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Slave of the Onyx Dragon

Silver Taurus

Chapter 1

“Remember, everyone dies,” I say.

The air is cold in this part of the forest.

We keep our prisoners away from the castle as they await their fate.

The underground dungeons are in the most isolated part of the forest.

You can sometimes hear their screams echo through the dark, all the way to the castle.

It serves as a reminder to all our enemies who would dare come anywhere near our territories.

When we walk down the stairs, the slaves cower in the corner. Their bodies tremble in fear.

I notice a red-headed woman looking up at us. A yelp escapes her lips. I lower my gaze and meet hers.

My heart stops for a second as I register the feeling building in my chest.

My eyes take in the woman before me. Unconsciously, I step forward, but she backs away. Her fear makes her eyes double in size.

Frowning, I look at her. I look at her chest heave up and down. Her heart beats crazily as her adrenaline takes over.

I see it: determination.

She is not like the rest of them.

I sense everyone around me shift, about to pounce and rip the prisoners limb from limb.

“Stop,” I order.

“What are you doing, Dimitri?” I hear Damian ask through the mind-link. Small growls sound around me, but my mind is only on her.

“The one with the red hair must remain unharmed,” I say.

“Why? Just kill her!” Damian growls in my mind.

“I can’t,” I whisper.

And then, it dawns on me…


I watch as the men morph into dragons right before my very eyes.

I have never seen beasts like these before.

One moment they are men, and the next, dragons.

Bodies are ripped apart in front of me.

My fellow prisoners die around me.

The dragons seem to be making their way toward me.

I am next.

This is the end.

Just as I am about to surrender to my death…

“No, it’s not,” a voice says in my mind. ~“Tell me your name.”~

Surprised, I look around. Where had that voice come from?

I stare at the man across the room, his night-black hair reaching his shoulders. His chest is broad and rough. He stares right back, as he walks slowly towards me.

The man who desecrated me to this fate.

Did he just talk to me?

I don’t know this kind of beast, but I decide to answer him.

“Valkyrie,” I say when he’s close enough to hear me.

My voice doesn’t quiver. I sound confident. That encourages me.

“I see a chooser of the slain,” the beast says.

The beast puffs fire from his nostrils. Lowering his head, he studies me. His golden eyes pierce me, making my heart pound. But it isn’t fear; it’s like a pull.

My eyes don’t leave the beast that stands before me. I am hypnotized.

What is he doing to me? I don’t even know who these beasts are. He keeps his eyes on me. My feet take a step, and I react to what I just did. Why am I feeling so warm? Is this feeling hope?

I am so mesmerized, I almost forget the smell of death filling the air.

“Come closer,” the beast whispers seductively.

Was that a command?

His molten gold-piercing eyes stare down at me. He’s tall. I have to lift my head to meet his eyes.

He is the epitome of beauty. His flexing muscles make me gulp with desire. I bite my lip as my eyes fall more and notice the perfect abs. They make me want to slide my fingers up and down them.

Feeling a solid arm go around my waist and pull, I look up. He is holding me firmly close to his chest. Losing my grip on the sword, my hands move up to his arms. He feels good under my touch.

Why am I having this reaction? I feel confused.

“Don’t look away, Valkyrie,” the beast whispers seductively near my face. “Just look at me and no one else.”

“Who are you?” I ask.

I can feel every inch of his body pressed against me. His eyes lower to my breast. Then, licking his lips, he returns his gaze to me.

“Me? I’m the king of the dragons, and you are to be my one and only slave. My Queen,” the beast says with a smirk.

Slowly, he lifts my wrist to his lips and kisses them lightly.

“Welcome to your new home... Mate.”

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