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Three. The Perfect Number - V-Day

R.S. Aria

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Part of the Three.The Perfect Number-Universe: How much can life change in a span of a couple of years? Looking back at how everything started for Madison and the Twins, the answer seems to be a lot. With a wedding behind them and triplets on the way, the start of a new chapter of their life is waiting for them. New house, new dynamics, new challenges. How is that gonna play out for them?

Age Rating: 18+

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6 Chapters

Chapter 1

Hard to Get

Chapter 2

Game On

Chapter 3

Giving In?
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Hard to Get


What is there to still feel nervous about when you have already broken every conventional, moral, or social rule?

It is not like I can keep hiding after all the mayhem already caused. It’s not like I give a fuck about what people think anyway.

“People will always talk mad. Everybody will always have something to say about this or that. Towns like ours live out of gossip and stupid shit…~

“But at the end of the day, if you show them that their talking doesn’t affect you, they will soon move on to the next gossip.”

Liam told me that one morning, and since then, those words have helped me through and through. Like a mantra.

As I walk down the busy street, passing by the many offices and restaurants around the area, I can’t stop my mind from spinning around.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about that, not at all.

But there is nothing that I can do to keep the looks I’m getting day in and day out from running through my head.

I know most of the girls looking at me with fake disgust are just jealous indeed, and I know that society is a bitch.

But I just thought that three months after the wedding, people would stop talking about it. About us.

Or maybe they will lose interest in my life.

But I guess a polyamorous wedding with triplets on the way is something that will always have people's attention.

I just hope my hormones won’t make me do something stupid, perhaps, like smashing the face of the brunette gripping way too tightly Levi's arms.

What is he doing here anyway?

Even from far away and with his back turned to me, I know it is him. Even before I can take a full look at him.

God, my body could recognize him and Ethan in a dark room filled with bodies identical to one another.

My hormones, at least, have been good at something so far… even if now I need to push down the urge to punch someone.

“Good morning.” My tone comes out slightly harsher than I intend, but lately there seems to be very little I can control, and everybody seems to be aware of that.

“Love?” Levi’s golden eyes are on me even before the girl, who I assume is his new assistant, has time to process who I am and step aside.

His hand wraps quickly around my waist while mine reaches his chest.

Pulling me closer without wasting a second, his lips come crashing on mine for an innocent kiss before sucking on my bottom lip too quickly for my liking.

“Hi, you…” I simply whisper, and while his lips spread into a panty-dropping smile, the shock on the brunette's face only makes me smirk.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, running his finger along my jaw before trapping my bottom lip in his finger.

Levi studies my figure, drinking in every single detail on show.

I wish I could say that his touch doesn’t affect me at all, but since they both deprived me of sex lately, every single bit of attention from them has my body on fire.

Every. Single. Time.

“Just meeting the girl for brunch. I thought you were going to the city today for the meeting?”

Dropping my hands from his chest, I tug slightly on his white button-up before letting go.

A shiver crosses my spine when his hands swiftly move from my waist to my front, and once again, I wish his hand was somewhere else... and not so gently placed on my belly bump.

“Ethan is there. There has been a…”

His eyes travel to the girl now a few steps away, who’s already busy talking to someone else even if her eyes are dead on me.

“...double meeting booked on our agenda. So I had to take this meeting here while Ethan went to the city….”

The tight line forming on his lips as he whisper-yells those words at me almost makes me laugh. Knowing how organized and precise they are, I can only assume how hard he is trying not to fire another assistant.

“I see. Well... at least it wasn’t something you couldn’t fix,” I whisper, closing the gap between us to steal another taste of his peppery lips. “Try to be cool about it; everybody makes mistakes.” Kissing the corner of his lips as he silently nods at me, I rest my hand on his chest again, finding his eyes staring back at me.

I know the look in his eyes well, but he never once acted on it since the honeymoon.

“You know... I’m starting to think that every single piece of clothing you wear is made to torture me.”

“Levi... you and Ethan are the only ones torturing yourselves.”

Once again, I can’t control my emotions too well. The good thing is that Levi’s attention is taken by his assistant, who lets him know that their guests are here.

“I love you,” he whispers, kissing the top of my head before stepping lightly away, only to kiss the soft spot between my ear and neck. “And I would want nothing more than to rip off every single piece of clothing on you, right here, right now–”

“Mr. Thompson...” His words are cut short by his assistant once again, and that might be a good thing.

One, because his words affect me more than I’d like to admit, both in a good and bad way.

And two, because I know he won’t do anything about his wants or mine.

Am I a complete sex addict? Maybe.

But that’s not why I hate this little pact Levi and Ethan made without asking me.

“I’ll see you at home. Enjoy your lunch and say hi to girls for me.”

“Will do.” It’s all I can say before Levi’s lips are against mine.

“See you later,” I add as Levi steps aside, turns his back to me and walks towards the restaurant's entrance.

Before he can disappear behind the sliding doors, though, he turns to look at me one more time, and the look in his eyes is the one I have become familiar with in the last three months.

A look full of need, desire, love... and something that I can’t quite describe. Frustration, perhaps.

But that only annoys me some more. If they would just listen to me, we won’t be having any of this mind-fucking game.

Just as I turn the corner to reach my destination, my phone pings in my hand and, of course, the text on the screen makes me smile and frown simultaneously.

LeviI love you. I need you. I crave you more than anything else.
MadisonThen take me.

Pressing send, I don’t wait for an answer because I know too well that there won’t be one.

However, before sliding my phone back in my bag, I text the only other person aside from the boys who can really help me this time.

MadisonDo you have time to see me today? x
TravisOf course. You know I always have time for you. 4 pm sounds good?
Madison4 pm is just perfect.

A smile spreads across my lips as my phone disappears into my bag.

If that’s how they want to play this nonsensical celibate thing, I’m going to give them a hard time trying to stop me from what I want.

Game on, boys.

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