Fighting Darius Book 2: Russian Roulette - Book cover

Fighting Darius Book 2: Russian Roulette

Nicole Riddley

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Four years after defeating the rebel forces, Darius and Penny have settled into their lives in California. The pack plans a whirlwind trip to St. Petersburg, but Penny feels something is wrong.

Their perfect honeymoon is cut short when Penny falls ill. Darius searches from answers with someone he never thought he could trust. The pack learns the rebels are back with a vengeance. They are only people who can prevent the downfall of the Royal Lycan family.

Subscriber only release on April 23rd.

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Chapter 1


My eyes open to the sun-filled room in my home in California, and a tiny smile tugs on my lips. Strong, muscular arms are tightly wrapped around my middle, and Darius’s breathing fans my ear.

Even after four years, I can’t stop admiring this gorgeous, strong, and insanely possessive lycan—my erasthai. His fair, pale blond hair falls onto his forehead, and I gently brush it away, enjoying the magnificent view.

My eyes trace the perfect curve of his cheek and nose to the stunning curve of his firm, delicious lips. His chiseled jaw and chin look like it’s the work of gods. My man is an outstanding piece of art. My heart flutters in my chest just from the mere thought that he is mine.

“Are you drooling over me again, Malyshka?” He grins, my stomach is attacked by the butterflies drunk on his deep baritone.

“Don’t flatter yourself, mi amor,” I smile, watching him lazily open his beautiful eyes. The glacier-blue orbs focus on me with so much love and passion that his heated look instantly sets my chest on fire.

Without any warning, he strikes for my lips, claiming my mouth in a long, fervent kiss. Our tongues and teeth collide in a loving symphony of devotion and primal desire.

“Your body is saying otherwise,” he mumbles, licking my bruised lips tenderly. Instinctively, I lift my hips, my pelvis gyrating against his crotch. His erection strains through his pajama bottoms; my fingers graze the hard muscles on his bare back.

“Whatever,” I tease, a low rumble escaping his throat. He loves that word almost as much as he loves me.

“As you wish, Malyshka.”

Darius’s hands rip open his T-shirt, which I used as a nightgown. He bares my chest, attacking it with his mouth while his large palms move to my lower parts.

My panties fly across the room because it is the only thing that stands between him and my aching pussy. Not that I mind. We destroyed so many clothes over the years I stopped counting or caring long ago.

My mind is clouded with pleasure. The thin fog envelops my senses, and I can only focus on him and enjoy the sensations he provides. My fingers bury into his silky hair when I feel his tongue between my legs. Loud moans escape my lips, and I push him harder against my pussy to draw my release from his skillful mouth.

My release is strong and blasting, and I can only thank the soundproof walls of the compound that other members of our pack don’t hear me.

Darius grins cockily, obviously satisfied with his work and the achievement of making me scream like a mad woman. However, he isn’t done with me yet.

His hands roam my tingling body, igniting the fire in me again. His lips smother my neck and chest with small wet kisses while I manage to push his cotton pajamas down his hips, and his cock springs out.

My arm reaches down, grabbing him firmly, and our mouths connect in a passionate entanglement of tongues. I stroke him while fighting for dominance, and he finally gives up when I quicken my movements.

Swiftly, I turn him on his back and straddle him, his cock easily sliding inside my aching core. I ride him ferociously, my fingernails digging into his hard pecs. His hands grip my hips; his bruising hold is the fuel for my quick thrusts.

We climax in unison. His groans are filled with ecstasy. My name flies from his mouth loudly. My screams resonate through the room, and the overwhelming exhaustion pushes me down into Darius’s embrace.

We lie still for long minutes. Our hearts race, and our breathing is heavy. My sweaty body melts into him. My lycan sighs in contentment and love for her mate.

“I’ll never get enough of this, Malyshka,” Darius whispers, tenderly brushing his lips along the line of my cheek and to my jaw.

“Me neither,” I reply, tracing his nipple with my index finger.

“We should get up,” I say lazily, not at all ready to leave the warmth of his glorious arms.

