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Chasing Kiarra

N. K. Corbett



Okay, Kiarra, get a grip.

The man in front of me could only be described as a Greek god.

An Adonis, a supermodel, the human equivalent of sex on a stick.

That didn’t even make sense, but my brain had shut off while I admired the creation before me.

He was tall, way taller than me, but I’m only five foot four so that usually doesn’t mean much. But this guy had to be at least six-three, and in addition to the height, he was muscular.

Not the big bodybuilder-muscled type, but even through the dark shirt he was wearing I could see his abs and pectorals. His upper arms were big and toned.

But his face was what really caught my attention. He was a fucking gorgeous piece of man.

His sharp jaw could probably cut through stone. It was covered in a slight, sexy stubble, and paired with the slightly crooked nose that looked like it had been broken a few times before, it screamed sex and pure masculinity.

But even though his face and body were a masterpiece in themselves, and it definitely didn’t hurt that the shirt seemed to have been poured over him—that wasn’t what took my breath away.

No, it was the ice-blue eyes that were staring back at me. They were so intense, and the little bit of dark hair that fell in front of them did nothing to shield me from their piercing gaze.

He looked at me and it was like there was no one else in the room. Everything else disappeared and there was only us. No one else mattered in the world but us.

That’s the kind of look he was giving me. And even though it burned right through me and warmed me up in all the right places, it also scared the shit out of me.

I had never wanted a guy to look at me that way. It was terrifying. It screamed ‘commitment,’ and I didn't do that shit. So, my walls went up, and they went up fast.

We’d been staring at each other for what felt like years when I heard someone coughing behind us.

That somehow broke me out of the trance we were in. I took a deep breath and turned back to Sam. I had to shut this down, yesterday.

“Seriously, Sam, what the fuck is with the people in this town and the staring? Don’t you guys have, like, hobbies or some shit? You'd think none of you had ever seen a girl before in your lives.” I snickered and tried to sound tough, even though it probably sounded a little breathy.

I put the beer bottle back to my lips and took a big gulp to try and satisfy my sudden thirst. I had put my vagina on hold these days, so the beer would have to do to keep that thirst under control.

I tried very hard to ignore the burning gaze I could feel on the back of my head, but it was seriously distracting.

Sam’s eyes were the size of saucers. He didn’t answer me at first, but after a few seconds of silence he coughed again and grinned wryly.

“Like I said, princess, we’re not used to new people in this town.” I felt warmed by his new pet name for me, but didn’t answer because the burning hadn’t stopped.

I could still feel Mr. Panty Drop’s body heat close to my back, and I swear I heard a low growl from behind me when Sam called me princess. The dude might have been hot, but he had to stop being a weirdo.

I turned my head back again and looked up at the man with a scowl on my face, ignoring the burning that now started in my stomach and slowly moved its way down to my core.

“Can I help you with anything? Or are you gonna stare like that all night?” I raised my eyebrow at him and looked him over once again, avoiding the eyes this time.

His full lips were drawn into a tight line, and I could see him trying to contain his anger.

Seriously the lips, stubble, and the defined jaw coupled with the messy dark brown hair and the muscles made him look sinful and manly. You just knew he was good in bed. Dominant and good.

A girl could get wet just looking at him. And a girl was.

But I covered it up with a dissatisfied scowl. He finally broke the stare and I swear I could almost see steam coming out of his ears.

“Move your feet.” His deep voice sent shivers down my spine and made me clench my thighs tight together, a sad attempt to keep my formally redundant pussy under control.

How the hell did the sound of his voice get me all hot and bothered? Not to mention wet. It was embarrassing.

My body was acting like a fucking teenage girl, not the twenty-four-year-old it was. Just looking at him made me bite my lip hard so I didn’t accidentally let out a moan at the sight of him.

I must have been going out of my mind because I forgot to answer while staring at his handsome face and it shifted to a look of annoyance.

“Move. Your. Feet. Princess.” This time I took note of what he said and the way he put a truckload of sarcasm on Sam’s nickname for me. I looked down at my feet, still propped on the stool beside me, and suddenly I found my voice again. What was his problem anyway? Might've been my attitude, but still.

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m deadly allergic to douchebags and you must be taking baths in that shit. I can already feel my throat closing up just looking at you.” I scrunched up my nose in disgust while looking him directly in the eyes.

His eyes stayed on mine, and I swear the gorgeous blue color turned darker as I spoke.

“Feisty.” He leaned in closer, and I got a good sniff of the cologne he was using. I swear to every god that has ever existed, that stuff was created by the devil to entrap women.

“But feisty loses its intention when I can smell your arousal a mile away, kitten. You’re dripping wet for me already.” He was so close I could feel his breath by my ear as he lowered his voice and my stupid heart skipped a beat—or was it my pussy?

But however right he was, the cockiness in his voice brought out the claws.

So, I turned away from him and leaned back against his chest. I ignored the tingles and warmth I felt the moment we connected.

I cuddled a little into him and sighed in contentment for a moment, dragging him in, hearing a small groan—or was it a growl?

“You’re right.” I started out in a small sexy whisper, leaning further back into him. And just as I saw his arms move to go around me, I sat straight up, grabbed my beer and said, “Too bad you had to open your mouth and ruin it,” before I took a swig from the bottle.

“This seat is taken, so go find some other bitch to sell that shit to. I’m not buying it.” I didn’t look back at him but focused on Sam again. I caught a glimpse of Aidan’s furious face in the mirror of the bar and smirked a little.

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