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Savage: The Finale

Kristen Mullings

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When Sage and Roman hear that Ekko escaped from prison, they wonder if they'll ever find peace. Ekko, now hell-bent on revenge, stalks his prey, and not even his own brother can stand in his way.

Age Rating: 18+

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14 Chapters

New Beginnings

Book Four

Sage and Roman were thrown into a state of unease when they heard that Ekko had broken out of prison. Ekko, now fueled by a thirst for revenge, was on the hunt, and not even his own brother could deter him.

KingsleyWe really doing this, sis? Are you the big boss now?
SageLOL, yes, we're doing this, and yes, I am the boss now.
SageI also expect you to be prompt with our Facetime meeting tomorrow. We have much to discuss.
KingsleyI wouldn't miss it for the world. It's late here; I'll catch you in the morning; we miss you around here; come back soon.
SageI miss you guys, too. Once I get settled in here, we can talk about another trip. I need to catch my bearings in the corporate world. I'm not used to being a boss yet.
KingsleyOh, Idk about that; you seem like you've kind of always been a boss bitch, as far as I'm concerned. <3
SageIt's genetic, cuz I could say the same about you.
KingsleyZzzz. I'm tired. Chat more tomorrow?
SageOf course; good night, little brother.
KingsleyGoodnight, big sister.


I placed my phone on the bedside table and switched off the lamp.

A smile crept onto my face as I thought about my brother.

Just a short while ago, I didn't even know he existed. Now, I couldn't picture my life without him.

I had taken Kingsley on as my first official client in my new role as CEO. I was filled with pride and determination to make sure he got the recognition he deserved.

He was incredibly talented, and I wanted to see him thrive.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of ways to improve my family's life.


I was exhausted, and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. Kingsley and I had a great FaceTime chat that morning. He shared his vision for the future and sent me his portfolio.

I couldn't help myself. As soon as I hung up the phone, I emailed Rosa.


I've stumbled upon something too precious to ignore and thought you might be interested in featuring an emerging artist from Jamaica. His work is truly profound and inspiring. It speaks for itself. See the attached file. Let me know what you think.


I took a deep breath as I closed my email and looked through Kingsley's portfolio again. I was sure Rosa would see his potential. This was exactly the kind of artist she'd been searching for.

She wanted something authentic. Something that resonated with the soul. Something that transcended cultures, skin color, and politics. She wanted an expression so powerful it could bridge gaps.

This was it.

Kingsley was the real deal. I just needed others to see that.


OMG, darling! This is fantastic. Where did you find this young man? This is the first time I've seen such raw, untapped talent. He's just starting out. But, with the right push, he could revolutionize the art world as we know it. Please send me his details so I can get in touch with him.

Thank you,


A wave of excitement washed over me as I typed my response.


Holy shit, I knew she'd like it, but I thought she might resist at first.

She's known for being stubborn, and I didn't expect her to take my word for it just like that. But she was respecting my eye for talent and seeing what I saw in my brother.

My heart swelled with pride.


Of course, I'll send you his details right away. Thank you for your time and consideration. I found him in Jamaica when I went to visit my father. It turns out he's my brother, and I'm grateful you can see his potential.

Thank you for everything,


I swallowed hard as I hit "send" and let out a sigh of relief.

This was it.

This was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to showcase talent from all over the world and prove that artistic talent isn't exclusive to the privileged, upper-class, white-bred life.

There's art in the streets. In the ghetto, on the island, even in third-world countries. People are overlooked every single day because they're poor, black, brown, female, Asian, and so on.

I wanted the world to know that artistic expression isn't bound by color, gender, or religion. Truth flows from an artist's soul, and we need to appreciate and cherish it.

I smiled at my computer before shutting it down and heading to lunch.



This was all new territory for me.

I was comfortable when I worked for Winston. When he was the one making decisions and giving orders. But I'd never really worked like this before.

I'd never taken such a risk and acquired several buildings and properties to be revitalized. But something about this line of work resonated with me.

I'd never felt more alive at work than when I was doing construction for Winston.

I smiled as I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

Roman: “Hey, Winston, it's Roman.”

Winston: “Hello, Roman. What can I do for you?”

Roman: “I've got some documents I'd like to send you for your opinion. They're mainly blueprints and schematics for a couple of properties here, but I'd appreciate your advice on how to move forward.”

Winston: “Of course. My family owes you a great deal; I'll help you in any way I can.”

Roman: “Perfect, Winston, thank you. I'd like to put you on payroll and hire you as a consultant, if that's okay?”

Winston: “Oh? I hadn't considered that; would it involve a lot of travel?”

Roman: “Not necessarily; we'll try to do most of the work remotely. I just value your opinion and expertise.”

Winston: “You flatter me, Roman. Thank you for the opportunity to help support my family.”

Roman: “Of course, let me know if there's anything else I can do. In the meantime, keep an eye on your email for the documents I mentioned and the contract. Cheers.”

Winston: “Cheers.”


I'd never been so glad to be home after a long day at work. Sage looked stunning, sitting in her negligee on the bed when I walked into our room.

“I missed you all day,” she murmured, and I crawled across the bed, pressing my lips to hers.

“I hired Winston as a consultant today,” I mumbled as I took off my shirt.

Before she could ask, I added, “Remotely.”

Her eyes widened, and she jumped into my arms, “Oh, Roman, thank you for helping my family!” She gushed as she fumbled with my zipper.

Sage expressed her gratitude by taking my hard cock in her hands, stroking me gently while maintaining eye contact.

“I love you, Roman,” she whispered.

“I love you too, mein kätzchen,” I growled in response to her touch.

Sage licked her lips before taking my throbbing member into her mouth. Her slow, firm sucks made me squirm against the bed.

I grabbed her hair, pulling it hard as her head bobbed up and down.

A gasp of pleasure escaped my lips as she teased the tip of my cock with her tongue, her fingers gently kneading my balls.

“Oh, Sage, you’re so good at this,” I managed to whisper, my voice strained with desire. She pulled back, her hands deftly unbuttoning my pants and sliding them off.

Sage pushed me back onto the bed, straddling me. She took my throbbing length inside her, her body enveloping me.

“Roman,” she gasped, her voice filled with pleasure as I filled her.

“Sage,” I breathed out, lost in the sensation of her movements, the way she rode me, her body grinding against mine.

“Let go, baby,” I urged her, my voice rough with need. “Cum for me.”

She let out a cry, her body shuddering as she reached her climax. “Yes, my love,” she cried out, her orgasm washing over her.

Afterward, she collapsed next to me, her fingers lazily tracing patterns on my chest. “Is this what happily ever after looks like?” she murmured, her voice heavy with sleep.

“I sure hope so, mein kätzchen,” I replied, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head before I let sleep claim me.

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