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Vibrators & Phone Sex

V.J. Villamayor

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After relaxing at home with a couple of craft beers, the tension in Nikki’s shoulders is greatly reduced. Soon she finds herself in the mood for Vincent, her always-ready vibrator, but as she fires it up, the phone rings unexpectedly. Nikki wonders if she should answer the phone or continue pleasuring herself. Maybe she can do both.

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Chapter 1

Vibrators and Phone Sex

Nikki’s focus on her phone lagged as she finished the last of her beer. She wasn’t particularly drunk; she was just horrible at drinking, and a couple of craft beers were enough to numb the tension in her shoulders and slow her vision.

She was the perfect mixture of relaxed and happily tipsy. Absolutely not drunk… Keep telling yourself that, Nikki thought to herself. She’d had a stressful day, and a few beers were just what the doctor ordered.

As always, when she drank alcohol, her libido roared to life and began to prowl. Looks like I need to give Vincent a visit. Nikki bit her lip.

Switching on some music, she reached into her drawer, grabbed her vibrator, and giddily threw her clothes onto the floor.

She fell onto her bed, the fresh linen cooling her heated naked skin, and turned on the vibrator, letting the cold tip drag down her neck and over her pebbled nipples.

“Hello again, Vincent.” She laughed, greeting her sex toy. “I know I’ve neglected you, but I’ve been busy.”

Nikki’s breathing picked up as she lightly trailed Vincent down her stomach and finally brought the vibrating tip to her clit. “Ohhh, yesssss…!”

Nikki moaned as she allowed the vibrations of Vincent to pulse at her most sensitive area. As she held the toy to her clit, her thumb caressed her nipple. The sensations connected in the middle and gave her belly butterflies.

She circled Vincent around her nub, concentrating on the sensitive bundle of nerves, allowing the tension to build until it felt too much, and then backing off by sliding it over her soaking slit.

Nikki repeated the gesture over and over again until beads of sweat dotted her forehead.

She loved the foreplay. She loved to build up the need to climax and keep herself teetering on the edge. Her skin felt hot, and the alcohol in her system made everything feel so much stronger…so much better.

Nikki circled Vincent over her pussy. The vibrations were so close to where she truly wanted it. She was so wet, her pussy was dripping from her teasing, and she just couldn’t hold back any longer.

Just as she was about to slide her vibrator into her tight pussy, her phone rang. Nikki contemplated ignoring it; it was late, and she was desperate to cum.

She held Vincent to her clit as she looked at the caller ID out of curiosity.

An unknown number flashed on the screen, and after thinking what the hell with a mental shrug, she picked up the phone, never taking Vincent away from her throbbing clit.

“Hello?” Nikki breathed heavily into her phone.

“Nikki, hey!”

“Who is this?”

“Oh shit, sorry, new number. It’s Louis.”

Louis? It’d been a long time since she and Louis had spoken. He was a good friend and a good booty call, but they hadn’t connected in a while.

The random phone call didn’t deter Nikki. She was confused and curious, but she never let the mood go and continued to lazily circle Vincent on her pussy.

“Louis? Damn, it’s been a while. You okay?”

“I’m fucking drunk and horny, Nikki. You’re too far away for me to visit, so I just needed to hear your sexy voice,” Louis replied hoarsely.

Nikki laughed. They didn’t live that far away from each other. But in this physical state, they absolutely were too far.

Hearing sounds in the phone’s background, she chuckled. She knew exactly what he was doing.

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