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Owned by the Alphas: Summer Games

Jen Cooper

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An Owned by the Alphas Short Story

Taking a break from saving the realm, Lorelai and her Alphas compete in the annual Summer Games. Lorelai is determined to win by any means necessary even if it means playing dirty. But she doesn't know what the prize is yet and the Alphas do. And they might just let her win so she can claim it.

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7 Chapters

Chapter 1

The Games

Chapter 2

The Hunt

Chapter 3

The Forest

Chapter 4

The Race
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The Games


“I am not made of porcelain!” I retorted, my glare fixed on my alphas.

They were dressed in their leather pants, each in a different shade. Kai always wore black, Derik wore brown, and Brax had on a creamy color.

I was trying to put on my dark-brown ones, but my alphas didn’t think I should. They thought I should put on my dresses like a good little luna and stand on the sidelines while they participated in the games.

Like hell that was happening.

“No, but you are pregnant. It is an unnecessary risk to you both to participate,” Derik said, closing his brown leather vest over his cream tunic.

“I’m always pregnant. It’s a non-factor. You said these games were an annual werewolf tradition once winter has passed. I want to be involved,” I said, ignoring their protests and tying my leather pants closed over my swelling stomach.

It was barely visible, but my alphas were still over-protective about it.

“You will be,” Kai smirked. “You’ll be announcing me as the winner, and I’ll be collecting my prize in the form of sexual favors from the announcer.” He was trying to seduce me, and it was not going to work.

He moved into me, kissing along my neck, his soft lips pressing everywhere he knew I loved.

Okay, maybe it was working a little.

I shooed him off before I could give in. They were not changing my mind on this.

“Don’t distract me,” I snapped.

Kai just smirked and moved in again, claiming my lips. I was such a pushover when it came to those lips. I kissed him back, moving my tongue with his as his hands held my face.

He slid them down my half-naked body, tugging at the string on my pants.

I sighed as he slipped his hand inside them.

His fingers found my center, and I trembled, gripping his biceps, kissing him harder.

My fists went into his dark, shaggy hair, my moans escaping when his fingers slipped inside me.

I clung to the idea that this changed nothing, but Kai paused his torture the second I did.

“Ah-ah, Little Luna. You only get the finish line if you bow out of the race,” he breathed against me.

Anger flared inside me, and I pushed him back. I went to tie up my strings, but Brax stopped me.

“What your other mates fail to realize is that having you in the games is actually going to be fun, and since I have seen you carry our twins so well in your human body, I am not worried about your ability to carry Derik’s heir. So”—Brax slipped his fingers down my pants, finding the mess Kai had left behind quickly—“I’ll get you where Kai couldn’t and then we’re going to show them you are a luna, not a child.” Brax’s voice deepened before he pressed against my clit.

I gasped, the angry heat in my body turning to lust instantly.

He didn’t have a shirt on yet, and I leaned into his lean muscles as he worked my core into a tight swarm of heat.

“Brax.” Derik’s warning was swallowed by my heavy moan. I clenched my eyes shut, clinging to Brax as he slid his fingers in and out of me.

He lifted me easily, putting me on the dresser in the closet where we were getting ready, his fingers still teasing me.

I shook around him, my pussy clenching on him as his mouth crashed down on mine.

I gasped as my body grew hot, the tension swirling.

“Beautiful—” Derik started, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying with Brax pushing me to the edge of ecstasy so fast.

“Little busy here, D,” I panted, clutching Brax harder, my nails digging into his shoulder.

“We will be doing things that could get you hurt, Beautiful. I don’t want you hurt,” he said, moving in closer, ignoring the fact that I was getting finger fucked by Brax.

I couldn’t ignore that even if I wanted to.

Not that I wanted to.

“I’ll have you three there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus…” I had to pause as my body tightened, stealing my breath, Brax’s fingers delving deeper, his knuckle brushing my clit. “Fuck,” I hissed, arching my back.

“If you stay behind, Little Luna, I will reward you,” Kai tried again, dressed in his black leather vest. Mmm, he looked fucking good and his offer was tempting. But it was baseless.

“You’ll reward me anyway,” I panted out, then bucked against Brax, who grinned and nipped my lip.

“Ready, Spitfire?” Brax teased, licking over my lips before kissing me harshly.

I nodded against him, my entire body shaking with how ready I was.

Brax smirked and slipped an extra finger in, picked up his pace, and used his ring on my clit.

I exploded instantly, clenching around him as I cried out.

His little secret weapon, that ring, and I fucking loved it.

I came so hard, my orgasm peaking with heat and pleasure that rushed my body. It spread through every part of me, my pussy clamping over and over while I tried to catch my breath through it.

“Fucking hell, I give in,” Kai growled. I panted, slumping against Brax as I looked over at Kai with a smirk.

“I knew you would,” I said, my eyes closing.

“I won’t. I don’t want you in the games, Beautiful. Even if your face is irresistibly flushed. You have as little willpower as we do when it comes to the rewards on offer,” Derik smirked. He knew me well.

I couldn’t hold off from them any more than they could.

But that didn’t matter because I only needed the majority vote.

