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The Secret


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When Mary-Beth attends a party, she is surprised and delighted to find Bobby there, her secret crush. But so is his girlfriend. Clearly, nothing can happen between them. But when Mary-Beth goes outside to have a smoke, Bobby follows her out and makes their mutual desire known. But with a house full of partiers, how can they act on their desires?

Age Rating: 18+ (Cheating)

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Chapter 1

The Secret


He wasn’t just off-limits.

Ha, I wish.

At first, I thought it was just a childish crush, and I shrugged it off. It was only when we both went to the same party that we crossed the line.

I was drunk, but not too drunk. I’d seen him and was annoyed that he looked better than any other guy there.

The one guy I couldn’t have.

Sleeve tattoos covered his strong forearms, which peeked out beneath his black T-shirt. Coarse dark hairs laced his arms.

The rough, black beard hid an exquisite jawline, and the narrow green eyes roamed around the room in a bored fashion.

His hair fell in front of his eyes as he sipped his drink: whiskey—straight.

The silver skull ring that sat beneath his knuckle caught my attention, but only briefly. Because then I was staring at his lips.

I tried to pull my attention away, but I just couldn’t. My eyes dragged down his chest, where I knew a firm body was hiding. Ripped, tight jeans around those fucking muscular thighs.

He was perfect. Breathtakingly perfect.

My stomach clenched when his eyes met mine, the smirk on his lips making my pussy hotter than the sun.

I was going to fucking hell for my impure thoughts about him. He tugged his bottom lip into his teeth, allowing his eyes to drag over me before the beautiful girl beside him leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

He looked away reluctantly, and I half wondered if I was imagining it.

Someone spoke to me, but it was like we were underwater; I couldn’t hear them. I continued to drink, desperate to drown my sorrows. I could never, ever be with him.

Not only that, but I could never even tell him.

Flames of embarrassment licked my cheeks as I pushed the door open to go and smoke outside.

The cold air greeted me like an old friend, shaking me and telling me to get a grip. I cupped my hands around my cigarette, fingers shaking as I tried to light it.

Seconds later, the cigarette was yanked from my mouth and jammed into the lips I’d been staring at earlier.

“I told you not to smoke.”

Oh God, that voice. He lit the cigarette with ease before leaning forward and sliding it between my lips delicately.

“Inhale then.” He chuckled, clearly amused at my reaction.

I glanced around us, praying someone would come out. I could not be trusted with him.

God help me.



They were like fucking piranhas.

So what if she was the hottest girl there? None of them were good enough for her, the fucking weasels.

Marianne was blabbering in my ear about going for a quickie out back when I saw Mary-Beth leave.

I panicked, thinking she was ditching and I wouldn’t see her for a while, so I told Marianne I’d be right back.

I followed her outside to see her trying to light a cigarette like a noob, but her shaking fingers calmed when I plucked it from her lips.

I could feel the wetness of her mouth on the end of the cancer stick, and I felt my cock harden.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

I hadn’t been this close to her in a while. I’d forced myself to keep away from her, but now all I could smell was peaches and fucking cream, her signature scent.

I could almost guarantee her pussy would taste just as sweet—

“Bobby! Come back inside!” Marianne yawped from the doorway, her neck craning around to see who was standing in front of me.

“Ya need to give me a break. I’m having a smoke. Alone.”

Oh fuck, lie number one. Mary-Beth looked up at me with those fucking eyes, and I almost shot my load.

I swear to God, no one did this to me. Being in her presence made me feel dizzy with desire despite it being wrong. I knew it was wrong. I was hardly a preschooler.

But I was beyond caring.

The problem I had was this: what would she do if I kissed her? Would she beat my ass? Or would she kiss me back?

Wishful thinking, bud. She’s not sick in the head like you.

“You better get your ass back to Marianne,” Mary-Beth drawled, blowing the gray smoke out of her perfect mouth.

“And leave you here by yourself? In that outfit?” I countered, my fingers hooking through her belt loop before I could stop myself.

Her slight body was tugged toward mine, her small breasts pressing against my chest as she stared at me with confusion.

“Bobby… I—”

Do it or don’t. I’ll never fucking know till I try, right? I was in turmoil. Jesus, she was killing me. Maybe it would be worth the sheer hell on earth we would face if anyone found us like this.

“None of them are good enough for you, darlin’,” I said softly, unable to help myself. Her breath caught in her throat, and it was then that I saw it.


It filled her eyes before she glanced around us anxiously.

“Bobby, we need to go before anyone sees us. You’re with Marianne—”

“I’m not with anyone, Mary-Beth,” I whispered, my hand moving to her waist as we walked farther around the building toward the barn.

Shit, I needed to move away from any empty rooms or derelict buildings with this fucking woman.

“Bobby.” She put her hands on my chest firmly as I pulled her flush against me again. Her hands moved around my neck, and I heard Taylor and Marvin calling her name.

I let go of her instantly, and our eyes locked. We knew then that what we both felt was mutual. It was really only a matter of time.

I pushed past Marvin, who was licking his lips at Mary-Beth. She looked flushed as Taylor gave me an appreciative look.


So Mary-Beth could make me rock hard from just sharing a cigarette, but Taylor’s fuck-me eyes did nada.

I decided to keep out of Mary-Beth’s way then but try as I might, I couldn’t. She commanded my attention so badly now that my dick was aching.

I’m not sure at what point I decided I was having her, but I knew I was going to.

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