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Unfortunate Friends 1: My Best Frenemy

Ruth Robinson

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Her: the tomboy who hides her true self by joining the school’s cheerleaders, even though she detests the arrogant quarterback of the football team.

Him: the star quarterback who just wants to take care of his younger siblings and can’t stand the bitchy airheaded cheerleader.

For years, Georgina and Andrew have loathed each other. But when their mutual best friend starts attending their school, the two enemies are forced to spend more and more time together. And as much as neither wants to admit it, they're starting to feel drawn together…

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Drug Use/Overdose, Suicide)

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Chapter 1


Ugh. Today’s the last day of summer.

I know, I know. Everybody dreads the first day of school.

But when I wake up on the last Sunday before my senior year, I’m not dreading classes or alarms or cheer squad practice. I’m dreading seeing one specific person.

AJ-fucking-McGabe. The star quarterback of our football team.

All the plastic barbies at my school are obsessed with him.

And I guess they have a point about his looks. I can’t deny that he’s hot.

He’s got muscles for days, and I guess that perfectly-styled black hair looks good with his brown eyes and upturned nose.

But it doesn’t matter what he looks like. Because AJ McGabe is an asshole.

Ever since I started at this school, he’s been making my life a living hell.

It was so nice to get away from him this summer, to be able to just chill with my dad and relax.

But tomorrow, it’s back to reality and the world’s biggest douchebag.

My phone starts buzzing on my bedside table, and I look over at it.

When I see the name “Jake” pop up on the screen, a huge smile overtakes my face.

He’s here!

At least that’s one good thing about the start of school.

Jake Nelson, my best friend from childhood, is moving to San Francisco and starting at my school.

Better still, he’s staying with me until he and his dad can find a new place.

Grabbing my phone off the bedside table, I jump up and run downstairs.


“Jakey! Over here,” I shout as I step out of my house thirty seconds later.

A wide grin breaks out on my face as I spot him running across the street with a backpack slung over his shoulder. He’s got his phone tucked under his ear and seems to be finishing a call.

“Yeah, dude, for sure. I’m just getting to George’s now,” he says as he stops in front of me. “I’m gonna miss the first week of school cause of logistical stuff, but I promise I’ll be there ASAP!”

A matching grin spreads across Jake’s face as he stops in front of me and hangs up his call. I launch myself toward him, flinging my arms around his neck.

“Jakey!” I squeal.

He chokes slightly with the force of the contact before laughing and picking me up to swing me around in a circle.

“How was the flight?” I ask Jake when he finally puts me down.

“Not bad. My dad wanted me to take the truck up with him next weekend, but I knew I had to see you before school started,” he chuckles.

“Was that him?” I ask, gesturing to his phone.

“Nah, that was Andy,” he says, pocketing his phone.

Ah, Andy, Jake’s best friend from football camp. Apparently, he goes to our school, but I don’t know anybody in our school named Andy.

“Can’t wait to meet him,” I smile at Jake. “Well, let’s not stand on the street all day! Come on inside!”

I pull open the door to our house and lead the way up to my room, shouting a greeting at Dad on the way up.

My family and the Nelsons have always been like extensions of the same family, vacationing together every summer since Jake and I were toddlers.

Before my mom died, she was really good friends with Jake’s mom. Unfortunately, Jake’s dad and mom are getting a divorce now, which is why Jake and his dad are coming to SF.

I feel terrible for Jakey losing his parents like this. Even though I have to go to school tomorrow, I’m going to do my best to take his mind off things today.

“You know what time it is,” I say, holding up an Xbox controller in one hand and my phone, which is open to a food delivery app, in the other.

A wide smile crosses his face. “IHOP and Halo?”

I grin back and whoop, “Hell yeah, IHOP and Halo!”


“I can’t believe you can’t start school till next week. I have to deal with asshole AJ McGabe all by myself tomorrow,” I mumble into Jake’s chest, four games of Halo later.

