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The Best Friend


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Cynthia and Sean have been best friends for the past five years. Sure, they’ve occasionally had the odd drunken flirtation, but they have never entertained taking things further. Cynthia knows Sean is dating Kay, but she can’t keep herself from making a little proposal on their lunch break. Sean’s reaction is something Cynthia doesn’t expect, nor is his ability to give her exactly what she wants.

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Chapter 1

The Best Friend

Sean is attractive, funny, and charming. He is interesting, and according to rumors and his cheeky smirks, he is pretty good in bed.

I’ve known him for about five years after meeting him through mutual friends, and for some reason, we just became friends.

Of course, we shared the odd kiss, but it was purely a drunken frolic before hitting the kebab shop. Nothing sturdy. Nothing of substance. But now I’ve become restless and bored.

“You’ve got that look in your eye.”

I lift my eyes to meet his, a soft swirl of dark chocolate mixed with liquid honey, contrasting with his pale skin. His hair is so dark it seems almost wet and constantly falls into his eyes.

“Hmm?” I stir my latte, trying to appear bemused.

“The ‘I’ve got an idea, and it involves you’ look.”

I smile then and blow on my drink, knowing he is watching me suspiciously.

“I have got an idea, actually,” I say before taking another gulp of the hot coffee.

Sean raises his eyebrows and checks his phone before sliding it back on the table.

“Is this going to cost me? Because I’m not up for funding another one of your business ventures—”

“No, it’s not. Sean, I have a proposition for you.”

I lick my lips as he waits, an amused expression on his face. I can see his muscles moving beneath his shirt and feel a pang between my legs.

“First of all, I know you’re seeing Kay, so if you say no, I’ll completely understand. I just wanted to ask you.”

I’m not even nervous, not in the slightest. His eyes change a little as he studies me, his fingers sweeping his chin.

“Christ. Is it legal?”

“In some states,” I reply sweetly, to which he laughs heartily.

“Come on, you’re killing me. What do you want?”

I meet his eyes, biting my lip before I speak. “You.”

He watches me without emotion before waving his hand in a circular motion.

“To do what? Pay something? Hook you up? Decorate your hallway again? I knew you hated that fucking color.”

“To fuck me.”

That stops him. I sip my drink, aware he is staring at me with what can only be described as confusion.

“Did you—”

“Yes. I need someone who knows what I like, someone who isn’t afraid of…hurting me. Someone who isn’t bothered by my…tastes,” I say delicately.

He blinks a few times before smirking. “For real?”

I nod, my eyes on his mouth, which I now imagine on my clit. “For fuck’s sake, yes. Like I said, I know you’re seeing Kay—”

“Fuck Kay. Yeah, I’ll do it.”

I’m taken aback then, as he leans forward, pressing his lips out as he chews his inner cheek.

“You don’t frighten me, baby,” he whispers.

I feel a tingling between my legs. I’m taken aback for a spell until he nods at my coffee.


“Now? W-we are on our lunch break…,” I stammer as he shrugs, standing up. My eyes rake down his broad frame as I imagine fucking him, and I exhale.

“Now, Cynthia.”

His voice is strangely authoritative, and I rise to my feet obediently. He smiles softly, his hand on my back as he guides me out of the cafe.

We exit onto the busy city street, and he directs me toward his car, which is parked opposite. I get in beside him, turning to him as I fasten my seatbelt.

“We need to discuss logistics—”

“No, we need to fuck. Then we’ll discuss whatever you want. I want those clothes on my bedroom floor in approximately seventeen minutes.”

He slides his sunglasses on as he pulls away from the curb, his car gliding through the city streets easily.

My heart is hammering in my chest as I peek at him, wondering why he wasn’t shocked at my suggestion. I know he is fairly sexual, but I didn’t expect him to just say yes like that.

“Seventeen minutes is precise,” I murmur, as he taps the glass of the sat nav between us.

“It takes fourteen minutes to drive home without traffic. Three minutes to get to my room.”

I blink in surprise. Despite knowing this man so well, I’ve never once seen this side of him.

“So, don’t you want to know my tastes?” I ask, tilting my head to study him curiously.

“I want to know how you taste.”

I roll my eyes then as he tuts, shaking his head.

“Cynthia, I’m going to take you to my room and fuck you how I want to. Then you can lay out your terms and conditions.”

I nod happily, relieved he is making the decisions for once.

Eleven minutes later, we arrive at his house, and he quickly opens the door.

My heart is pounding despite having been here many times before. I am tingling with anticipation.

This is exactly what I want: someone to take control and dominate me.

I just hope he understood what I wanted.

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