“No,” he states firmly, squeezing me tightly. “We’ll stay like this forever.”

I giggle into his chest. I would gladly stay like this until the end of time, but my stomach is against it. It rumbles loudly, demanding food.

“Oh, I must feed my woman,” Darius kisses my forehead, letting go of me. My hot skin is cooled by the ocean breeze that enters our room through the open window. Goosebumps appear on my shoulders and back.

“Oooh,” I whine, covering myself with a blanket while my mate laughs. He jumps from the bed and walks to the bathroom, providing me a great view of his naked, round, sexy ass.

Eventually, when I overhear the water and his gentle humming, I drag myself behind him. I join him in the shower, and it’s not long before our bodies are again wrapped in passion and lust.

We leave the bathroom clean and satisfied, with broad smiles lighting up our faces. Darius pecks my neck and shoulder before disappearing into the walk-in closet. He returns a few moments later, wearing white shorts and a blue T-shirt, looking like he just walked out of the sports magazine. His biceps are prominent, hugged by the thin fabric. The shorts make his long, muscular legs stand out. He’s the embodiment of the perfect male specimen.

“Let me help you with it,” Darius says, taking the pendant that represents his family. He gave it to me as a token of our love. However, I returned the original piece to him when I had to pretend to be Prince’s Caspian mate.

Æmilius Ivanov, Darius’s cousin, who is the king of indecent proposals, gave me another one as an apology for hitting on me. I’ve worn it since then.

Darius skillfully put the chain around my neck, squeezing my shoulders.

“You look breathtaking, Malyshka,” he whispers.

I’m not so sure about his words, though. I wear a simple top and shorts, because it is hot as hell outside. It’s nothing special. My figure is great from exercising, and lycans always look better than average humans or werewolves. Yet, it still feels amazing to hear a compliment from him, even when I know he wouldn’t mind if I wore a garbage bag.

“Tell me something more about your family,” I say, playing with the crest.

“I already told you many times, Malyshka, there is nothing to say.” He sighs exasperatedly, letting go of me. I turn to face him, studying the frown on his handsome face. Every time I bring up the topic, he goes like this. He closes himself off and I don’t get anything from him.

“Have you spoken to Æmilius lately?” I ask carefully, knowing from Prince Caspian that Darius’s cousin got a promotion recently in spite of the events of the arena. “I know you’re not close, but it would be nice to congratulate him.”

“No, not recently.” Darius crosses his arms over his broad chest, his biceps flexing. He’s sounding defensive. “It’s been tense between him and the royal family for obvious reasons.”

Darius speaks in understatements. Æmilius’s mother, Katya died in the arena at the hands of Queen Sophia. Her head and spine severed from her body.

Æmilius was also defeated by Prince Caspian in the arena, though his life was spared due to his important role in the Royal Army and his connection to King Alexandros. Since then, Æmilius seemed eager to prove himself.

“Okay,” I shrug, acting like I’m satisfied with his answer, but deep down, I’m sad. I want the best for Darius, but the situation with his family is miserable. He’s in no contact with his parents. And they don’t care about him either. It’s like they aren’t related. I can’t imagine having a child and not knowing if they’re safe or happy. Darius’s relationship with his family is tragic, but if he doesn’t want to do anything to change it, I should probably respect it.

“I can feel your feelings, Persephone,” Darius says, approaching me slowly. “Let it go. You can’t change it. You’re my family. I don’t need anybody else.”

“What about the story of this pendant?” I touch it again, grazing the gentle engraved lines of the crest. “You mentioned before that it has a tragic history. Tell me.”

He wraps his arms around me, and the tension radiating from him dissipates. He gently kisses me, melting my worries, and I reciprocate the affection.

“My grandmother Esther,” he begins, his index finger brushing the line of my jaw, “traveled to Valencia to buy the pair of cuff links from a merchant who sold rare jewelry.” He pecks my nose, making me smile. “Then she went to Madrid, and some talented artist, whose name I don’t remember, engraved our family crest on them.”

He gently cups my chin, tracing my lower lip with his thumb, and watches me as if hypnotized by it.

