Hated By My Mate: The Graphic Novel - Book cover

Hated By My Mate: The Graphic Novel

Nathalie Hooker

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Him: The cruel Alpha in the midst of a deadly war. He’s in need of a strong mate to keep his pack safe.

Her: His weak, clumsy maid with no real skills. But when she locks eyes with him on her eighteenth birthday, she knows it… They’re mates.

Aurora is a werewolf working as a maid for the Alpha when she feels the pull of the mate bond… for none other than her cruel boss. The Alpha won’t mate with a lowly maid, but he refuses to officially reject their bond. So Aurora is left with a question: If she’s destined for nothing but pain, why did the Moon Goddess put them together?

Age Rating: 18+

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14 Chapters

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