need to worry about right now. Let’s just try to cheer up Jaxon and we can talk about it later.”

“Alright, but we’re definitely discussing this later, Skye.”

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