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The Tutors

Kimi Blackrose

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Roxie is the head cheerleader and is counting down the days until her last major cheer competition. After that, she can graduate and leave this town forever. So getting assigned to tutors for her first period class really throws a wrench in her plans. Then the tutors make her a deal. They’ll sign off that she’s being tutored as long as she gives them something in return…her. Roxie thinks about backing out, but she needs to graduate to get the hell out of this town. But if she accepts, will she ever be able to leave?

Age Rating: 18+

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31 Chapters

Chapter One


I’m running down the hallway once again. For the last few months, this had been normal for me. Only a few more months and I would finally be out of here.

After four long years, I can’t stand this place anymore. High school should not be this stressful, but I was happy it was almost over. Nothing had gone as planned other than my cheer career.

The friends I had back in freshman year I didn’t have now. I was only close with a few girls on the squad. I was social, but not as social as you’d expect the head cheerleader to be.

But I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. This is finally my senior year, and I turned eighteen at the beginning of the year. I’m counting the days till all this is over.

I glanced down at my smartwatch and it showed 8:06 a.m. Shit! I’m late for first period class again, even though I actually tried to make it.

I knew I should have taken a quick shower after practice. Mrs. Joseph is definitely going to chew me out for this one.

It’s the second time this week; the first time was because I was so exhausted from running through drills with the new girls on the squad and needed a coffee to get through the day.

Early morning practices were killing me, but only three more months till competition and five months until school is over.

As soon as these two day practices are over, I can resume my attempt at relaxing until college. I had a plan, and I needed to stick to it.

I walk into Mrs. Joseph’s English class, attempting not to make eye contact. This lady is always on everyone’s case, especially mine.

“Nice of you to join us, Roxie.” Mrs. Joseph rolls her eyes as I look over at her. I roll my eyes back, but she doesn’t see me.

“Have a seat and please stay after the class is over for a quick chat,” she says in front of me.

Fighting the urge to roll my eyes again, I walk to my seat. I take my usual seat in the middle of the class.

Nari, a nerd from the front, locks eyes with me but quickly looks away. Not unusual for that one. I roll my eyes at the back of her head. If she has something to say, she should just say it.

I’m not in the mood today for any extra bullshit. I hit my quota on bullshit with Mrs. Joseph.

We used to be friends, but we had a moment back in freshman year that changed things. After what happened, neither of us knew how to react.

So I distanced myself and made new friends while cheering. Making friends was never hard for me, but it was for Nari. She didn’t get close to many people after that.

She often just looks at me, rolls her eyes, and looks away. She hooked up with Kai soon after that. They are among the smartest in this class and a couple of other classes, too.

They mostly keep to themselves, though I know Kai has a few friends. I could probably count on one hand how many parties I’ve seen them at.

The horrendous hour that is English seems to fly by as I’m lost in my thoughts and soon the bell is ringing. Thank God.

I want to make a quick exit but I know that will only make things worse with Mrs. Joseph.

I slowly stand to get my things together but as I pack my bag, I hear Mrs. Joseph say, “Nari and Kai, can you two stay back as well please.”

They both say yes. There is absolutely no reason she would need them to stay behind while we talk.

I release a slow breath to prepare myself for the bullshit that will be this conversation. What could she possibly want with the three of us? What is this damn lady up to?

I turn around slowly and walk to the front of the class, then stand beside Nari. I look at Kai, and he’s looking at Nari as if he’s studying her reaction and waiting for something to happen.

When she keeps her eyes trained on the teacher, he looks away. Surprisingly, he’s not eyeing me like most guys in the school do.

He seems like a good boyfriend, and those are very hard to come by around here. A little quiet but still hot.

I could tell he had a toned body under those loose clothes, and he had the type of eyes that made you say yes no matter what he was asking.

He was about six feet tall, I’m guessing, so you have no choice but to look up into them.

I haven’t had a boyfriend since junior year. Kyle Jameson, the school quarterback, was the last guy I allowed to break my heart. I caught him in bed with two girls from the volleyball team.

When I had caught them, he had the nerve to ask me to join. I didn’t think twice about kicking him to the curb.

I could tell Kai would never do that to Nari. Maybe one day I’d have a boyfriend who looks at me the same way Kai does Nari.

“Nari and Kai, are the two of you still looking for extra credit that you asked for this morning?” Mrs. Joseph asked, breaking me out of thoughts.

Really, lady? Thought they would change their minds in an hour, huh? I roll my eyes. Why anyone would need extra credit for a class they’re already passing is beyond me.

Nari answers for them both, “Yes.”

“Good. I would like you two to alternate tutoring Roxie, as she has consistently missed the beginning of my class at least twice a week for the last two months.

“I’d like to ensure she’s keeping up on what she’s missing.” I bite my tongue to stop from sucking my teeth.

I’ve been late, but this lady knows I haven’t missed one damn assignment. I wouldn’t risk my senior year; I’m too close to my goal.

“As for you, Roxie, make it to all your tutoring sessions and you will still graduate on time. End of story.” She leaves no room for argument.

I don’t have the energy to argue anyway, so I just nod. I’m still beat from this morning’s practice, and my mind kept drifting off to my plans. I follow Kai and Nari as they exit the class.

“Someone text me an address. I guess I have no choice but to see you two tonight.” I don’t give them a chance to answer as I push by, rolling my eyes as I go.

I see Nari smirk and it shocks the hell out of me. That’s the most reaction I’ve gotten from her in years.

What is up with that girl? I say in hell, anyone can be this hot and cold in a blink of an eye.

I really need to find a way out of this because if I’m being real, I don’t think I can sit through an entire hour alone with Nari. There’s a tension between us I can’t point out.

One minute she’s rolling her eyes, the next minute she’s unbothered, and both moods annoy me. Kai, on the other hand, I can deal with. He’s the perfect eye candy.

Maybe I can flirt with him to get Nari to cut me some slack and let me skip the unnecessary tutoring.

Either way, this can't be added to my already packed schedule. Tutoring has to go.

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