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A Vixen's Human: An Alpha's Vixen Story

Ns. Nauti

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We all know the story of Myra: Sloan’s vixen luna. But the night she met Sloan in the sweaty underbelly of a nightclub, her best friend Megan made a connection of her own. Megan is trouble incarnate, a human who makes bank grinding against a pole, and she wouldn’t change a thing about her life... until she locks eyes with alpha Sloan’s beta, Declan. With an icy stare and slouching grace, he’s sex on a stick, and Megan wants a taste. During his alpha’s claiming, the brooding beta stud tries to keep his cool around Megan, but somehow he keeps ending up on top of her. Megan isn’t sure how much longer she can control her desire for him, but she fears what will happen to her carefree life when she finally ends up in his bed.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


“The bang o’ the drum makes the girls get down.”

Left foot back. Right foot forward.

“Hear it in the fields headin’ straight through the town.”

Ass up. Ass back.

“Come o’er here, baby, the game’s ’bout to start.”

Rotate clockwise.

“Put my hand on yer chest, hear the pound o’ yer heart.”

Then came the guitars and the cue to rotate counterclockwise.

As the second chorus came around, Megan shifted her weight downward, bending into an impossible squat and twerking her heart out.

The mob of sweat and testosterone behind her roared its approval, and a cheeky smile spread across her face.

The final notes of her song rang out across the packed club, and the crowd surged forward, cheering their approval and practically tearing their hair out for a chance to touch her.

Megan stepped expertly away from the edge of the stage and blew a soft kiss to the stud in the front row. His chiseled face broke into a broad smile, and he snapped his teeth hungrily at her.

“Let me buy you a drink,” he called out. His voice was silky and seductive, and for one moment, she actually considered taking him up on his offer.

But this was the Ivy Dorm, not some sleazy strip club on the wrong side of the tracks.

There were a hundred hot studs in here every night, both human and shifter, so Megan decided it was worth doing a bit more window-shopping before committing to a ride for the night.

She shot the stud a small wink and walked backstage, ensuring he had a front-row seat to her bouncing ass as she went.

As the crowd screamed for her to come back, the announcer shouted into his mic, “And there goes the beautiful…the insatiable…Troubleeeeee!”


It was around six thirty in the morning when Megan kicked last night’s conquest out of her dressing room, showered, and climbed into her brand-new Range Rover to leave the club.

As she pulled out her phone and connected to Bluetooth, she thought back to her bed warmer from last night.

He was an otter. That wasn’t a euphemism. That was his shifter animal, although he had stayed in human form last night.

He was fine, although Megan preferred a tiger, bear, or wolf to keep her company after a long night of work.

Even though she was a human herself, Megan was comfortable around shifters and one of the few humans to know about their existence because she had been raised by oxen shifters.

She didn’t know much about her real family, and she liked it that way. As far as she was concerned, her adoptive family was real.

The only real difference between her and her shifter friends was that, as a human, Megan didn’t go into heat, and she wouldn’t have a mate.

That was totally cool with her. Her best friend Myra’s sister had recently found her mate and… Blegh. Megan was happy without the sappy lovey-dovey bullshit, thank you very much.

Speaking of Myra, it was a Thursday, and knowing her friend, Megan was sure Myra would be frantically trying to get to the school where she taught after staying up late the night before to binge on Netflix.

She pulled out her phone to call her.

“Hey bitch,” she said in greeting, slamming her foot against the accelerator as she barreled toward a yellow light.

Myra’s voice sounded stressed on the other end. “Hey, girl. Can’t talk. I’m late for work.”

Megan laughed out loud as she zoomed through the light, only barely making it. She knew her friend so well.

“In need of a ride?” she asked, failing to keep the laughter from her voice.

Myra let out a massive sigh of relief. “I don’t know how you do that sometimes. But I love you so much right now! How soon can you…?”

At that exact moment, Megan skidded to a stop outside Myra’s dad’s house before her friend could finish speaking. She honked on the horn hard.

A moment later, Myra hurried outside to the waiting Range Rover. She had clearly just woken up. Her hair was frizzy, and her eyes were wild.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Myra said in relief as she climbed into the car. She leaned over the center console and kissed Megan on the cheek.