He chuckles, and the vibration feels nice against my cheek.

Over the last two years, Jake developed the lean muscular physique of a football player, and his hugs now feel like he could easily crush me if he squeezes a little too hard.

“You know, you talk about this ‘manwhore AJ’ so much, I’m starting to think you’re actually crushing on him,” Jake smirks down at me.

“As if,” I say, hitting him with a pillow.

“Yeah,” Jake chuckles. “I mean, you said he’s on the football team, right? Andy’s sent me pics of the team. Everybody on it is totally your type.”

I feel myself going red and wriggle away from Jake to pout on the other side of the bed.

“I would never, ever date that dickhead.”

I want to beat the shit out of Jake for the smug look he’s giving me.

“How does Andy have pics of the team, anyway?” I ask, trying to change the subject. Pictures of the school’s football team are definitely a random thing to have just lying around.

“Oh, he’s on the team. Didn’t I tell you?” Jake responds, stretching.

My brow furrows. There’s definitely nobody named Andy on the team.

“Weird,” I say finally, flopping my head back down onto Jake's stomach. “I guess I don’t know the school as well as I thought.”


The next morning, I wake up in a crappy mood.

Jake is still passed out on the floor of my bedroom when I creep out of bed and get dressed for school.

I’m very quiet on the ride in. My dad smirks over at me.

“You don’t have to be so excited, you know. It’s only school.”

I give my dad a ‘drop-dead’ look. We’ve been really close since my mom died, but sometimes his ‘dad humor’ still gets on my nerves.

When he drops me off in front of the school, I take a deep breath before getting out of the car.

Great. Time to deal with AJ McGabe and his band of idiots on the football team.

No sooner do I start walking up the front steps than I hear his fucking voice.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ms. Gina,” comes a familiar, drawling voice from behind me.

Turning around, I give him my best ‘drop dead’ look. I’m very annoyed when I notice his muscles. He’s clearly been hitting the gym over the summer.

His muscles are a good deal more impressive than they were in June. And I have to admit they look absolutely gorgeous with his head of styled black hair.

Only his mischievous brown eyes let on what an ugly heart is hiding under all that sexy.

“And here I was, thinking I’d have a good first day of school.”

“Why’s that? Your IQ finally catch up with your shoe size?” I retort, putting on my best ‘Mean Girls’ voice.

“Now, Gina, you know I’m ahead of you in all our classes,” he replies, making me scowl. “So I suggest you toddle off and make up some new cheers about your starring QB.”

What a fucking asshole.

“C’mon guys, let’s go,” he says, turning to his band of football idiots who march off after him. I glare after his arrogant ass, already dreading this coming year.


Damn. I can’t make it two seconds without seeing her.

Cheerleader bitch Gina. The reason I’ve been dreading my return to school all summer.

That girl’s been nothing but an asshole since she started here, and I have no idea why.

All I know is I’ve got to think of a million ways to make her life a living hell this year.

As I march into the school away from her, I feel my phone buzz in my pocket and pull it out. I smile when my best friend from camp’s name appears on my phone screen.

He’s just moved here with his dad and is starting at my school this year.

I accept the call and put the phone to my ear.

“What’s up, buddy?” I say, all thoughts of Gina already instantly wiped clean.

“Happy first day of school, bro,” comes his voice from the other end. I roll my eyes. He’s not fully settled in yet, so he doesn’t have to start for another week.

“Fuck you, man. I gotta deal with the bitch Gina all by myself this week,” I chuckle.

“Good luck,” he says, and I can hear from his tone that he’s smirking.

Not wanting to think about her, I change the subject. “How was it seeing George again?”

His best friend George goes to our school. Which is weird since I’m sure there’s no guy named George here.

“Super good, Andy. Super good!” he says. “Can't wait for you guys to meet.”

“For sure, Jake,” I say, a smile crossing my face. “I can’t wait to meet…”

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