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The Billionaire's Heart

Frankie Nero

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Tina Campbell is a young, kind and vibrant woman in her late twenties working as a cashier in a micro finance bank. On a particular day, she returns from work and finds her boyfriend, Mike, who is staying with her, in an act of infidelity. Furious, she breaks up with him and drives him out of her house.

Heartbroken, she reluctantly goes to work the next day only to discover that her bank is folding up that day with immediate effect due to inability to keep up with the tax laws. Many of the staffs are relieved of their duties, including Tina.

Depressed on her way home, Tina is nearly run over by a car. The near death experience sends her into a shock and she falls unconscious. She awakes in a hospital where she discovers that she was brought there by Armando Gonzalez. He introduces himself as the billionaire chairman of Gonzalez Industries, a power holding company in the country. Armando offers her a job after hearing about her tale but his son, Alejandro the C.E.O, is initially distrusting of Tina and offers to interview her himself.

Alejandro discovers Tina is a competent woman and hires her. During her stay in the company, the two are usually at loggerheads with Alejandro taking glee with tormenting her. That comes to an end when Alejandro is commanded by his father to accompany him for a charity event. Alejandro invites Tina to come along and she reluctantly accepts. At the charity event, she meets Alejandro’s childhood friend, Tito and then Natalie, one of Alejandro’s FWB who is very clingy. Jealous of Alejandro and Tito’s attention on Tina, Natalie humiliates her. Alejandro Takes her home and apologizes on Natalie’s behalf.

After a brief argument at the office days later with Alejandro, Tina goes to a bar that same evening with her friend, Kelly to unwind. She is nearly assaulted by a lecherous stranger but is saved in time by Alejandro who happened to be in the bar. Alejandro takes her home and the two begin to develop feelings.

Armando decides to take Alejandro to their hometown in Mexico and Alejandro invites Tina along. Tina meets Marina, Armando’s sister and Alejandro’s aunt who explains the reason for Alejandro’s constant womanizing, cold attitude and refusal to get married:

Armando’s wife divorced him when Alejandro was a teenager. Armando fell into depression and it affected his mental health. Alejandro despised his mother because of that and he became paranoid towards marriage, fearing the same fate that befell Alejandro would befall him.

When they return from Mexico, there is a power outage in the country and Alejandro and Tina take advantage of the situation and have a steamy night. The next morning after power is restored, Tina realizes that her feelings for Alejandro has grown stronger. Alejandro begins to loosen up around her until he detects her having a call with her ex boyfriend, Mike and he gets angry but she diffuses the situation quickly.

Tina’s father is diagnosed with a serious illness and this saddens her to a great extent, particularly as the amount quoted for his treatment was expensive. Alejandro gets wind of the information and pays for the treatment and Tina’s father recovers. Before, Tina can make her appreciation, Armando dies from a heart attack plunging Alejandro into depression.

Tina hears of the news and goes to comfort Alejandro, reigniting the feelings between them. Alejandro realizing that Tina is the one for him and the sole reason he now has empathy and feels human again, proposes to her and she accepts.

Alejandro, now the chairman of Gonzalez Industries, marries Tina who becomes one of the board of directors.

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The Month is Coming to an End


Rent was coming up, and the old hag of a landlady had been breathing down my neck about it. I felt like calling into work, but I needed the money.

I stood up from the bed to get ready for work. Yesterday still replayed in my head. I had barely slept. I was still so angry I could hardly see straight. I’d tried crying, but I wasn’t sad. I felt betrayed.

The guy I’d been with, Mike, had been messing around with another woman. And he had the gall to do it in my apartment while I was at work. I’d walked in on them when the bank where I worked had closed early yesterday.

Mike. That bastard was using me the whole time. I can’t believe I never saw it. Sure, he never said he loved me, but I felt like if we just put in the time, he’d get comfortable saying it. I thought he felt it. I guess I was wrong.

I was blinded by the stupid feeling called love. Not that the sex had been great. But it had the makings of being great. I pitied the woman he had cheated on me with. There was a high chance that he wouldn’t stay with her for long.

Minutes later, I had showered and was out of the apartment on my way to work. I still had the hickey I’d let him give me yesterday. I didn’t know he was doing it. Today at least, I remembered to wear a scarf. Yesterday, I’d walked into work with my neck bare for everyone to see. So it was a relief that the bank had closed early, but I had a bad feeling that something was wrong there. I told myself I was overreacting. I was too upset over Mike to worry about work. I needed my paycheck.

I locked my door and turned to leave.

“Miss Campbell.”

I groaned under my breath and spun around. Her voice was so irritating.

My landlady, Mrs. Kirby, stood with a hand on her hips. She wore a gray robe. The color of the garment mirrored her personality. I’d lived here for years, and I’d never met her husband. The neighbors said he was either dead or he’d left her. Either way, it seemed like an improvement from being married to her.

“What is it, Mrs. Kirby?” I asked without saying good morning. She hadn’t, so why should I?

“I just want to remind you that the month is coming to an end.” The old crone tapped her foot on the ground, as if to make a point. “So I hope you up your money management skills because I won’t accept late payment this time.”

“You’ll get your money.” I waved her off, walking away. I’d only been late because Mike had promised he’d help contribute last month. He’d been staying here more often than at his lousy rented room with like nine roommates. I had to find out from her that he hadn’t paid her after he told me he had.

“Are you certain?” she asked.

I turned around, still thinking about Mike.

“You won’t want to call my bluff this time,” she said. I could see a malicious smile on her face. “I have someone who has been bugging me for days about vacancy. If you slip up, he would be welcomed without hesitation. You’ll have your thirty-day notice on the door at the close of business hours. I bet he’d do something nice with your apartment.”

I felt my eyes twitch and my blood boil. An unfamiliar rage bubbled within me. Normally, I could have taken this woman’s taunts. Now I was so far past my comfort zone I might not be able to control what happened next.

I stomped toward her and got into her face.

She backed up, looking surprised.

“Listen here,” I said, my voice laced with venom. “I’m not in the mood for your bullshit. I had a rough day yesterday. Any normal person would be able to see how upset I am and how hard I’m working to keep it together. Clearly, you don’t have any human feelings.”

Mrs. Kirby gaped at me. Her mouth was literally open, and for once, no stupid words were coming out.

I used that to gather momentum.

“As for your so-called ‘future tenant,’” I continued, using my fingers to quote the last two words, “tell him to find another place because you won’t get the satisfaction of seeing me out by this month. So you can take your inane threats and shove them up your wrinkled ass.”

I turned away from her and stomped off, not giving a damn how she felt. I stepped out of the building and hailed a taxi. There was no time to get public transit this morning, even though I couldn’t really afford to take a cab.

I didn’t have rent money yet. But I didn’t regret standing up to Mrs. Kirby. I’d figure something out.

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