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Hot Dinner with Alpha

B.E. Harmel

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An erotic one shot from the universe of The Forsaken and the Alpha:

In a bustling business dinner, two alpha werewolves drawn together by an irresistible magnetic pull, have their eyes locked across the crowded room, silently conveying a shared hunger that transcends societal constraints. The tension between them escalates, fueled by the intoxicating blend of power and desire. They slip away from the throng, behind closed doors, the air crackles with anticipation as their instincts take over, primal urges surging to the surface.

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Chapter 1

Hot Dinner with Alpha


The party couldn't be more boring. Add to this the fact that it was just a business dinner my brother wanted to organize to bring together the region's alphas.

Alice had still been organizing herself when she returned to the pack. The last two weeks had been so insane, we hadn’t even had the time to see each other.

I had found her getting into her tight red dress for the party, and I had wanted to rip it off of her, cancel everything, and enjoy her perfect body, having sex like there's no tomorrow. But she thought socialization was important for both of us, and I agreed, though I’d had to use all of my reason not to succumb to the desire to take her for myself right then and there because we were already late.

As soon as we had arrived, my sister had pulled her into a conversation circle, and my father had done the same with me. I was talking to him about a random topic that seemed to have no end when Alice crossed in front of me while talking to my cousin and sister.

Her tight red dress exposed her back and outlined her perfectly round ass; there was also a small slit in the front that left a little skin on her thigh showing. She seemed to have chosen the dress to drive me crazy. And she must have felt my eyes on her because she looked back over her shoulder and gave me a playful look with a smirk as if she wanted to tease me.

And she was succeeding.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I felt my blood being pumped directly into my cock, which was so hard that it was starting to feel uncomfortable in my pants. My dad kept saying something about the way Brennon was leading the pack, and at any other time I might have found it interesting, but today the blood that was supposed to be in my brain was completely between my legs.

I drank the rest of the whiskey I had in my glass and saw Alice going to the bar to help herself.

“Dad, I'm just going to get a refill, and I'll be right back,” I said, raising my glass, and he gave me a confused look. There were several waiters in the room who could serve me, but I needed to take advantage of having her alone there.

I approached the bar and covered her small body with mine; my rock-hard cock pressed against her round ass, and that was enough for her to let out a soft moan. I lowered my face lightly just to the point of my lips lightly brushing against the tip of her ears.

“You chose this dress to tease me…,” I said, my voice hoarse with desire. My hands were caressing the soft and warm skin of her arm, making me desperately want to touch that whole body. Her big blue eyes looked up at me with an innocence that I knew was just a facade.

“Not really, I look good in red, but I'm very happy that this was the result,” she said, pushing her hips back, pressing her body against mine, and making me see stars.

“Alice, honey, come here, I need to show you some blueprints I got.” My mother's voice made me sigh.

“Of course, Lara,” Alice said, escaping the contact of my body, making my entire being ache from her absence.


I went back to the conversation with my father after filling my glass, but I simply couldn't pay attention to anything. Erick's father, our old beta, said something, and I pretended to understand and care, but in my head, there was only Alice.

Suddenly I started to see a scene in my mind: it was the two of us, she was naked on all fours on the bed, the room was filled with moans, and it was as if I could feel the soft touch of her skin under my fingers. I felt my whole body burn, and my dick tightened so much in my pants that I had to adjust it covertly. Only then did I realize that it wasn't my thought.

My eyes roamed the room looking for her, and then I found Alice Hill at the other end of the room. She took a sip from her glass while looking at me and then gave me a mischievous smile.

It was her, the whole scene was hers; the thoughts and feelings she shared with me through our bond were in my head.

Fuck, Alice.

It wasn't just me who wanted it, and I wanted it now. I pointed with my eyes to the bathroom door and excused myself from the boring conversation I was having. I saw her walking toward the same destination as mine, and I looked around to see if anyone would notice, but everyone was very engaged in their conversations.


She was closer; she went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Walking slowly, I checked one last time that no one would see us. Then, I went in too, locking the door behind us.

Now it was just the two of us.

I allowed myself to look at her for two seconds with those eyes that penetrated her soul. I saw Alice already breathing heavily with desire, and then she bit her lower lip. I took two steps, shortening the distance between us, and my hands went to her waist, pressing her small body against mine,

I kissed her with all the desire and passion I was feeling, not caring about the marks it would leave. My tongue invaded her mouth at the same time that my hands went up and down to explore her entire body with my touch.

As I needed, Alice’s tongue danced with mine in sync. But then, I stopped kissing her for a second to stare at her; her swollen lips drove me crazy. I turned her on her back, pressing her body against the sink. She leaned over and rested her hands on the furniture, and my dick was placed in the middle of her ass.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, looking at me through the reflection in the mirror, and there I completely lost consciousness.

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