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The Professor

Mary Olajire

Chapter 3


Noah licked my nipple, and the wetness, the warmth of his tongue, made my entire body shudder under him as an electric shock ran through me.

He then closed his mouth around the hard peak and sucked hard, making me groan as I threaded my fingers through his hair.

Each tug on my nipple sent sparks of pleasure shooting to my clit, making me squirm and writhe beneath him, while he groaned as he molded and squeezed my other breast.

He lifted his head after what felt like minutes, and my eyes fluttered open to see him taking in every part of my body.

“So fucking beautiful,” he muttered just before he quickly helped me out of my underwear.

Then his fingers were between my legs, and I let out a loud moan as they teased my opening and played with my clit.

The tiniest touch from him caused me to flinch and shiver, and ecstasy rocketed up and down my spine like lightning.

I was both feverishly hot and frigid cold, and the way his skillful fingers stroked and touched me sent me into chaos. I was going to melt into a puddle.

His finger abruptly speared into me, and I gasped as I bowed my back, clenching at his invasion and loving it at the same time.

“Fuck. You’re so tight,” he hissed as his finger pulsed in and out, stretching and preparing me. “Tight. Hot. Wet.”

I clutched at the comforter beneath my body as if having a physical handle on something would help. The sensation was too intense, and I wouldn’t be able to control it if I tried.

A second finger joined the first, and I moaned while his thumb ghosted over my clit, making me practically lose my mind.

His fingers pumped deeper and faster, his thumb pressing harder, and then I felt it happen.

It started right between my legs, and my toes twitched as it spread through my entire body.

I groaned louder as Noah kept thrusting in deeper, stretching me open and pulling more and more out of me. It lasted long, and it was just with his fingers.

I wanted to see how long it would last with his cock.

His fingers retreated, and I watched as he slicked them over his hard cock. He then reached to his left and opened a drawer, presumably taking out a condom.

He put the edge of the foil packet in his mouth and pulled it away when he had it between his teeth.

“Put it on me, Dalia,” he murmured against my neck, dropping the condom on my stomach.

But how was I supposed to move my arms or any part of my body when he was kissing and sucking my skin like that?

He nudged my neck with his nose. “Please? I can barely keep it together,” he begged, and after a couple of seconds I reached for the condom I couldn’t see with shaky hands.

Before I could begin to put it on him, though, his lips were on mine and he groaned into my mouth.

I immediately slipped my arms around his shoulders, but before I could get into it, he stopped and pulled his lips away.

“Don’t stop. Put it on.”


His cock suddenly started to stroke my pussy, and I groaned, letting my legs open wider for him.

“Put it on if you want me inside you,” he repeated, and I reached down before grabbing the length of his cock, stroking it once.

He bit on my neck, growling deep in his throat, as I slowly rolled the condom on his hard length. The moment my fingers left him, he pushed his hips forward.

The head of his cock pushed at my opening, stretching me, and I gasped with equal amounts of pleasure and pain.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he pushed in a little bit deeper, and I arched my neck, moaning loudly.

When my hips started sliding up, his hands grabbed my legs before adjusting them around his back, but that move only pushed him deeper into me, and my breath hitched.

I opened my eyes and found him looking straight into mine. He pulled his hips back and I groaned when he gave me a little more of himself.

“More?” he asked, and I rapidly bobbed my head. He looked down at where we were connected and watched his cock pull out of me, making my brain go all mushy.

Then his thumb found my clit, pushing, circling, stroking, and yet he still pushed in deeper.

When the head of his cock finally hit that magical spot, my eyes fluttered closed and he stopped moving. He was so deep in me, filling me to the brim and ripping me apart.

The pressure of his size stretching me stung and burned, but it was a delicious pain, and I was reveling in it. I gasped as he began to slowly ease back.

I could feel every inch of him dragging against my sensitive inner walls, and something between a moan and a whimper escaped my throat while I wrapped my legs around him.

“Such a good girl…taking all of my cock,” he muttered while his eyes were full of primal need, and it was then he began to fuck me.

His first full thrust stole my breath, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out. The second was hard enough it made my breasts bounce, and that drew his attention.

He clamped his hand down on them, holding firmly as he kept driving into me, his thumbs brushing over my peaked nipples.

I arched off the mattress, pushing myself into his hands, wriggling against his hips, which were beating against mine ferociously.

He was hitting me so deep, so hard, there was no way I could hold back my screams and groans, nor did I want to.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he said as I started to feel myself tighten around him, his own moans and groans a distant sound to my ears.

My toes curled and something started to grow inside me, building right in my core while Noah kept fucking me at a relentless pace.

“That’s it, baby. That’s it. Give me everything you have,” he urged me as his gaze wandered appreciatively over my breasts.

