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Alpha King's Siren Daughter

Breeanna Belcher

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I tried to ignore how his muscles flexed as he smirked.

He was such an ass. It was always the same, ever since we were kids.

“What do you mean?” I snarled, my hands balling into fists in the confined tent.

“We only have one sleeping bag,” he laughed. “So I guess we’re sharing.”

Years after AsaLynn’s death, her daughter Lilly is about to attend her first mating ceremony. But she wants nothing to do with it. She’s too busy fighting her childhood enemy, Zee. But when the demons who killed her mother come back, Lilly and Zee must find a way to work together, embarking on a deadly mission for the good of the pack. But then Lilly starts to feel a powerful pull toward her sexy enemy. What does the Moon Goddess have planned for them?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


I feel the adrenaline rush as I hear the crowd chant my name, or maybe it's just the booze I feel.

“Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!”

I chug the beer from the keg as some random partiers hold my legs in the air. The frosted keg hose is placed firmly between my lips while the chaos erupts and the chants grow louder.

As the last of the thick white foam starts to rise up the hose to my mouth, I know I’ve done it. They lower my legs to the ground and I feel a sense of accomplishment as I try to move my long braided hair, now sitting at a weird angle in front of my face.

“Hell yeah!” I pump my fists and jump along with my human and pack friends. This may seem like some sort of feat for humans but as a wolf, it wasn't all that hard.

This is exactly what I have been needing! I think to myself.

All of those damn hours spent beside Zee and hearing him lecture me on what I should be doing and how I should be doing better. Blah, blah, blah. In reality, I’m pretty sure he just needs to get the stick out of his ass and have fun for once in his life.

My wolf and I have been working harder than ever in our pack training. Getting my powers strengthened and primed. I think I have been doing pretty damn well.

I needed to blow off some steam. Though I know Zee wouldn't approve, I deserved this. I needed to party loud enough and hard enough to force the thoughts from my head.

“Hell yeah!” I yell again over the music thumping loudly around the room.

A large rugged man approaches me and winks. His mischievous grin says everything I need to know. I know exactly what he is after.

I grab him by the arm and pull him against my body, wrapping my arm around his neck.

“Damn girl,” he gruffs.

I don’t think, I just push my mouth against his, letting my tongue overpower his cinnamon-flavored one. I wrap my legs around his hips while jumping up onto him, straddling him as he hooks an arm around my jean short-clad thighs to keep me firmly in place.

I don't need the help but I let him help anyway.

I feel his belt buckle pressing against my skin between my legs.

The chill of the metal feels good on my exposed skin.

I like his scent too. I think as his scent envelops my senses.

He smells like smoky leather and cinnamon apples, and goddess, he tastes even better, like Fireball whiskey.

“Happy early birthday, girlie!” My human friend Becca made it through the roar of the crowd to remind me of just why I came here.

My dumb birthday.

I feel my wolf and I roll our eyes together.

Unlocking lips with my blonde cinnamon dreamcake for just a second, I tell her hi and flash a smile her way before getting back to sucking blondie's face.

“The big 22! What do you plan on doing? Birthday cake? Ice Cream? Streamers with some sparkling candles? Make that birthday wish, girl! You know what I think we should all do? We should go on a girl's trip. Maybe hit the cliffs? Do a spa day. Just pamper and refresh. A treat for yourself on a weekend getaway!” The questions and ideas spout out so quickly I can barely keep up.

The rest of my human girls get into it together and each of them starts to add in their ideas. All of them are making plans for me and my shitty birthday.

This is the one day I couldn't care less about. All of them wanted to celebrate differently and I just wanted to skip it altogether.

I grab another shot in between the breaks from Blondie as I let them continue to entertain themselves.

I hate my birthday. I think.

I hate the idea as a whole. I refuse to celebrate it in any type of way.

Stupid coming of age.

I growl internally.

This is the year I’ve dreaded ever since I lost my mom. Twenty-two is the age all wolves start to find their fated mate.

Every unmated wolf gathers around this time every ten years for the mating ceremony, letting their howl decide their fate.

I have no plans on settling down and becoming some mated and pupped housewife. I'm meant for bigger things.

I am the Alpha King's daughter, Heir to the name. I will become the first-ever Alpha Queen. Not some pampered apron-wearing she-wolf hanging on her mate's every word. How stupid it is to feel some sort of bond and be hooked like a drug addict to another person.

To be honest, I don’t want this title, I don’t want to rule. I just want to fight like a normal wolf.

I plan on honing my powers, growing my strength, and making sure I never feel the way my dad does.

I see the constant pressure he goes through every day and how broken he is without his mate, my mom….

The memories of the night she died flash before my eyes. Her body covering mine. The screams. The panic. The tears.

I shake my head trying to remove the thoughts and down a random shot sitting on the bar.

That night broke my father, turning him into a shell of who he once was.

I'll never be like that.

