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One Call Away

Aimee Dierking

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Carter has secretly loved Hailey, his best friend’s wife, for years, but he never thought he had a chance with her other than being a good friend. Until one day when everything changes… Hailey’s life is seemingly perfect: a great husband, a gorgeous house, and a sexy neighbor who’s one of her best friend along with her sister. But things are not always as it seems… When life throws them a curve ball and they are left questioning everything they knew about their relationships and the people they loved, will they finally fight for their happily ever after and take the shot?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter One


Ashley watched the scene before her and smiled as she took another sip from her beer bottle.

Her best friend and partner-in-crime, her sister, was making her way through the crowded room to get to her. Laughing and talking to others as she slowly shimmied her way to the side of the house by the patio doors to join her beloved sister.

Ashley couldn’t help but notice the undeniably sexy and utterly delicious man dressed as Thor, watching her sister as she moved around.

Ashley knew the man had feelings for her sister. He didn’t watch her like the other men in the room did, this was something different.

The other men looked at her like she was a playboy playmate or something to eat, like they wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Thor looked at her like she was the most precious jewel in the world, like he would cherish and protect her for the rest of his life.

She sighed to herself, secretly hoping that it would be her sister’s husband that looked at her sister like that.

“Hey Ash! Sorry that took so long. The line at the bathroom was crazy,” Hailey explained.

“And I’m sure getting those pants back up was fun,” Ashley snickered.

“Shut up, you snot! Okay, so the latex pants weren’t the best choice for the costume in hindsight, but you have to admit that I look fucking awesome as ‘Black Widow’!” Hailey admitted.

“Oh, you are the perfect badass redhead assassin, I’ll give you that! I just hope you don’t have to pee anymore tonight or you could be in serious trouble.” Ashley laughed.

“God, you are such a bitch!” Hailey groaned and gently nudged her sister’s shoulder. “And you look great as Wanda Maximoff.”

Ashley thanked her sister, and they watched the people mingle.

“I’m glad you’re here Ash,” Hailey admitted.

Ashley put an arm around her sister and squeezed. “Me too. We’ll talk later when there aren’t so many ears around.”

Hailey nodded, knowing that she needed someone to talk to about her marriage, and her sister-cum-best friend was the one she trusted the most.

They were close, but having her here and her husband, Greg, in Texas was not ideal. However, they seemed to be making it work with video calls and trips back and forth.

Greg was a sought after heart doctor and made ridiculous money, so Ash could fly up for long weekends once a month; that helped keep them close.

Ashley leaned over. “Do you still think he might be having an affair?”

Hailey shrugged, keeping some things to herself. “I’m not sure what to think anymore, but I know that our sex life has changed.”

Ashley knew that a change in sex could be down to a number of things, but didn’t say that and only nodded her head as they stayed quiet, just observing people.

Ashley noticed that her sister’s eyes kept glancing at Thor and smirked as she took another sip of her beer. “It’s still uncanny how much Carter actually looks like Chris Hemsworth, isn’t it?”

Hailey was awoken out of her fantasy. “Hmm oh yeah. Crazy. When we went and saw Thor: Ragnarok and he cut his hair, I almost—”

“Creamed your panties?” Ashley finished.

Hailey blushed and smiled coyly. “Maybe!”

“Oh I was at your house that weekend, I heard you jump Dan the minute we got home. Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking about Thor while you were riding his cock. I know you, Hailey Evangeline Smythe!” Ashley scoffed.

Hailey just laughed at her sister. “Oh, I can’t deny it! Thor was foremost in my mind!

Ashley leaned closer to her sister’s ear and whispered, “The only question remains, which Thor were you thinking about while you rode him? The one in the movies or the one who lives next door with a southern accent?”

“Who said I picked one of them?” Hailey whispered back, making Ashley laugh out loud.

“Why is it that every time I see or hear you two ladies laughing by yourselves, it sends shivers down my body?” the Thor look-alike asked, walking over and smiling.

“Well, Mr. Southern Charm, I know another way we can send shivers down your body,” Ashley answered with a wink.

Carter almost choked on his soda. “Shit, Ashley!” he said and wiped his mouth. “You two are crazy! How did your parents survive you both in high school and college?”

Hailey smiled brightly. “Daddy went fishing. A LOT!”

Carter chuckled, and Hailey felt herself dampen between her legs as she always did when he did anything in close proximity.

“So I see the obsession with ‘the Avengers’ continues?” Carter asked.

“Look who’s talking! You are dressed as Thor.” Ashley indicated with the tip of her beer bottle at his skin-tight costume that showed off his incredible physique, just like the actor.

Carter smirked. “Well, I kept listening to you two, so I figured that I should go a little out of my comfort zone and let loose. Do I have your seal of approval? Since you are the experts on this whole Marvel thing.”

“Oh, you have to admit that you liked the movies I dragged you to!” Hailey said.

“Oh I did, still totally confused on the whole thing, and I would have to see everything to understand it, but the costumes and special effects were excellent!” Carter admitted. “And you two seem to fit the roles pretty damn well, red hair and all!”

“Well, you are right, Mr. Robbins. We fit these costumes so well it’s scary. Who else in this room has bodies like we do?” Ashley asked with an air of superiority.

Hailey blushed and smiled as she watched Carter look them both over, taking in their forms.

The Wilson sisters were incredible—both had curves for days and were about five feet seven. Hailey had better curves than Ashley, but both were beautiful, with large, full, firm breasts, narrow waists, and hips and asses that didn’t quit.

They were not the typical size for models, but they were beautiful. They wouldn’t look right being a size six, but the way they rocked their size twelve and fourteen was perfect.

They looked just as beautiful as their mother, and despite their feisty nature, were real ladies. Their mother showed them what grace and elegance were. They dressed beautifully and maturely but never like sluts.

Carter would never forget the day that Dan, his best friend since college, had brought Hailey to a dinner party that a co-worker had thrown.

She was beautiful and so young. They were all in their late thirties and older, and Dan walked in with this young twenty-year-old lady in a flattering black cocktail dress. It pissed off every wife in the room.

They thought they would trip her up by discussing intellectual topics, but Hailey blew them away. She had graduated with a degree in graphic design and worked for a company that had accounts all over the US.

She worked from her apartment and had met Dan at a restaurant by his office. She knew her shit and held her own with those women. It made Megan laugh her ass off.

He smiled as he thought of how his now ex-wife loved to rile those women up and Hailey had helped. It was a damn good thing Dan and Carter lived next door to each other since Hailey and Megan got along so well.

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