Derik scowled at me, and I smiled sweetly.

“Get dressed. We have to be there to announce the first game,” Derik sighed and left the room.

I grinned and Brax let me down. I kissed him, then gasped as Kai pulled me to him.

“That was my orgasm, Little Luna.”

“You gave it up. It was all Brax’s,” I taunted.

He smirked. “And I think Brax was right; these games are going to be fun with you in them.”

“Especially with Derik being cranky about it,” Brax grinned, pulling on his brown linen tunic. He tied his belt around his waist and looked up. “We might actually have a chance in the vine swinging comp this year if he’s too busy watching Spitfire,” Brax grinned.

Hmm, this was going to be interesting indeed then, the competition already rife in the air.

I laughed and pulled my outfit together, my light brown leather corset top going over my cream shirt.

We left the mansion together, bringing the twins with us in their sling carriers. Brax wore Enzi as Derik had Zale.

We left the mansion and got in the waiting carriage at the city gates.

It was silent as we made our way to the main stretch of grasslands where the games were held.

“This happens every year then?” I asked.

Derik nodded once.

“What games do we get to play?” I wondered.

“We go for a hunt, vine swinging, a race, and a swim. Then we have a feast with some karaoke. It’s a fun thing we do to bring the packs out of the winter funk before we have the first full moon. It helps the first shift be less intense,” Derik explained.

“But this time, it will be different since you have all been able to shift,” I assumed.

“Yeah, but the games are still fun. And gives the wolves all a chance to show off what they’ve been doing all winter.” Brax grinned.

I frowned at that as the carriage stopped. “What do you mean?”

“Look for yourself, Little Luna,” Kai said, then opened the door to the carriage and climbed out, holding his hand out for me to grab.

I did and left the carriage, my jaw dropping as I looked at what used to be plain grassland.

It was vibrant with stalls, shifters, and humans. The sun shone high, and the laughter and chatter filled the usual cold silence. My heart warmed, and I grinned.

The others left the carriage and we walked over the dry grass toward the stalls.

Shifters stood by their stalls, humans too. There were charcoal drawings, trinkets, jewelry, and tapestries. Even candles. The human stalls had produce, knitting, and books.

I looked at every single stall, and every time I stopped, the shifters talked, laughed, treated me like another customer, not like a scary luna.

I loved it.

Children and young ran past us, laughing, playing through the markets. Families had picnic blankets laid out with bread that smelled delicious.

“This is amazing,” I breathed, turning to my alphas who had huge smiles on their faces. “Why have I never seen this before?” I asked.

Their faces fell a bit at that. “This is the first year the humans have been allowed to join. The humans under eighteen were not allowed to leave the village before,” Derik explained.

“Right. Your stupid virgin ritual. I am so glad that is not a thing anymore,” I said, exhaling.

“We are too, Spitfire,” Brax replied, kissing my cheek. He then stopped to talk to a vendor who sold beautiful jewelry.

I sucked in a breath as Brax bought a stunning necklace with a watery blue pendant on it.

“How did you pay for this? What did you trade?” I asked.

“Humans trade. Wolves hoard coin. I used gold, Spitfire. Now turn so I can put this on you,” Brax said.

I did as he asked, and he laid it against my neckline. It wasn’t as heavy as I thought it was going to be, but it was just as beautiful.

I smiled, patting it to my chest. “Thank you, I love it.” I kissed him and I felt how happy that made him in the link.

“C’mon, Beautiful, the games are about to start,” Derik said, grabbing my hand. He led me with them to the podium that was set up after the markets. There were a lot of spectators there.

I found Mom and Galen on the sidelines and went over. They were looking after the twins while we competed.

They had a blanket out and we put the twins down with them.

“Are you sure you should be doing this? It looks serious,” Mom worried, her eyes looking over at the warriors on the podium. They were all limbering up for the games, dressed in their leathers, armor, and belts with weapons.

I felt underdressed, but I also had my magic so I wasn’t too intimidated.

“Yes. I’m the luna. I wouldn’t be much of one if I didn’t earn my spot,” I said, grinning.

She rolled her eyes, handing a rattle to Enzi. “I think that is your competitiveness more than anything, Sweetheart. Don’t let it make you stupid, okay?” she warned.

“We’ll look after her, Pearl,” Derik reassured.

I grinned and she nodded.

Galen smirked, hanging his arm on his knee as he gave Zale some of his food.

“You’re not competing?” I asked. Galen shook his head.

“He doesn’t compete,” Kai said, then grabbed my hand. “Let’s go or they’ll start without us.”

We went to the podium, greeting the other warriors. Mostly Kai’s pack. Hank was there, Taylor, Garrett. Even Anetta was there. All worthy opponents that made my confidence slip a little.

“You can sit out?” Derik tried.

I smirked and shook my head. “No. I want to do this. I’m ready.”

“Good,” he sighed. “Because it’s about to start,” Derik said before going to the start of the podium and calling everyone to attention.

I was a hybrid, and I had never participated before. This meant I was going to have to get creative if I wanted to win.

I smirked at my alphas who were chatting with the others. They didn’t know it yet, but they were going to help me do it.

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