The thought, now ruining the mood, I decide to tap out, tell Mr. Hunk thanks, and grab my things.

“Hey guys, thank you for the birthday wishes and everything, but I'm out of here for tonight. See you guys later,” I call out over the music.

I wave goodbye and make my way through the crowd and out the door. The night air hits me and I take a long deep breath in. I can smell the forest.

I could use a good run to shake off this feeling.

I hate my birthday.

I hate the idea of mates and being some kept housewife.

I want to fight on the front lines and train my powers better than anyone or anything else.

I'm meant for me.

I hate hearing it over and over from everyone but it's true. It's something I myself believe in.

I don't want a mate.

My dad is heartbroken from the loss of my mother. Forever stuck in this depression.

I don't want that.

It's horrible.

Once I get far enough away from the public eye I bend down and shift into my wolf. My white fur explodes from my body and I shake my tail out. The moonlight hits my fur in a way it almost seems to glow. I am told my wolf looks like my mother's.

I take off, racing through the forest under the glowing pale light of the moon.

Then I feel the cool wind on my snout and I love how the wind brushes through my fur. I can hear small animals skitter through the trees, scurrying away from my wolf. The sounds are like a drug, so peaceful. Out here I don’t need to think of anything or anyone, I can just be… me.

Much too soon, I see the dark shadow of the pack house coming into my view between the trees.

I cannot have another stupid conversation about responsibility tonight. I think to myself, knowing Zee is probably waiting up for me to give me yet another lecture. I swear he acts like he is my damn dad...

Once I am close enough I duck behind a bush where I have hidden some clothes and I shift back into my human form. I make it a goal to sneak in undetected by anyone else because “Royals don't act this way”.

I take a moment to make a game plan in my head before I try to sneak in.

Everyone should be sound asleep.

I'll sneak through the side door, go through the office, make my way up to my room, wash off the smell of the booze and boys, and then I'll get some rest before the sun breaks the clouds and training starts up for the day.

With quickness and as nimble as I can, I make it up to the side wooden steps and the creaking porch without making a peep.

I carefully put the golden door handle in my hand I make sure to keep it steady so that it doesn't make a noise and give me away.

With the push of the door, I let out a quiet sigh of relief then opened it the rest of the way.

Thank you, beloved moon goddess.

I can't do a con-

“It's late,” Zee’s deep, disapproving voice, startles me out of my train of thought.


The office lamp pinged on and I see Zee’s dark hair sitting at the desk, book and pen in hand.

He's been studying.

Of course, he was waiting for me so he could make some big show of telling me to do better.

Fucking Goddess. I don't need this right now.

“...and?” I quickly snap back.

Shutting the front door with more of a slam than I originally planned.

“You reek of booze and dirty humans. What is wrong with you? You aren’t a child anymore! Lilly, this has gone on long enough. It's time to grow up and take your role here more seriously. Act like your role for once,” he growls.

Shutting his book, I see his dark eyes glaring back at me from across the room.

“I can do whatever I want and whenever I want to do it and for however long I want. You don't get to tell me what to do, Zee,” I sass.

Crossing my arms at my chest, I glare back at him waiting for his inevitable rebuttal.

“You have a responsibility to our people, Lilly. You will be mated and take your place as our leader in a matter of days. Excuse me if I don't fucking think the next Queen-to-be should be some drunken easy lay,” he hisses.

I know he hates the idea of me being in charge just as much as I hate the idea, but even for him, that was a low blow.

“Go fuck yourself, Zee! When I'm Alpha of this pack, you will be my Beta. Maybe you should learn to keep your mouth shut and get used to doing whatever the hell I tell you to,” I practically scream.

Zee is out of his seat and across the room in seconds. His dark eyes grow darker. If looks could kill, I would have been dead a hundred times over.

I've made him mad. Good. Maybe he will learn to leave me the hell alone.

“What did you just say to me?” Zee stalks closer. His bare tanned chest touches mine. I didn't realize it, but he backed me up against the office door.

“I sai-'' I go to argue back but the room feels like it's on fire all of a sudden.

I can smell him. The mint of his toothpaste. The freshness of his clothes. Like flowers in the peak of their blossom. There's something else I can't put my finger on…

Something has changed. Why does he look like this? Why does he good?

My eyes begin to wander over his face... His lips... He doesn’t look the same. I feel a knot build in my stomach.

“Zee?” I whisper his name, not taking my eyes off his lips.

“Bed. Now,” he growls his words at me, with disgust, turning away from me and storming off, leaving my body colder than what I was only moments before.

ARGHH!! I can't believe him! Don't worry your little stupid Beta head. Fucking jackass. What gives him the right to order me around like some damn child!

I make sure to stomp loudly up the stairs. My mind is whirling with the possibilities of how I will make him regret speaking to me like that during training tomorrow.

Go fuck yourself, Zee! I scream internally.

I will make sure to get him back.

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