“Esther gifted the cuff links to her mate, my grandfather Johan, at their hundredth anniversary,” Darius says, meeting my eyes.

“Where is the tragedy?” I ask, frowning. “It feels like a fairytale.”

“My grandfather died two weeks after the jubilee celebration,” he answers, sadness crossing his beautiful face. “Esther died two days later after her lycan lost her mind from a heartbreak.”

“Oh, Goddess,” I breathe, feeling sorry for them. I’ve never met them, but no one deserves to end like that.

“My father gave me the medallion on my way to the military school,” Darius continues, his gaze falling to my chest. “He told me always to remember that I’m the grandson of the great Johan Darius Rykov.”

“They named you after him?” I gasp, staring at him in astonishment. It is such an extraordinary family history.

“Yes.” He brushes his nose against mine, and I feel his hands traveling down my back to my ass.

“We should stop, or we’ll never leave this room,” I mumble, and he chuckles, letting go of me and opening the door.

We run the stairs quickly and walk into the dining room, where our friends have already had breakfast.

Serena and Genesis talk about a new dress collection from some fashion designer I’ve never heard about while their mates discuss soccer. Prince Caspian is preoccupied with staring at his erasthai, Quincy, who flashes him a loving smile. Everything is as it should be. The last four years have been a paradise.

“Good morning, everyone,” I chirp, joining the table. I plop beside Genesis, and she beams at me. Serena moves the magazine they’ve been studying in my direction, but I have other things to discuss.

“Are you prepared for graduation?” I ask excitedly, but all I earn are nods and a roll of eyes from Prince Caspian.

“What?” I demand, frowning at them. I worked hard to get to this point and earn my college degree.

“The last time I was this happy about my graduation was sixty years ago,” points Caspian, shrugging. “You’re the only virgin graduate here, Beany.”

“Oh.” The realization finally hits me. I’m the only one who is looking forward to the event.

“Don’t worry, Penny.” Serena takes my hand. “We’re in it, too. We are just not as thrilled about it as you.”

“I see,” I scowl, my eyes instinctively flying to my mate. He casts me a kind smile, sending his love and support through our bond.

I admit I’m a little disappointed by my friends’ dismissive attitude, but I will not worry too much about it. I know Darius will go with me everywhere and enjoy it with me. I would love my best friends to share my feelings, but I will not force them. They can have fun with fashion designers and clothes that look like garbage bags covered in glitter.

“Are you okay, Malyshka?” Darius asks when he drives me to school, and I nod. I don’t want him to be concerned about it. I give him a long kiss before I exit the car, and Lily and Daniel instantly welcome me at the entrance to the building.

“Hi, Penny,” Lily smiles, pulling me into a quick hug. “Do you have a dress for graduation?”

My heart flutters happily, and I flash her a playful smile. “Not yet, but I’ll come up with something.”

Daniel sighs in exasperation, shaking his head.

“You plan to spend days in a shopping mall, right?” He groans, and we burst into laughter.

“Can I join you? I don’t have a dress either.” Keisha appears behind me, and I almost roll my eyes. Her attendance means Amanda will join us as well.

“Of course,” Lily confirms, oblivious to my feelings. “We must go soon. I can’t wait.”

We attend classes with a promise to talk about it the following day. Everything goes smoothly, and I’m happy they are as excited as I am about the upcoming event.

We say goodbye after the last lesson ends, and I’m on my way back to the compound when my phone beeps with an incoming message.

Scowling at the text, my heart skips a beat. It’s from Matthew, and he wants to meet me as soon as possible at Club Espresso Degree.

The frown on my face deepens as I stare at the message. Worries attack my brain, and scenarios swirl in my head about why Matthew texted me. My mind can’t come up with a satisfying answer, so I confirm the meeting, typing the reply with trembling fingers.

Exhaling deeply, I try calming my erratic heartbeat as I hurry toward the cafe. The urgency in Matthew’s text concerns me. A mild anxiety sneaks under my skin, prompting me to walk faster.

What could be so serious that he wants to meet me immediately?

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