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Falling For The Bad Boys

Lisa Rhead

Chapter 3


Jess finished putting two braids on either side of my long dark hair and tied them both around the back of my head.

“I wish I had hair like yours. It’s stunning,” she told me.

She picked up a brush and started to brush my hair down my back.

I felt her touch a bruise on my neck and winced.

“How did you get that?” she asked.

I bit my lip and when she saw my hesitation, she nodded.

“I understand. No worries. There, you look great,” she told me.

I stood up from my bed and looked down at my ass-hugging denim shorts and white vest top.

I had white sandals on my feet and wore an open white shirt which came just under my bottom.

“I have not been to a beach party since I was a kid,” I told her.

“It’s pretty much the same but with alcohol and good music. I hope you like to dance?”

“I haven’t danced in ages,” I told her.

“Logan and I will take care of you. Come on. We got to walk up to the beach to get there.”

She grabbed my hand and she practically pulled me out of my room and down the stairs.

Heading out of the house, she locked the door and Logan was waiting outside wearing three-quarter denim shorts and a tight white t-shirt.

He looked me up and down and frowned.

“Not sure if you should be wearing that?” he said, firmly.

“What are you, her father?” mocked Jess, linking arms with me.

Moving around the side of the house, Logan unlocked a gate and we walked through that led us to the back garden. Walking down to the end, Logan lifted up a fence panel, and Jess tugged me under it with her.

We came out onto the grass bank, and Logan closed the panel before joining us.

The sea air hit me, and I took a long breath.

It was cleansing and peaceful.

I watched Jess slip off her shoes, and I did the same.

Carrying my shoes, I followed her over the grass bank and down onto the warm sand.

It felt like soft powder beneath my feet, and I let out a groan.

“Heaven,” I said, spinning around.

I moved down near the shore and stepped into ankle-deep water, following Jess and Logan down the beach.

I noticed little groups walking towards the house Jess had mentioned earlier, and a little knot of excitement formed in my stomach.

It had been so long since I had let my hair down and had some fun.

“How old are you again, Tayla?” asked Jess, walking beside me.

“Twenty-three and you?”

“Twenty-five and I’m an Aries.”

“Libra here,” I told her.

She clapped her hands.

“Aries and Libra are soulmates,” she said.

“Says who?” I laughed.

“Jess. She is into guys, not girls,” said Logan.

Was Jess into girls?

I felt my cheeks heat up and looked down at my feet.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. I’ll just admire from a distance,” she laughed.

“Are you still into guys?” I asked Logan, teasing.

His face broke into a shocked expression and he bent down and scooped up some seawater, splashing me with it.

“Asshole!” I cried and splashed him back.

Jess was giggling and dodging the flying water from both of us.

“You are so dead!”

Suddenly Logan tackled my waist and pinned me down into the sand, pinning my hands at either side of my head.

I cried out as the breath was knocked from me, which almost sounded like a moan.

Logan’s face dropped above me and I saw him glance down at my breasts in my top.

I guess they were not there the last time he pinned me down?

He stuttered and then stood up, swinging me back up by my hands.

“Sorry...I guess we are too old to play like we used to,” he said, clearly embarrassed.

I held my hands up and nodded.

“It’s cool.”

I fell back in line walking with Jess while Logan walked behind us.

“That turned awkward,” I hissed at Jess.

“He meant no harm. I guess he has just realized that you are a woman now as well as his cousin?”

I winced and continued to walk in silence.

Finally, we arrived at the house where there were tables of drinks and BBQs, and a dance floor had been placed on the beach with a DJ set up with huge speakers.

People were dancing, eating, and talking together, and I suddenly felt nervous.

“Don't worry, gorgeous, I'll take care of you,” said Jess, taking my hand.

She got us both a cheeseburger, and once we had eaten it, she got us a few vodka shots and encouraged me to drink them quickly with her.

We shared a plate of dip and chips, which was followed by more shots.

About two hours later, I had a buzz and started to loosen up a little.

Jess introduced me to a group of friends she knew who all had partners, and we all sat on the sand behind the DJ area drinking and talking until it grew darker.

Fairy lights were switched on, and a good distance from the house a bonfire was lit, providing a little warmth.

After a few more shots of vodka, I was starting to feel a little drunk but not ill with it.

“Let's dance!” said Jess, pulling me up to my feet and taking me to the dance floor.

Pulling me straight to the middle of the dance floor, she began to shake her hips and move to the music confidently.

“Come on girl, move that sexy ass!” she encouraged.

Shrugging my shoulders, I moved along with her, copying her moves until I felt confident to throw out my own shapes.

Jess cheered and danced with me, and feeling brave, I did a slut drop to the ground shaking out my ass, and she screamed.

I laughed and spun around to the beat of the music, feeling free and wonderful.

I raised my hands in the air and bounced them with the beat of the music and noticed a few other people do the same.

“Go Tayla!” called Jess.

A young man stepped up to me, but Jess wriggled her finger at him, and he backed off.

Looking around us, I noticed we were surrounded by mostly males dancing around us and grinned.

I had not felt this good for such a long time!

Swinging my head from side to side a little, I noticed a group of men come onto the dance floor and part the crowd as a huge man stepped towards me.

He had black hair, and another man with the same color hair walked by his side.

The taller man's eyes were green like jade, as the other man's were blue like the sky.

Both sets of eyes were on me as they approached.

Jess was moved back into the crowd as I continued to dance to the music.

The tall man wore black jeans with a black vest top, showing off one inked arm.

He had an extended goatee and wore silver rings on his left hand.

His arms were huge with muscle, and he reminded me of a stalking vampire.

As he closed the distance between us, I stopped dancing and looked up at him.

“Don't stop,” he said, gently.

I continued to dance in front of him, and the smaller man moved around us and stepped up behind me.

The tall man reached out his hand and curled it around my hip, drawing me against him as he started to grind his hips against me.

The man behind me took my other hip and started to grind his crotch up behind me.

My bottom pressed into the man's crotch behind me as the man in front of me moved up against me in the front.

This was hot!

I had not one, but two sexy men dancing with me in a sandwich, and the combination of their aftershave was intoxicating.

I had never felt more alive as they bumped and grinded against me.

The man in front of me slid his hand up my back and pushed me backward so I tilted back, and then slowly I arched back up to him.

Our eyes locked as he did this again and again to the music.

The man behind me dropped a light kiss on the side of my neck and thrusted his crotch against me hard.

I wriggled and swayed my hips between them, and just as the song finished, the man in front of me traced my bottom lip with his finger.

Just as he was about to say something, a commotion made him turn from me and the man behind me ran off towards the noise.

My hand was grabbed, and I was pulled off the dance floor.

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