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Beautiful Mistake

Mel Ryle

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After Kyla's friends convince her to rebound from her cheating ex-boyfriend with a one night stand, she's sure she's got love and lust out of her system for good. Now she can focus on her career as a marketing assistant. But little does she know that the handsome stranger who just rocked her world is her new boss. Kyla decides to keep their relationship professional, but her billionaire boss isn't easily deterred...

Age Rating: 18+

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KylaI’m the worst
KylaDon’t hate me
KylaMr. Leach gave me some last minute work
Aldenbabe. u serious?
Aldenit’s our 3 year anniversary
Aldencan’t you just do this tomorrow?
KylaYou know I can’t, Alden
KylaThis is Leech we’re talking about
Aldenur killing me.
KylaI promise I’ll make it up to you
Aldenfine. ill see you later.
KylaSee you soon, love!

Most women put love first, career second. But I’m not most women. At twenty-six years old, I was the youngest marketing assistant in our company, and I’d fought too damn hard for that position to allow a little anniversary to get in the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Alden. And I felt bad making a mess of our plans. But I knew, if he really loved me, he would understand.

Work comes first. Always.

My girlfriends used to laugh and say that was just because I hadn’t realized my “full orgasm potential.” Coleen would always argue, “Kyla. If you were really satisfied, work would be the last thing on your mind.”

To which I would scoff and shake my head. Coleen, the girls, they would never understand. Sex? Love? They were just not my priority. What’s the matter with that?

But, deep down, I admit...I did wonder. What was I missing out on? It wasn’t that Alden was a bad partner. He was just more practical than passionate.

And, being a career woman who craved stability, that was exactly what I needed!

So, why, at night, when Alden went down on me...did I feel almost nothing? Why, when he pumped into me over and over, did I find my mind drifting toward consumer rating reports?

Would there ever come a time when I would meet the one? The person who would finally rip my mind away from work. What would he look like? What would his lips feel like against mine? Would he perfect the balance between gentle and rough? Would he just know what to do in bed without me having to ask for it? I imagined it would be more intuitive with this mystery man of my dreams. Like he could read my mind and telepathically know exactly where to put his hands and lips. He could do anything to me, and I would love it because it was him.

No matter. I promised myself that tonight, for once, I would prove to Alden and myself that our relationship mattered. I was going to give him the best sex of his life.

For once, I told myself, ~put love first, Kyla.~

Alden was worth it.

Or, so I thought.

After re-reading those texts from Alden over and over and realizing how much this anniversary meant to him, I managed to convince my boss Mr. Leach to let me out early. I considered telling Alden I was on my way home.

But why tell him when I could surprise him?

On the way home, I met up with my best friend Coleen and stopped at a lingerie store. She helped me pick out the sexiest panties I could find. They were black lace and transparent in exactly the right parts.

I couldn’t wait to see the look on Alden’s face when I slipped out of my pencil skirt. He was going to lose it.

At the register, the employee began to wrap them up in a bag, but I shook my head. “That won’t be necessary.”

She raised an eyebrow, smiling suggestively, and handed them over as they were.

The second I said goodbye to Coleen and got onto the nearly empty bus, I removed the average panties I was wearing and slid this sexy pair on. I could have done it in the dressing room, sure, but it wouldn’t have felt as exhilarating.

Now, I was ready. I hurried home as fast as I could, feeling myself moisten in pure anticipation. Save it for Alden, I told myself.

I got off the bus and jumped into the elevator, teeming with excitement. Although I was exhausted from work and butting heads with Mr. Leach all day, I could feel a second wind coming on.

I suddenly felt giddy and naughty, imagining all the things I was going to do to the man I loved.

When the elevator doors finally opened, I rushed toward our door, practically salivating at the idea of him.

I turned the key, swung the door open, and smiled my most sexy, wicked smile.

“Surprise, babe!” I exclaimed.

But, as it turned out, I was the one in for a surprise. Because as I stepped through the hallway into our bedroom, I found the man I loved, the man I’d spent three years with, the man I was finally putting first, buck-naked with none other than Mallory Cornfield, my college nemesis.



Meganwe ready, girls?
Megantonite’s the night!
ColeenYAAASSS finally
MarieOmg, kyla, i cant believe its finally ur turn
KylaGuys do we have to do this?
Meganu know the rules…
Megannobody gets out of the game.
KylaYou girls are going to be the death of me
ColeenLOL no
Coleenwere getting you LAID
MeganThank us later, bitch
KylaI’m really not sure about this
KylaEver since Alden I just don’t see the point
ColeenKYLA. trust us.
Meganwe have some experience. 😉
KylaIf you say so

I couldn’t believe I was going out. Ever since I caught Alden in bed with Mallory, three months ago, I have abstained from sex. No exceptions.

I needed some time on my own to figure things out. How had I gotten myself into that situation? I was not the sort of woman that got cheated on. Yes, three months is a long time to go without sex, but it’s what I needed to get Alden out of my system… and Mallory.

I shuddered as the events of that horrible night played in my head, yet again, like the worst movie ever.

God, how was I ever going to erase this memory? I’d thrown myself into my work, focused all my energy on our clients, and done everything I could to distract myself. But still, three months later, I remained tortured.

My friends were certain they had the solution. The game. If you had told me a few months ago that I would be willingly taking part in this ritual, I would’ve called you crazy.

Yet here I was, getting dolled up, about to go to a bar to have sex with some random stranger.

Since when did a one-night stand ever fix anything?

As I called a taxi and waited for it to arrive, I braced myself. If the girls wanted to play the game, that was fine. But that didn’t mean I had to play by their rules. Part of me wanted to be the best at ~the game~. ~While it had been a long time since I’d been out on the prowl, I still remembered what I was like before Alden.~

I was flirty and playful. Men noticed me and liked what they saw. Yet I never met anyone I liked enough to go home with, even just for one night. I was always comparing men I met out in the real world with the fictional men I read about in books and saw in movies. The man of my dreams never materialized, he was always just in my head. I knew I had to settle if I didn’t want to be alone. That’s how I ended up with Alden. And that was a disaster…

I inspected myself in the mirror. I had to admit that I looked incredible, jaw-dropping even. Maybe Alden cheating on me was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped outside, ready to take on the night, still a little doubtful. No man is going to end up in my bed, I told myself. ~No chance.~

But the night, as I would soon discover, had other plans.

Let the games begin.

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