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Sweet Temptation

Merra Gischan

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Chloe Sweets always wanted to own her very own bakery and after years of struggling she’s finally done it: The Sweets Cakeshop! She thought nothing could go wrong… until a car accident changes everything. Now she’s stuck in the middle of a war with The Kingston family and their first born, Liam, who protects his family and company with a passion most find terrifying. But Chloe sees something else in him...something vulnerable.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1: Crash and Burn


Chloe was relishing her rare moment of solitude, sprawled on the couch like a contented cat. It was eleven o'clock at night, and she was finally able to unwind after a long day. Not that she was complaining—she loved her job.

Chloe Sweets was living her dream. She owned Sweets Cakeshop, a quaint little bakery on the corner of the main road in Alvero City. It wasn't a grand establishment, but it was perfect for a fresh start. The shop had been open for three months, and with a steady stream of income and loyal customers, it was thriving.

Chloe and her sister, Melanie Sweets, had poured their hearts and souls into building their business from the ground up. But when her phone rang, Chloe had no idea it would signal the most significant challenge of her life thus far.

Furrowing her brow at the unfamiliar number displayed on the screen, Chloe hesitated before answering. "Miss Chloe Sweets?" the voice on the other end inquired.

"Yes, this is she."

"I'm calling from Stanton Hospital—"

The rest of the conversation blurred together as Chloe hastily changed her clothes and hailed the first cab she found. Something had happened to Melanie, and they needed her at the hospital immediately.

Her heart raced with anxiety, and the distant sound of sirens did nothing to calm her nerves. Upon arriving at the hospital, Chloe rushed to the front desk, breathless. "I'm looking for my sister, Melanie Sweets. I'm her younger sister, Chloe."

"Room 520. I can take you there," the nurse offered, calling a colleague to cover the front desk.

"Is she okay? I just got the call and rushed over here." As they walked toward the room, Chloe noticed two police officers standing in the hallway.

"She's okay, just a few scratches. She's resting now," the nurse reassured her.

"How did this happen?" Chloe asked, her voice trembling as they approached the officers.

"Officers Tate and Brandon will explain more about the accident," the nurse said. Chloe introduced herself and listened intently to Officer Tate's account.

"Miss Melanie and Mr. Scott were in a car accident a few hours ago. They're both fine, and in my opinion, they were fortunate to escape the blast in time."

Chloe's eyes widened, her mind racing with questions. "I don't understand... a blast?"

The officers exchanged a somber glance, and Chloe's stomach twisted with dread. "Ma'am, I think you should sit down," Officer Brandon suggested gently.

"They were both intoxicated," he continued. "Ms. Melanie was driving the van and crashed it into your cakeshop. The impact ignited a fire near the main gas line, which quickly escalated into an explosion. They were lucky to get out before the van exploded as well."

Chloe's jaw dropped, tears filling her eyes as she struggled to process the information.

"We're very sorry to tell you all of this, Ms. Chloe," Officer Brandon said sympathetically.

Wiping her tears, Chloe asked, "What about the penalties? Is there something I need to do?"

"No, ma'am. There's nothing you need to do regarding their legal obligations. Someone from the court will be in touch with them once they've recovered."

Chloe nodded weakly, thanking the officers before turning to the nurse who had been with her the entire time. "Can I see her now?"

"Actually," the nurse hesitated, "we had to run some tests, and it turns out Ms. Melanie is pregnant. The baby is seven weeks old."

Chloe's heart skipped a beat. "Did she know?"

"Not before the accident, but she knows now."

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Chloe entered Melanie's room. Her sister's tear-streaked face bore a few scrapes from the accident, but Chloe was relieved to see her alive.

"Chloe, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to—everything just got out of hand!" Melanie sobbed, clinging to her sister.

Chloe hesitated before speaking, her emotions a tangled mess. "What matters most is that you're okay. We'll talk about everything else later."

"But we've worked so hard for the shop. I'm so sorry!" Melanie cried.

"Melanie, just... I don't want to talk about the shop right now." Chloe paused, then added, "They said you're pregnant."

Melanie's expression shifted to guilt. "I just found out. If I'd known... I wouldn't have..."

"Does Scott know?"

"The nurse said he's still unconscious, but they'll let him know."

Chloe nodded, her disappointment in her sister simmering beneath the surface. But now wasn't the time for blame. She couldn't understand why, as the younger sister, she often had to be the one to take care of Melanie.

"Are you mad?" Melanie asked through her tears.

Chloe shook her head, her voice soft but firm. "I just wish you'd be more careful and make less reckless choices."

"I'm sorry, Chloe. I'll find a way, I promise!"

"Let me worry about the shop. You need to focus on Scott and the baby," Chloe said. "Please, Melanie. You can't be so careless anymore."

"I know," Melanie whispered, her eyes glistening. "I promise I'll change."

Chloe hugged her sister before excusing herself to go home and assess the damage to their shop. As she left Melanie's room, tears streamed down her face, and she sighed, trying to find the strength to face the challenges ahead.

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