“You can repay me by coming to the club tonight,” she said.

Myra tried to dodge the issue. She was always the good shifter girl, so patient and kind-hearted. Barf.

Megan didn’t have that spirit in her. She’d studied teaching at the same school Myra went to.

But on their first day of placement in an elementary school, with all those snot-nosed bratty kids, Megan had marched right out of there.

She’d applied for the job at the Ivy Dorm the same night and had never looked back.

Myra kept making excuses about why she couldn’t come out clubbing the whole rest of the drive.

As Megan pulled up outside of the school, she turned to stare at her friend, and said flatly, “You’re coming. That’s the end of it.”

Megan watched Myra groan, a smirk spreading across her face, and climb out of the Range Rover.

Tonight is going to be a wild night indeed, thought Megan as she watched her friend climbing the steps of the school.

But then… Megan blinked, sure she’d imagined it. But there it was.

A dark shape was looming behind Myra, and Myra hadn’t seen it.

“My—” Megan opened her mouth to warn Myra, but at that exact moment, her friend seemed to sense the shape.

Myra whirled around, only to stare at…nothing.

Megan blinked. The dark shape was gone.

What the hell was that?

It must have been a trick of the light. Right?


“Time to catch some wolves,” Megan cheered into the roar of the club.

After finding out that Myra was in heat earlier that afternoon, Megan had made it her personal mission in life to get her friend laid.

If Myra really was in heat, the best thing to do would be to get some dick, which was precisely what Megan had told her.

Myra had argued, which was why Megan had banished her to go get drinks while she looked for a suitable fuckbuddy for her shifter friend.

As she danced, she started peering around the club for someone Myra’s type.

A couple of cocky human jocks? Nope.

A skinny, artsy, NYU-type guy? Cute, but not for Myra.

Two gym bros comparing gains in the corner? Definitely not.

And then she spotted the perfect guy. A wolf shifter up in the VIP area above the dance floor. He wasn’t Megan’s type at all, which is why she was surprised she’d even noticed him.

He was standing with several other shifters, and it was pretty clear he was an alpha.

A victorious smile spread across her face. He was perfect!

Now she just had to figure out how to make Myra get his attention without her noticing.

“What are you looking at?” asked a cold voice behind her.

Megan jumped about a foot in the air and turned to look behind her.

A man was standing on the dance floor behind her with a dangerous expression on his face. Megan felt goosebumps flare under her leggings.

“Excuse me?” she asked. This man was glaring at her as if she’d just stolen the Mona Lisa. Here, in her own club.

“A lot of people want the alpha dead,” the man growled at her, nodding to the man Megan had been staring at.

So she was right. The wolf in the VIP area ~was~ an alpha.

The man took a threatening step toward her.

“This is a free country, isn’t it?” Megan retorted, putting a hand on her hips.

He took another step toward her. They were now inches apart, and she glared up into his eyes, challenging him.

Even though this man was a stuck-up douche, she had to admit he was hot as fuck.

His features were sharp and chiseled. He looked like a Greek god made human.

Yeah, it sounded stupid when girls said it in the movies, but for him, it was true.

He was wearing sunglasses inside, which she usually thought was ridiculous. But for some reason, with him, all it did was add to his air of mystery.

Megan had a bizarre urge to rip those glasses off his smug face.

“There have been rogues sighted around here. How do I know you’re not one of them? I should take you prisoner right now,” the man was saying, his voice a menacing growl.

“Take me prisoner? What are you, his boyfriend?” Megan snapped back.

She quailed under the furious gaze he gave her.

“I’m his beta, and there’s nothing I like more than killing rogues,” he spat back at her.

“Dude, I was trying to find a hookup for my friend. Jeez,” Megan said, surprised to find her voice shaking slightly.

Suddenly, the beta’s fingers locked around her arm, closing them in a vice grip. He pulled her close to his body and stared down into her face.

Megan felt her heart leap up into her throat.

The beta didn’t speak but just stared threateningly into her eyes.

“F-fine, I’ll look somewhere else,” she said finally, feeling strangely helpless in his grip.

