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Erotic One Shot Collection: These spicy short-stories are sure to get you hot in a hurry...

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Chapter 1

The Neglected Girlfriend


“I’m bored. Talk to me.”

He didn’t respond, his eyes scanning the laptop screen before he began tapping away, his slender fingers causing sentence after sentence to fill the plain white background.

I sighed loudly before walking into our bedroom. I was wearing black lace—his favorite. Yet I probably could have walked around completely naked and he wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

Let’s try that.

I unhooked my bra, sliding it off before tossing it onto the bed. Then I wriggled out of my panties, admiring the shaven mound between my legs. Surely, he would pay attention to that.

I paused in the doorway, before turning back to slip on some heels so I would stand taller. The tattoo on my thigh winked almost encouragingly at me, and I cleared my throat.



A grunt, an annoyed one at that. He glanced over, his expression suddenly beyond irritated. I felt my stomach sinking when he shook his head, turning back to his laptop.

“Sarah, I’m working.”

“Seriously, Chris?!”

He exhaled loudly before shaking his head.

“Go and use your vibrator. It’s not my fault you’ve got the libido of a teenage girl,” he muttered, his attention now fully back to the screen.

I could feel tears sting my eyes at this rejection when I heard a knock at the front door. I tugged on my silk robe before walking over to open the door.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Dylan standing there, his eyes trailing over my body as he pointed down the hall.

“Hey, sorry to disturb you. I’m just wondering if your water is running OK as mine doesn’t seem to be working?”

I allowed my gaze to sweep over his broad chest, my teeth sinking into my lower lip as his words faded.

“Sorry, is this a bad time?”

I shifted my weight to my left leg, pushing my right leg forward through the silky folds of my gown. His eyes dropped to my exposed leg, and he quickly averted his eyes.

He must have been around my age, and from the dirt on his hands, I’d say it hadn’t been long since he got home from work. His forearms were strong and muscular.

I stepped forward, letting the door close behind me. “Mine’s fine. Shall I come and check yours? Make sure you are…right?”

He frowned, but then a smile lit up his face as he glanced down the hall. “You’re more than welcome to check, but I can assure you…”

“Lead the way,” I said, and saw realization dawning in his eyes.

I knew he had women over; I’d lain awake beside Chris enough times to hear their satisfied screams through the paper-thin walls. My heart was racing, but I was no longer concerned about morals.

I followed him down the hallway into the room that was a carbon copy of mine. I walked toward his bathroom, looking coyly over my shoulder as he followed me, looking slightly bemused.

I turned the tap, hearing the pipes groan as he smiled triumphantly at me. “See? No water.”

I leaned against the sink, my eyes boring into his as he watched me from the doorway.

“Poor you! All dirty and no way of getting clean.”

He walked forward, and my breath caught in my throat when he whispered in my ear. “Poor you, all wet and your boyfriend isn’t home?”

I closed my eyes then, inhaling his scent as I allowed my fingers to graze his bicep. It was like touching rock. Clearly, his job involved physical labor, which he had just completed.

“He’s home,” I murmured. His eyes widened, and his hands moved to either side of me as he glanced down at my breasts rising and falling with my ragged breathing beneath the silky fabric.

“Then why are you here?” His voice was husky, and I could feel the heat pool between my legs as his finger touched my cheek, sliding down and following an invisible route to my hardened nipples.

He ran his thumb over the fabric, his eyes meeting mine as I let out a shaky laugh. “I thought maybe you could give me a tour?”

His smile was back, his dark hair falling into his eyes, which he pushed back, and the faint scent of sweat and hard work reaching my nostrils as I struggled not to moan aloud.

He’s so fucking masculine!

“Oh? Well, let’s see now. This is the bathroom.”

His eyes didn’t move from mine as he nodded toward the left. “In there’s the kitchen, which leads to the lounge. It’s got great views over the city.”

His mouth moved across my cheek, barely touching the skin there as he exhaled against me. “I’ll show you the best bit.”

Suddenly he was gone, and I somehow managed to force my legs to follow him. I knew what I was doing, and as I followed him into the room that was back-to-back with mine, I inhaled sharply.

In the center was a large bed, the focus of the room. It had black sheets, and the floor was covered with clothes.

But more importantly, he was watching me from where he had positioned himself, at the end of the bed.

“This is my bedroom,” he whispered while I sashayed over to him, slowly.

His arm snaked around my waist, and then he spun me around so that I could see myself in a large mirror that stood against the wall opposite.

I was sitting on him now, and his hand was creeping up my thigh, exposing my core as he breathed heavily.

“Fuck! You’re so wet.”

I couldn’t take my eyes away from the reflection as he gently parted my legs, hooking my left leg over his as he moved it away, widening our view.

His eyes met mine in the mirror, and he began to dot kisses along my shoulder, while his fingers dipped into my core. I let out a soft moan.

“Sshh! I’ve got neighbors,” he smirked again, and with that he plunged a second finger into me, causing me to arch against him as I began to ride his fingers.

It was euphoric, and I was barely able to control the waves of the most explosive orgasm I’d had in a long, long time.

“Wow, that didn’t take long.”

He seemed amused, and as he lowered me gently onto the bed, he loosened my gown’s belt, causing the cool silk to slide off my body.

His eyes seemed to devour me as he tugged off his dirty T-shirt, while I gazed at his ripped body. The sound of his belt hitting the floor followed, then he dropped his pants.

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