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Her Savior

Mandy M.

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Her: Twenty years old, forced by her father to marry a violent man.

Him: The Mafia boss who sees her at the hospital and feels called to protect her.

Harper knows exactly what sex with her husband is like. It’s awful.

“I’m sorry,” she says.

Her husband smiles. “Show me how sorry you are.”

Harper takes a few quick breaths to steady herself. She drops to her knees and takes him in her mouth.

He pulls her hair, forcing her to take all of him. She gags.

“Two years,” he says, thrusting his hips with every word. “And you still haven’t learned how to suck my dick.”

What she needs is a savior. When Dante finds her, he wants to be that savior. He vows to get her away from her violent husband for good.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Attempted Rape, Domestic Violence, Offscreen Rape)

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He must have caught her with his cameras. Or maybe his men had told on her.

“I understand you were at the drugstore today?”

“I needed a few things.” She’d bought concealer. The dress he’d requested her to wear for the party tonight was off the shoulder and would show the bruises from last night.

She hated Morris. Harper knew her father had basically sold her to the highest bidder to save his own ass, not caring what happened to her. Covering his gambling debt and having money for drugs was more important to him than anything else.

At the age of eighteen, fresh out of high school, she was sent to live with her husband, Morris. He was a few years older than her father and controlling and abusive. A vain man, one that had Botox injections regularly and dyed his hair to appear younger.

She glanced up at the cameras in the room. Every inch of the house was covered in them, and she was never allowed to go anywhere alone. Once, she’d tried to escape, making it to the road before she was dragged back. Her punishment was bad enough that she’d never attempted to escape again.

“Did you ask permission to go? You know you can’t go out by yourself.”

“I’m sorry.”

He smiled. “Show me how sorry you are.”

Harper took a few quick, deep breaths to steady herself before walking over to drop to her knees and take him in her mouth.

He grabbed her hair, forcing her to take all of him. She gagged.

“Two years, and you still haven’t learned how to suck my dick,” he said, thrusting his hips. “It’s not that fucking hard.” Each word came with a harsh thrust of his hips that caused tears to well.

Morris held her head as he jackhammered her mouth, making it hard for Harper to breathe. She knew if she did anything to fight back, it would only be worse. All she could do was close her eyes and hope that it’s over soon. His grip tightened as he groaned out his release.

“Clean yourself up.” He shoved her away.

They were silent on the car ride to the event. She tried to look invisible while he went to talk to people. For a little while, people left her alone.

Then the wife of one of his business partners came up to her. “Your dress is just beautiful, Harper, where did you get it?”

“Morris bought it for me.” She could see him staring as he stalked over to her.

The lady smiled. “He has good taste.”

“Thank you.” Morris snatched Harper’s hand. “Please excuse us. I need to speak with my wife for a moment.”

“I had to answer her, Morris. I couldn’t be rude.”

He pulled her into an empty room. “Bend over.” He dropped his pants. He landed a few hard blows on her ass while he rolled the condom on. “You know better.”

Harper knew better than to scream when someone may be able to hear. Her body involuntarily jerked when he thrust into her. She was dry, and each thrust hurt like hell. He was not gentle, never was.

She managed to avoid people for the rest of the night, not that it saved her from more punishment at home.

Morris only allowed her to wear makeup and cover bruises with clothing when she left the house. He liked to see his “work,” as he called it. Fresh bruises and a fat lip were added to the list since last night.

“If only you would listen to me, darling,” he tucked her hair behind her ear. “You know I hate leaving marks on this beautiful face of yours.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You always say that, yet you seem to never learn.”

His grip tightened around her neck as he lay her back on the bed. He removed one hand long enough to line himself up and slam inside of her, putting his hand right back around her neck. The last thing Harper saw before darkness took over was his sadistic smile.

When she woke, he was gone. Her stomach and chest were covered in dried semen, and she felt like she was on fire down there. Staring at the imprint of his hands around her neck in the mirror, she tried not to cry. She was sure that one day, she was going to die at his hands.


Morris was in surprisingly good spirits when he arrived at work. He usually was after he’d spent the night abusing his wife.

“We’re close to landing that account.” Arthur, his partner, smiled at him. “He has requested that we meet him for dinner tonight with our wives.”

“I’m afraid Harper isn’t feeling well.”

“That’s a shame. He seemed to really take a shine to her last night. Said she reminded him of his daughter.”

“I didn’t realize they spoke.”

Arthur shook his head. “I don’t think they did. He just said that she looks like her.”

That meant that he spent time looking at her. This infuriated Morris. She was his. Perhaps he didn’t do a good job of teaching her that lesson last night.

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