He moved his eyes down to watch his cock drive in and out of me before moving up to settle on my lips.

I grabbed onto his hard-as-stone biceps and started to shake with my orgasm while his expression was intense and focused.

“You’re gorgeous… You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he uttered between hurried breaths.

Just when I thought the pleasure rippling through my body was about to stop, he shifted above me as his hands left my breasts and locked on each of my hips before he drove into me.

The new angle made my eyes roll back in my head, and I arched off the bed as I gasped with satisfaction and shock.

“That’s the spot, huh?”

My moans were too loud to contain as his dick plunged and retreated endlessly, hitting a spot that made the rest of the world fade away.

My body burned up with the pressure building and bubbling up within me.

Fire licked at me with his touch, sensitizing my skin, and as I closed in on another orgasm, his hips suddenly drew back and he pulled out completely, stunning me.


“On your hands and knees,” he commanded. His voice was filled with weight and urgency, and I immediately complied before he steered my hips, positioning me how he wanted us to be.

He gently stroked my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He pushed his hand between my legs, and I whimpered when two of his fingers entered me.

“Sore?” he asked, and even though I was, I shook my head sideways because I wanted more of him.

“I’m okay.”

“Good.” He pushed his fingers deeper into me, and I arched my back to take more, but he pulled them out—only so his dick could slam into me so deep and hard it bordered on painful.

The force made me fall forward so that I was resting on my elbows, and flashes of white danced in my vision as I cried out, but I loved his rough thrust.

Holy crap, he felt even bigger this way.

“You like that?” he asked darkly.


He did it again. And again. And again. And again.

“You feel unbelievable.”

I kept crying out as his tempo picked up and his grasp on me tightened before one of his hands reached up to roughly palm my breast.

He pounded into me with deep, dazing strokes that zapped me with bliss.

Our bodies slapped together with a punishing, angry rhythm, and I grew wetter and hotter as I listened to the sound of us fucking.

“Fuck, your pussy is insane.”

My whimpers of pleasure swelled and grew frantic. Tingles raced up and down my legs and every inch of my skin felt alive.

The slap of his body against mine hit all the right spots, inside and out, as he drove his cock into me, pushing me to the brink of what I could take but never crossing over to being mean or cruel.

“I’m gonna come. You’re going to make me fucking come,” he said through his teeth, and he pressed his chest against my back, still ruthlessly hammering into me.

His warm lips sucked on my neck as his fingers moved furiously over my clit, and I cried out while his pounding thrusts seemed to go deeper.

“Oh.” It rolled from me in unstoppable waves. “Oh, oh, oh!”

“Yes.” His body hardened like stone just before ecstasy ripped a hole in my belly and poured hot pleasure in its place.

I jerked and contracted with each shock, and inside I felt the rhythmic pulses of his climax.

Bliss sped through my veins while I realized that my body was shaking, and we remained like that until our orgasms faded to nothing.

I turned my head toward his and he captured my lips with his, kissing me in a way that would have made me tremble if I weren’t already.

Eventually, he pulled his cock out of me and I fell into a heap on the bed before he left me to remove the condom.

My legs were still shaking by the time he came back to the bed to lie next to me.

“That was…” He sucked in a breath and stared at me as if he couldn’t believe I was real. “Amazing. You are amazing.”

He was right. It was amazing…more than amazing even. His cock was certainly better than my vibrator, and I found myself wanting it inside me again even though I was sore.

“This might be a bit…” He tilted his head sideways like he didn’t know the word to use. “Do you want us to go to my place?” He went straight to the point, and I raised my brows a bit in surprise.

I knew what would happen if I agreed, and excitement flooded my veins, but before I could answer him, the sound of a phone ringing filled the room.

It certainly wasn’t mine because mine was on silent, but the ringing made me remember my friends. They were probably looking for me.

Noah reached for his jeans, which were on the floor, and pulled his phone out of them just as it stopped ringing.

He drew his brows together as he stared at the phone screen, and when he faced me, a small frown appeared on his face. “I’m sorry. I have to go somewhere.”

“Oh. Um…okay.”

The both of us got dressed, with Noah watching me the entire time, and when I finally checked my phone, I saw about forty unread texts from Norma and Harvey and missed calls from them both.

“Crap. They’re probably worried sick,” I muttered and lifted my eyes to Noah’s. “Um…bye, I guess.”

This was so awkward.

He hesitated for a moment before stepping closer to me and placing his hand on my elbow. “Can I please have your number?”

My rule for school rang in my head as I stared up at him. Don’t let anything and anyone distract you.

I couldn’t handle a relationship right now, but a part of me—a huge part of me—didn’t want to leave here without giving him my number…

So I told myself he probably wasn’t going to call me. He was probably asking for it just to be polite. That part of me really hoped he would call though.


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