“Good,” he hissed back at her.

And then, without warning, he let her go and disappeared into the crowd of writhing bodies filling the club.

Megan stood rooted to the spot, unsure why her heart was thundering a million miles per hour in her chest.

She dealt with asshole men all the time. Why should this guy have such an effect on her?

“Hey,” came Myra’s girlish voice from nearby.

Megan shook her head clear and smiled as Myra approached with drinks.

She wasn’t going to let a big macho oaf like him scare her. She knew this alpha was exactly Myra’s type, and she was going to get his attention, no matter what his dumbass beta said.

Before Myra could tell something was wrong, Megan concocted a plan.

She grabbed Myra’s arm and dragged her across the dance floor toward the stage. She walked up to a dancer and tapped her calf.

“Bless your heart, Trouble. I need a fifteen-minute break.”

“Perfect. Because that’s all the time I need.” Megan smiled mischievously as the girl climbed down. “Come on, Myra, up you go.”

“Wait, what? Meg…” Megan smirked and climbed up onto the stage.

“Come on.” Megan laughed as she pulled Myra up with her.

She made a signal to the DJ, and the music changed.

“The bang o’ the drum make the girls get down.”

Left foot back. Right foot forward. Megan watched the VIP area.

“Hear it in the fields headin’ straight through the town.”

Ass up. Ass back.

Just then, she noticed the rude beta climbing the steps to the VIP box. She danced harder.

“Come over here, baby, the game’s about to start.”

Rotate clockwise—

The beta noticed her. He leaned against the railing and pulled off his sunglasses, glaring down at her with piercing brown eyes.

Instantly, Megan felt a jolt of electricity course through her as if she’d been struck by lightning.

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. Her mouth felt dry.

Her eyes were locked onto his. She felt fear flood her.

What was happening?

She saw the beta’s eyes widen too. He was caught just as off guard as she was.

Megan didn’t know if that made her feel better or worse.

Her gaze was locked on his face.

His brown eyes were bright, but there was something dark inside them, something she wanted to uncover.

And then, all of a sudden, Megan heard snickers. She blinked and tore her eyes away from the beta.

The men on the dance floor in front of her were laughing and catcalling. She must look pretty stupid, after all, standing there staring into the VIP area like she was hypnotized.

“Take it off, sugarplum,” shouted one man. His shirt was open, and Megan could see his washboard abs glistening with sweat.

But for some reason, the sight didn’t turn her on at all. Instead, she only noticed the vodka he’d spilled on himself and how he kept weaving unsteadily on the dance floor.

In fact, none of the men in front of her turned her on in the slightest. She didn’t want to take a single one of them home. It was as if her entire pussy had been deflated in an instant.

What the fuck was happening to her?

“Hey sugar, you fuckin' deaf? Dance for me, slut,” shouted the man again.

Megan blinked as if coming out of a stupor and looked at him.

He leered up at her, his eyes raking her body. She suddenly felt very exposed.

But before she could get off the stage, the man had climbed onto the stage with her, and he was weaving forward, a gross sneer on his face.

“S-stop,” Megan managed to mumble, still feeling like she was deep in a mental fog.

He smirked at her, his breath coming out ragged and hungry.

“I’m gonna have fun with you—”

In a flash, a blur of color streaked down from the VIP balcony above and landed on the man.

Before Megan had time to react, the beta from the VIP area was on top of the man and was railing into him with a hail of fists.

The man was drunkenly trying to defend himself, but he was no match for the bear shifter.

Megan heard a growl escape the beta’s lips, and she knew she had to step in, or else he might very well kill this human.

“Stop,” she cried, grabbing the beta’s fist before it could collide with the human’s face again.

Giving orders made her feel more like herself again, and her head began to clear.

Until the beta looked up into her eyes, and she suddenly felt just as foggy as before.

The beta stood up, kicking the whimpering human off to the side, and walked toward her. His face registered nothing but anger.

Megan forced herself to match his steps back until she felt herself coming to the edge of the stage.

The beta stopped, glaring at her.

“Who are you?” he finally hissed, his voice full of venom.

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