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Alpha King's Hybrid Luna

Breeanna Belcher

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Once mated to the Alpha King, AsaLynn’s powers were awoken.

Five years later, she is still trying to understand them, and now her daughter’s powers are awakening too. When Asa’s abilities cause a dire accident, she finds herself fighting against the clock to learn about her origins, uncovering a lot more than she bargained for.

This is book 2 in the Alpha King's Series.

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31 Chapters

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Lily's Power

Chapter 2

Proud Dad

Chapter 3

New Threat

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Lily's Power

Book Two: Alpha King's Hybrid Luna

Once mated to the Alpha King, AsaLynn’s powers were awoken. Five years later, she is still trying to understand them, and now her daughter’s powers are awakening too. When Asa’s abilities cause a dire accident, she finds herself fighting against the clock to learn about her origins, uncovering a lot more than she bargained for.

Five Years Later

As the trees blow in the cool spring air, a small Zade Jr., with his short brown hair and tanned skin, taunts a young Lily.

“When I get my wolf he is gonna be way stronger than yours!” Zade Jr. says mockingly.

“Nuh uhhhh! My wolf is gonna be way more awesome than yours. You’re a stinky boy and your wolf will be too!!!” Lily retorts.

Lily’s little blonde curls shake with her tiny, animated fists as she refuses to back down.

“Boys are way stronger than girls!” Zade Jr. replies.

Lily stands there in the grass, shaking from Junior’s mean words, but she won’t let him see her cry.

Junior is such a bully!

Lily clenches her fists until her little knuckles go white. Her anger, bubbling inside, threatens to escape as a pool of tears.

“Well…well…you’re just a beta baby!” Lily’s little voice struggles not to break.

Zade Jr. giggles and rolls his eyes at the small blonde-haired girl in front of him.

“You’re the one about to cry! Crybaby!” Junior mocks again.

He turns around and calls out to his three siblings to watch Lily cry. They giggle and continue playing their game of tag.

Lily begins to tremble out of anger.

The air around her begins to shake and vibrate. She can feel an electrical pull from the grass around her. Her body buzzes with the scary feeling she has felt a few times before.

She squeezes her eyes shut tight and begins to hum to herself to make the feeling go away as she has done before.

Scary feelings go away, scary, scary go away! She hums the chant over and over again in her head.

“Sing yourself to sleep, babyyyy,” Junior continues, laughing.

The buzzing inside her grows and her anger only increases. She feels something pulling at her and tugs at the feeling—it seems to soothe the scary feeling inside.

Lily opens her eyes and watches as the dew drops from the grass behind Junior start to rise off the blades, slowly levitating and forming a string of water.

She tugs at the feeling again and notices the water following her commanding tug.

She watches, mesmerized by the strings of water, as they seem to dance to the tune of her hums, following her inner wishes like an army follows orders.

Lily begins to smile a little evil, menacing smile. Her thoughts race, considering what she could do as Junior continues his chant of “crybaby!”

Her smile grows as she realizes her hums to the electric feeling seem to be controlling the water drops.

Her fingers wiggle ever so slightly, her humming grows louder, and more water joins the string.

In her mind, she calls through her tune, asking the water to follow her wishes.

The string of liquid grows and slowly slithers up the unknowing Junior’s pant leg, slowly finding its way up to the zipper of his pants before gathering and pushing into the material.

Lily begins to laugh hysterically and Junior’s taunting stops.

“What are you laughing at, crybaby?” he asks angrily.

“JUNIOR WET HIS PANTSSSSS!” Lily howls with laughter.

All of Zade Jr.’s siblings turn and look at him, then begin to laugh.

Junior’s eyes grow wide; he quickly looks down and sees the large wet spot.

“NO I DIDN’T! IT WASN’T ME!” Junior cries.

Tears flow from Junior’s eyes as Lily and his siblings begin to taunt him.

“Pee baby!” Lily mocks while giggling and pointing at the wet spot on Junior’s pants.


On the packhouse deck, I sit with a very pregnant Flora, drinking lemonade as the kids play.

The cries of Junior reach our ears and Flora hoists herself up.

“Who’s ’bout to get la chancla!?” Flora yells, struggling to bend down to grab her flip-flop.

All of the giggles abruptly halt, and the children quickly disperse in fear.

Junior runs and cries to his mother.

“Mommyyyyy, Lily wet my pants and made everyone think I peed!” His little tears fall as he gurgles his words through his sobs.

I shift in my seat and glare at a giggling Lily.

“Lilliana! Come! Now!” I yell, my eyes shooting a disapproving look.

Lily’s laugh fades instantly, and she walks toward me with her head down low.

“Mommy, it’s not my fault! Junior was teasing me and saying my wolf wouldn’t be strong and I was a baby!” Lily whines.

Flora and I look at each other and then back to both children.

“How would she even make you look like you peed yourself, Hijo?” Flora asks, noticing there was no water source.

My eyes grow large as I look at Lily knowingly—worried.

“I…I…I don’t know, Mommy, but it wasn’t me!” Junior cried again.

I nod at Flora, letting her know I needed to handle this.

“Go inside to daddy and get some clean clothes,” she tells Junior, and he sniffles and runs away into the house.

Slowly, I bend down to Lily. “Lilliana, how did you wet his pants?” I say with a softened tone.

“I just sang to the water and it listened.”

Flora and I both gasp.


“What do you mean?” Flora asks, trying to hide her fear.

“He was being mean and I got mad, and I started humming to make the angry feeling go away, and the water listened to me,” Lily says without taking a breath, holding back tears.

The look of confusion and fear on Lily’s face breaks my heart once I notice the tears threatening to fall from my baby girl’s eyes.

“You’re not in trouble, baby. Well, you are for doing that—it was bad to make Junior look like he peed—but not for controlling the water. Go inside to your room, please, I need to talk to your father and Tia Flora.”

“Yes ma’am,” she replies in a sad tone.

Lily runs into the house and I cannot help but sigh.

“I am not ready for this. I haven’t even gotten full control over my own abilities yet. How do I help her?” I ask out loud.

“Girl, I get it. I got four pups and three on the way. I still have to see which is going to take the true witch abilities,” Flora says sympathetically.

“Yeah, but your mom can help you with that. I don’t know what powers I even have past controlling water, hypnotic voice, and sonic voice, or if that’s everything.

“How do I explain this to my daughter? What if she forms an ability I don’t have? What if…”

Flora cuts me off. “What if everything works out just fine and you are stressing for nothing?”

Again I take a deep breath and sigh deeply.

“Maybe you’re right.”

Flora gives me a crooked smile.

“You know Lily is gonna be hell on wheels for my boy, right?”

I laugh. “You aren’t kidding. I swear she is more like you than me.”

“Tia LaLa at your service!” Flora laughs while rubbing her belly.

“Are you sure not telling them they are fated is the right thing to do?” I ask.

“Yea. If we tell them before the bond hits they will either hate each other even more and we risk them rejecting the bond, or they won’t let each other grow up and have their own life experiences.”

“Ugh, are you ever wrong?” I tease.

“Well I am a seer and I sort of have the gift of seeing people’s paths… So no, sorry, boo-boo.”

Flora winks, then continues, “Anywhooooo, for now, how about I go and deal with Lily and Junior, and you inform Levi of what’s going on with Lily?”

“You really are a Goddess-send, Flora.”

“Bitch…I know, I mean, I did come back from the dead,” Flora says with a smirk.

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