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Nico has admired his twin brother’s new girlfriend, Kay, for weeks, and they seem to get along perfectly, sharing more in common than Kay does with his brother. But when his brother catches Nico kissing Kay passionately, Nico expects him to lose his shit. What happens next is beyond his imagination.

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Chapter 1

The Twins

I always envied Mal for his confidence and ease with girls. Me, on the other hand: awkward as fuck.

I don’t know why he is more successful than me in the female department—we are identical, for fuck’s sake. We share the same honey-colored eyes and deeply tanned skin.

We wear our hair the same—floppy and messy. We work outside in the sun daily, helping sell boat trips and the like to tourists.

Tourists flock to Greece in the summer, and countless women have thrown themselves at me. I just feel like none of them capture my attention enough for me to sleep with them.

Mal calls me all sorts of names for this, and night after night, he takes different girls back to our shared apartment.

The walls are thin, and I can hear everything, including the awkward conversation the next day. Mal doesn’t give a shit—he has zero respect for women.

Until meeting her.

She recently moved here with her family and lives in the town beside ours. Mal has wasted no time dragging her back to his bed, and this time, I am happy to listen to them fuck.

Her moans are delightful, partially because she is so fucking perfect. Waist-length dark hair, beautiful hazel eyes. Her figure is a tad over-curvy, but I love it.


I hear my brother grunting her name as he rams into her every single day. They have serious chemistry in the bedroom, so much so that I am probably going to have to move out.

No doubt she will be pregnant soon, and they’ll be getting married and shit. Never thought I’d see the day Mal settled down, but here he is, all loved up.


If I’d moved quicker, maybe it would be me balls-deep in her. We have more in common: we love swimming, watch the same things on TV, and laugh at the same jokes.

She has studied history—something I am fascinated with. Many times, Mal passes out on the bed, and we sit up talking until the early hours.

I love my brother, and I would never do anything to hurt him, but fuck me. She is meant to be mine. I know it.

So when we are sitting on the balcony, her legs on my lap as we discuss the Roman Empire at length, she takes me by surprise when she laces her fingers through mine.

She points at the sky, her eyes shining with excitement as she indicates the North Star.

“Isn’t it amazing?” she whispers, and when she turns to me, our faces are inches apart.

“You’re amazing,” I murmur, fighting the urge to kiss her full lips.

She blinks, the uncertainty in her eyes causing her to lick her lips nervously.

“I’m sorry, it’s inappropriate of me.”

But then she surprises me, leaning forward, her perfume tantalizing my senses as her eyes search mine.

I try to think of Mal, but with a swift glance at his sleeping form, I move closer to her, my hand dancing up her leg without a second thought.

Her hand grips my bicep, her other slipping around my neck as our lips crush together. She lets out a delicate moan, and I tug her onto my lap, her chair clattering to the floor beside us.

She tastes sweeter than I imagined possible, and fuck me, is she eager.

Our connection through conversation, teamed up with the insane attraction between us, has my hand snaking up her back before moving around to stroke her hard nipples.

Her tongue thrashes against mine, her hips grinding on me.

What are we doing?

“Well, well. You do have a dick, after all.”

My brother’s voice makes Kay jump away from me, the guilt in her eyes making me feel like garbage. I close my eyes, knowing Mal is about to lose his shit.

“Look, I’m sorry—” I begin without any conviction. I am not sorry. I want more.

Kay is standing awkwardly, her nipples visible through the thin fabric of her top.

Mal walks around me, clapping me on the back before he leans against the balcony railing, nodding at Kay. “Don’t let me stop you.”

His voice is low and soft, and I frown at him curiously. Is this a test?

“I’m sorry,” Kay mumbles, also not sounding convincing. The breeze blows the dress hem up slightly, revealing her delicious thighs. I sink my teeth into my bottom lip, trying not to stare.

“Come on now, we’re all adults. Neither of you are sorry. Kay, you’re clearly very special because my brother here has never kissed a girl like that. I genuinely thought you were gay, Nico.”

I smirk in response, wondering when he is going to knock me out for kissing his woman.

Any minute now.

“Do it again,” Mal commands.

Kay frowns, looking at me helplessly before shaking her head.


“I just saw the way you were kissing him. Don’t you want to do it again?”

“Is this a trap? We’re sorry…,” I venture, meeting my brother’s eyes.

He grins, shaking his shoulders. “I love her, but I think you do too.”

I suck in a breath, my ears ringing with shock when Kay turns toward me. Her hand reaches out for mine slowly, and I immediately lace my fingers through hers.

Mal’s eyes narrow slightly, folding his arms as he nods. “And you, Kay?”

Kay lifts her eyes to mine, and I’m stunned when she nods. “I’m sorry, Mal.”

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