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The Librarian

V.J. Villamayor

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Monique’s uneventful day working at the local library is interrupted by a dark stranger who meets her between the rows to give her body some much-needed attention. Damien has been coming to the library for a while now, hoping for his opportunity to show the lovely librarian just how much he desires her and appreciates her mind and body. Books aren’t the only things that will tumble to the floor.

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Chapter 1

The Librarian

Damian slammed Monique back against the bookshelf in the farthest, darkest corner of the library, gripping her wrists above her head and forcing her chest forward and up against him.

Several books wobbled and tumbled to the ground around them, breaking the silence while slight wisps of dust floated in the air. Far away at the reception, a “shhh” came from Monique’s oblivious coworker.

Damian leaned in close. His free hand gripped the shelf, caging her in from the side. Monique had never done this before, but this sexy man’s dark eyes pinned her in place.

She couldn’t stop this, even if she wanted to. Her heart raced with anticipation, and adrenaline coursed through her body.

He leaned down, the bristles of his five o’clock shadow tickling her cheek, and whispered gruffly, “Shhh, Ms. M. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear what you’re up to, would you?”

Monique licked her lips and shook her head, trying desperately to control her heavy breathing.

Damian dipped his face to hers and bit her bottom lip, tugging at it gently but with enough force to make her moan.

He released the shelf and traced a thumb from the side of her heavy tits to her nipple, circling it. Trailing the finger down, he gripped her hipbone tightly, pulling her hard against him. Her skin was soft, and the light vanilla fragrance she wore wafted around them.

His mouth lowered to feast on her neck. He licked and sucked on the sensitive skin, her needy mewls coming out in desperate pants.

“Such a naughty girl,” he growled huskily, nipping at her neck and grinding his throbbing erection against the inside of her thigh. “I think you like the thought of getting caught.”

A whimper escaped from her pouting mouth, and she frantically nodded. Since when was she ever lost for words? Something about this man just scrambled her senses and left her mumbling half-formulated words.

Monique pulled at her restrained hands which Damian held tight. He trailed his free hand back up to the straining buttons of her blouse and popped them open.

Her once-tidy blouse now hung wide, her bra cups barely restraining her tits. “Goddamn, Ms. M… Who knew you were hiding all this under your suit jackets?” Damian mentally fist-pumped. She had the most luscious set of perky tits he’d ever come across.

Monique’s pupils dilated. She was helpless to do anything but watch as this man continued to act out her deepest fantasy. None of her romance books would ever compare to the smoldering look he was giving her.

“I…I don’t even know your name,” she managed to gasp out as he pulled her bra cups down and groaned at the sight of her breasts spilling over and the material pushing them up.

Without answering her, Damian let go of her wrists, pressed her tits together, and brought his face down to her chest.

He used the flat of his tongue to leisurely lick over her pebbled nipple, smirking when Monique moaned and slapped her hand over her mouth.

Damian grinned mischievously. “My name,” he mumbled between nipping and licking her nipple. “You know my name, Ms. M. I come here to the library every week.”

Monique’s head was spinning. She could barely remember her own name, let alone this sexy stranger’s.

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