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The Rock Star - One-shot

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Kara and her friend attend a concert. Kara get’s invited backstage to meet the rock star. Things get steamy.

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Chapter 1

Alice and I waited for hours in line to get into the show tonight.

It seems like every woman in New York City between the ages of 18 and 40 waits in line with us. We all want to be in the presence of the same man.

The man The Rolling Stone called the “great savior of rock ’n’ roll.”

Of course, not all of us waiting care about that, in fact most of them didn’t care about that at all.

I, on the other hand, wanted to see the music, well, mostly.

It didn’t hurt that Magnus Andersen, the lead singer of the band, could potentially be the sexiest man in the music industry.

Known for his bad boy antics, — he lives by the tried and true adage of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll — Magnus oozes sex appeal.

Even when he throws television screens out of hotel windows, you can’t help admiring his chiseled abs and the sharp cut of his perfect jaw.

Although, nothing came close to that underwear shoot he did for Calvin Klein.

Apparently the billboards caused several fender benders across the country.

I picture what it would be like to peel that pair of tightly fitted briefs off his hips, revealing his… “Kara! Hello, Earth to Kara!”

I snap back to attention, seeing Alice’s hand waving in front of my face. She’s wearing her classic punk rock attire.

A beat up pair of Converse high tops, plaid mini skirt, and a t-shirt shredded to bits and held together by safety pins.

Only the logo for the band remains untouched, the words “Sex Cult” emblazoned across her chest. Fitting name for a band headed by Magnus.

“They’re about to let us in,” she gripped my arm tightly as she dragged us both inside. She might be small, but the girl was strong.

We entered the music hall, clambering to get a spot right in the front, as close to the stage as possible.

Alice manages to squeeze us into the middle of the second row.

I felt the heat of bodies pressed up against me, all anticipating the arrival of the band. The room buzzes with energy.

Just then, the lights go out, leaving the room pitch black, the crowd roars in anticipation.

A single spotlight shines in the center of the stage, illuminating the mic stand. Soon, it feels like the room will burst from the pent up energy.

All of us, waiting for one man. The moment he steps on stage, the women in the audience give a collective gasp.

How could he possibly be more attractive in person?

Magnus saunters toward the mic, his confident swagger accentuated by the tight fitting leather pants he wears.

His bare chest shows off the extensive tattoos covering his body and the rippling muscles of his massive arms.

My jaw nearly drops to the floor, the woman standing around me are practically salivating. Magnus smirks, soaking up the attention.

He wraps his hands around the mic, pulling it towards him.

Without saying a word, he quiets the crowd, scanning his steely blue eyes over the faces in front of him.

Finally settling them on one set of eyes in particular. Mine. All the breath escapes my body. Is Magnus Andersen looking at me?

Why is Magnus Andersen looking at me? A shiver travels down the length of my spine, his eyes completely locked on mine.

His smile seems to grow the longer he stares, I can’t take my eyes off him and the entire venue seems to go silent, as if we’re the only people in the room.

The sound of crashing cymbals pulls me back to attention.

My heart sinks when Magnus’s eyes move away from mine, but not before he scans my figure up and down, his smile growing even more.

Thank god I listened to Alice and wore the body hugging mini dress she suggested, it shows off my curves in all the right ways.

“I wrote this first song about a woman,” Magnus whispers seductively into the microphone, even his voice is sexy.

“I write most of my songs about women actually. Might have to write a new one tonight.”

His eyes find mine once more, soaking me in before he starts to sing. Alice grabs my arm again, jumping up and down.

“OH. MY. GOD. Kara, Magnus Andersen was totally just checking you out,” she screeches into my ear.

All I can do is smile and try not to blush too much. The rest of the concert goes by in a blur.

Alice and I dance together, singing along at the top of our lungs. The entire night I can feel Magnus’s eyes on me.

I move my hips in a circular rhythm, imagining his body pressed against mine. Just the thought of it makes me wet.

As I dance, I feel a massive presence standing next to me suddenly.

I look up and see the largest man I’ve ever seen in my life, he looks like he could snap a tree in half. He leans over to say something to me.

“Miss, you need to follow me. Magnus wants to meet you.”

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