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Erotic One Shot Collection: These spicy short-stories are sure to get you hot in a hurry...

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Chapter 1

Daddy’s Best Friend


I was so drained after my long shift that all I wanted to do was sleep. My body was aching, and I felt like I might nod off any second.

“Order some food... you need to eat. Then why don’t you get a bath and an early night?”

My dad peered at me with concern as I yawned, sliding the menu over for me to look at. I was kneeling on the kitchen stool while Dad glanced around, panic evident on his face.

“Your passport is here, bro.”

I looked up in surprise, to see Nick, Dad’s friend, entering the kitchen. His T-shirt was straining slightly against his toned body, but I averted my eyes and continued to drool over the food instead. Besides, Nick was divorced and way too old for me.

What was I thinking?

“Hey, Dana!”

I nodded and smiled before Dad grinned at me.

“Nick’s gonna run me to the train station, I'll be back in two days.”

He kissed my head as I smiled, trying not to yawn again. “I’m going to order some food.”

I had picked up my phone when Nick turned to me, raising his eyebrows. “I’ll drop it off for you. I drive past there after the station. I’m starving actually, could you order me some?”

I shrugged, and he gave me his order.

“Thanks Nick,” said Dad. “I hate the idea of her getting deliveries when I’m not home.”

“Dad, I’m eighteen!” I pointed out, and he smiled.

“So? No parties. No boys. Did you hear that, cupcake? No... boys.”

I laughed sarcastically while he winked at me, walking toward the door.

“I’ll be back with the food. Be about an hour, I reckon?” Nick said over his shoulder as I heard my Dad offering to pay.

Their voices faded and I dragged myself into the shower.

I had decided to watch a film after, and had poured myself a glass of wine to help me relax further. I was relishing the fact that I’d have the whole house to myself for two days.

The hot water beat down on my aching muscles, and I cursed my boss for making me sort out the deliveries that day, and I especially cursed my colleagues for slacking.

I washed my hair, depressed about the fact I’d have to do it all again tomorrow. I lathered lotion onto my body, running a brush through my hair before tugging on my shorts and cami.

Once back in the room, I picked up my wine, and frowned as I heard Nick’s truck in the driveway outside. I skipped down the stairs and opened the door. He held the carrier bag up with a grin.

“You hungry?”


He strode past me, and I felt my stomach lurch when I inhaled his woody cologne. He walked into the kitchen while I grabbed a plate, digging through the bag for my food.

“Do you mind if I stay and eat mine here?”

I shrugged, not really caring either way.

It was normal for Nick to hang out at my house; it was just strange for him to be doing it when Dad wasn’t home. I was totally comfortable, though, and he followed me into the lounge, where I brought Netflix up.

“So, what have you got planned for the weekend while your dad’s away?”

I forked noodles into my mouth and rolled my eyes, selecting a random film. “Work. I’m very boring.”

“I bet you’re not.”

I looked at him with interest, but he appeared focused on his food. We ate in silence, until I was feeling stuffed.

“Which boy you got coming round then? Your dad was worried about some guy.” He grinned at me as he leaned back on the sofa, and I pushed my plate beside his on the table.

“I was seeing someone, but it’s over. Dad thinks I’m going to be having some wild make up session with him.”

I cringed when he lifted his eyes to mine, his lips curving into a sneer as he studied me. “Wild make up session, huh? Sounds…interesting. What would that involve?”

His gaze swept over me briefly, and I felt my insides do a somersault again. I was trying not to check him out, but it was so hard. The man was fire.

Plus, he was twice my age, and then some.

“What? Oh, it’s not happening so it doesn’t matter,” I said airily, as I sensed my heart rate increasing under his gaze. “What about you, are you seeing anyone?”

For some reason I had been desperate to change the subject, but now I was genuinely intrigued—who was this divine man seeing?

“No one serious,” he shrugged, biting into a prawn cracker as he gazed at the screen.

I felt a pang of envy suddenly; the idea of him seeing anyone, even casually, was making me jealous.

“I’ll just take this out,” I said, scooping up the plates as he watched me. He stood up, too, following me to the kitchen, where he leaned against the doorway.

I bent over, making sure he could watch me as I put the plates in the dishwasher. I bit my lip at my crazy scheme, before straightening up.

A moment later I jumped when I saw him beside me, his eyes burning into mine. I gasped.

“What was that?” His voice was authoritative, and I continued to chew my lip.

He walked toward me, and I stood still, riveted by his heated stare.

“W-what was…w-what?” I stammered.

He reached out and his fingers went around my waist as he tugged me toward himself.

A whimper escaped my lips when he leaned in close to my ear, his breath fanning my throat as he spoke. “Bending over like that. Are you a naughty girl, Dana?”

I felt a rush of warmth in the area between my legs and closed my eyes, arching slightly against him.

Oh my God! He smells so good…

“I asked you a question.”

“Umm… No?” I mumbled, turning my head so that his lips had no option but to hover close to mine.

“Because if you are, I’ll have to punish you.”

Oh. My. Lord!

My skin felt like he had set it alight, and I quivered beside him.

“P-punish me?”

He moved me slowly with one hand, so that I was backed up against the sink. He loosened his belt suddenly, and my eyes went wide as he cocked an eyebrow at me. “Wanna see?”

I could scarcely breathe. I nodded, and he dropped his jeans and boxers in one swift movement. His intense gaze was on me, and I licked my lips.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Dana.” His voice was making me tremble, my senses suddenly heightened.

I could hear the water dripping from the tap, and the hum of the refrigerator beside me. Nick was standing in my kitchen, his dick hard and angry as his fingers danced on my hips.

“I don’t know,” I admitted, unable to tear my eyes away. “I didn’t know you liked me like this…”

“Of course I do. Look at you. Those fucking lips… Jesus! I just wonder what they would feel like around my cock.”

I suddenly began to slide down the counter. He watched me, his chest heaving as I finally went on my knees.

I looked up to see the tip of the head glistening with pre-cum. I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d never seen one this big before. I wet my lips again, moving toward him as I placed my hand at the bottom of his thick shaft.

His breath caught slightly, his hands in my hair as I sucked him slowly into my mouth.

He tasted salty yet clean, the faint scent of soap teasing my nostrils as I attempted to take him further into my mouth. My tongue was feeling its way along the large vein underneath. He hissed and cursed.

I looked up at him while he started to fuck my mouth, and I began to gag slightly, tears springing to my eyes. He slowed down, lacing his fingers with mine and pulling me to my feet.

“You are fucking bad!”

He stepped back, kicking his jeans aside while rubbing one finger over my lips. He tugged his shirt off, and my eyes roved hungrily over his body.

He lifted me onto the sink effortlessly, his fingers hooking into my cami straps. Frantic with lust, I sank my teeth again into my lower lip. He kissed me roughly then, and I responded urgently, his tongue caressing mine.

I moaned. I knew he could taste himself, but he didn’t seem to care. His fingers were squeezing my nipples now, his hardness pressing against my wet mound.

“I’d ask if you want this, but judging from how wet you are I’d say it was obvious,” he snickered. I ignored the wisecrack and drew his head back to mine, kissing him feverishly.

He lifted me up then, slamming me against the wall. His fingers pushed my underwear aside. His mouth was on my neck as I panted against him, and his finger plunged into my core, which responded by clenching around him like a fist.

“So tight!” he groaned, and began to finger fuck me relentlessly. I shuddered and moaned against him.

He carried me into the living room, dragging my shorts and panties off, his hot lips trailing kisses up my thigh, making me almost tear his hair out from the roots in my frenzy of desire.

I’d never wanted anyone as much as I wanted Nick right now.

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