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The Alpha’s Arrangement

Monika S. Senderek

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When Amelia’s alpha father tries to marry off her sister in an attempt to improve relationships with the Montana Pack, Amelia steps in and volunteers. She’s nobody’s puppet, but she’ll be damned if she watches her sister be sold off against her will. Alpha Liam of the Montana Pack has no idea what he’s in for. If he thinks he’s getting some submissive luna, he’s got another think coming. Amelia may also be surprised by Liam, though!

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Have you ever wondered how the choices of others can ripple through our lives? A single decision can veer us off course, sending us down a path we never intended to tread.

We can either comply, doing as we’re told, or we can rebel. But rebellion comes with its own set of consequences, ready to pounce when we least expect it.

For twenty years, the relationship between my wolf pack and the Montana pack was fraught with tension.

Crossing into each other’s territories was strictly forbidden, punishable by severe consequences. Marriages between the two packs were considered illegal.

Some chose to leave, but being pack-less was seen as a disgrace, a death sentence in its own right.

Years ago, my grandfather struck a deal with the Alpha of the Montana pack, a life-saving agreement that involved a marriage between their children—my mother and the Montana Alpha’s son.

But life has a way of derailing even the best-laid plans. The man my mother was supposed to marry isn’t my father. She chose to run away with her true mate, breaking the agreement and the Alpha’s pride along with it.

The Alpha refused to renegotiate the terms. Rejecting an Alpha was considered treasonous.

Back then, my father was a mere Beta, and being left for a lower-ranking pack member was a blow to the Alpha’s ego.

When my father ascended to Alpha, he tried to mend the broken ties, but his efforts were in vain.

A glimmer of hope appeared when the Montana Alpha passed away last year, and his son, Liam Boyle, took over. My father saw this as an opportunity to finally put an end to the hostility. I’d heard him say at family dinners, “The kid might be different. He might be reasonable."

I clung to that hope. We hadn’t had any incidents recently, but the tension was palpable.

“Let’s hope you’re right, but remember, he’s a Boyle. They’re known for their stubborn pride, so don’t expect too much from him,” my mother would caution, tempering my father’s optimism.

I knew she blamed herself for the ongoing feud. Being an Alpha’s daughter was more than a title or privilege. It came with responsibilities, and obeying an Alpha’s decisions, especially political ones, was paramount.

I never blamed her. I couldn’t say what I would have done in her shoes.

I’ve always been obedient to my father. I understood my role as a model for others. I studied harder than my friends, volunteered at the pack’s clinic and orphanage.

I’d never defied him, not once, until one unforgettable evening.

My sister, Lea, was eager to share the news of her relationship with one of the Betas, Kai, with our parents.

She was a bundle of nerves, unsure of how to tell our father that she’d found her mate.

Wolves mate for life, with their true mates. They recognize their mates, and with a bite mark, they imprint.

The experience of mating varies. For some, it’s a sudden jolt. A warm breeze brushes your skin, sending shivers down your spine. Your heart races.

Others describe it as a gradual process, where you get to know your partner and build a relationship.

Once both wolves imprint, their minds connect, allowing them to share thoughts. Imprinting usually happens after the wedding.

“You’ll be fine. Dad respects Kai and he loves you. I’m sure he won’t object,” I reassured my sister.

“You think so? I mean, I’ll be the first daughter to get mated. I’m paving the way for you,” she joked.

“I’m certain he wants you to be happy, Lea. Let’s go tell him.” I took her hand and led her towards the door.

As we neared the living room, we overheard a heated conversation between our parents.

“How could you do this without consulting her, or even me?” My mother’s voice was laced with agitation. “You’ve done exactly what my father did, and you know how that made me feel.

“This isn’t right!” she protested.

“This is different. I’m trying to secure peace for future generations. Your father was just trying to repay a debt. You can’t compare the two,” my father tried to reason.

I had a sinking feeling about what was happening, but I couldn’t piece together the details.

“It’s easy for you to justify this. Why didn’t you ask her?” my mother continued, but my sister had grown impatient.

“Ask her what?” Lea interjected. Our parents turned to us, their faces etched with worry. It was the first time I’d heard them argue. The first time I’d seen my mother so angry with my father.

“Scott, you tell them,” my mother demanded. Lea and I perched on the edge of the couch, waiting for answers.

“Girls, you know the situation between our pack and the Montana pack has been tense. With the death of their old Alpha, I had to find a way to end this,” my father began, kneeling in front of us.

An Alpha never kneels.

He took our hands and continued. “The new Alpha, Liam Boyle, is still unmated. As an Alpha, he needs a wife and heirs.” Suddenly, everything clicked into place.

“Oh no, you didn’t…” I groaned. He looked at me, his eyes filled with regret, his face a silent apology. My sister was still in the dark.

“Didn’t do what, Mia?” she asked, looking at me.

“So, which one of us is the lucky bride, Dad?” I shouted, jumping off the couch. I’d never raised my voice at my father, my Alpha.

I’d always followed his orders, but this was too much. Mating was sacred, personal. It wasn’t something to be arranged.

“What if I never bond with this man? What if my destined mate is left alone because I was handed over to a stranger?” Tears began to cascade down my cheeks.

My mother saw this, and her own tears began to fall. She turned away, unable to meet our gazes. She was blaming herself again.

“Sweetheart, this is the only way to resolve this, and I’ve made the decision that it will be my eldest daughter.” His gaze shifted to Lea, who was only a year older than me.

This was so unjust! Lea looked at Mom, pleading for her intervention.

“Mom, say something! You can’t let him do this.” She too began to cry.

“Scott, there has to be another way. Don’t do this to them…to me. I know how it feels. I ran to you, for God’s sake!” she cried out.

“Don’t you think I haven’t considered that? I’ve tried to negotiate other options, financial compensation or a pack alliance, but he hasn’t agreed to any of them.

“I’ve spent hours discussing this with him and our Betas. He believes the only way to resolve this is to unite our packs through marriage, as was originally agreed between your grandfather and his father.

“He said an alpha’s word is binding and must be fulfilled. The old bastard must have played his card before he died,” my father explained.

I glanced at Lea; she looked utterly shattered. Just half an hour ago, she was brimming with excitement and joy, and now she looked ashen, her eyes vacant.

I couldn’t do this to her; she had already found her mate. In fact, I had nothing to lose, as I hadn’t found my mate yet. We both knew it would destroy her.

“I’ll do it.” I stood up, wiping away my tears, and all eyes turned to me. My sister covered her mouth, bursting into tears.

“I’ve said it will be the eldest,” my dad began, but I cut him off.

“Lea has already found her mate, and we were coming down to tell you. I won’t let you ruin that for her because of some pack’s archaic decisions,” I declared, while my mom rushed to embrace me.

“My baby, you are so brave, but you don’t have to. We’ll find another way,” she murmured lovingly.

I’d had enough of this conversation. I thought, Let’s cut the crap. They want peace? They’ll get peace. I don’t care. Mr. Boyle will have a war on his hands with me.

He had his chance to end this, but he’s an asshole who adheres to his father’s outdated ideology.

My dad remained silent.

“So…when will I have the pleasure of meeting my charming groom?” I clapped my hands together, feigning excitement.

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